Pre Jym by Jim Stoppani Review

Pre Jym by Jim Stoppani Review


Pre Jym by Jim Stoppani Review: When you hit the gym for some gains you will be hearing a lot about supplements. Pre workout, post workout, aminos all these are the common terms used in making your body bulky.

So about pre workout supplements, what is the need to take supplements before workout, the content and the ingredients in these pre workout supplements? Generally the supplements contain some major ingredients that play a major role in developing the physique.

Creatine, taurine, BCAAs, beta alanine, cittrulline malate, tyrosine, caffeine and there are several other ingredients depending on the product and their usage.

Pre jym is a pre workout supplement and it contains all ingredients that are available naturally and separately. This particular supplement contains all required proportions of essential minerals and fatty acids and micro nutrients that help in relaxing your muscles, reducing the fatigue levels and improving the blood circulation through all the muscles and nerves system, improving the endurance while doing any workout with high intensity. These ingredients also improve your memory power and keeps you stay focused all the day.

Jym pre Jym contains the following ingredients:



Creatine hydrochloride: usually creatine is used widely in maintaining a solid physique. This creatine hydrochloride is usually referred as creatine HCL. This creatine HCL has many benefits in making your muscles grow fast and a bit earlier when compared to other supplements. The main role of this creatine HCL is that they will avoid the building up of lactic acid during workout which makes us perform loner workouts with high intensity.

Creatine Hcl can be easily dissolved in water, thus it makes the body to absorb the creartien HCL in to your blood and thus it lowers the risks of any side effects. The dosage of creatine hcl will be usually 750mg per day or nearly half scoop. You can take this in water or juice. Moreover this creatine hcl helps in the development, repair and the recovery of the body tissues and the muscle cells of every part during intense training. This creatine HCl has no side effects.



Carnosyn Beta-alanine

This is taken as a dietary supplement; this increases the production of muscle carnosine.

Muscle carnosine helps you in reducing the muscle fatigue and the muscle failure during any intense workout. This carnosyn beat alanine is beta amino acids that are occurring naturally. This helps in building good and healthy muscles with a lot of strength. This carnosyn beta alanine when taken into your body it will start neutralizing the hydronium ions which are responsible for muscle fatigue and the failure during the intense workout. These are usually found in meat and fish and these are generally synthesized in the liver. This is easily soluble in water and you can take 3.2 grams for each day. You can divide this into 1.6 grams and take two doses a day making it 3.2 grams in total for one day. You will be feeling a tingling sensation while taking this supplement.

Betaine (Trimethylglycine)

This belongs to amino acids .these play major role in the functioning of the liver, detoxifying the toxic material from the body .they also help in protecting the kidneys by producing camiting. The general dosage will be 1000 milligrams to 2000 milligrams taken three times a day. These are also found in the fish, some beets and many legumes.


Taurine belong to amino acids. These are actually found in brain, the heart, the retina and the platelets of the blood cells. These are rich in fish and meat. This taurine promotes the health of the heart, blood pressure and liver diseases. As an antioxidant this plays a major role in promoting the mental performance. Taurine is generally used in manufacturing of the energy drinks.


source: l- cysteine

This is a product of L- cysteine amino acid. The major role of this is to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body. Thus reducing the risks of heart attack and heart strokes, even people with kidney problems can get relief. This helps in reducing and controlling many diseases like lung disorders, lung cancers, eye and ear infections and this increases the immunity to swine flu H1N1 virus. Heavy drinkers with liver damage can be saved by using this. This plays a role in protecting the kidneys also. The pre jym contains 600 milligrams of N-acetyl L-cysteine

Alpha size alpha glyceryl phosphoryl choline

This is commonly termed as Alpha GPC. This is a product from choline which helps in improving the functioning of the brain. It mainly triggers neuro transmitters in the brain which makes the functioning of the muscles, your learning capability complete for a whole day. This is very important for body builders and weight lifters as it boosts the growth hormone production. These produced growth hormones help in growing good muscle and repair them as this growth hormone is generally anabolic in nature.

Citrulline malate

This belongs to amino acids. For increasing your aerobic performances you need to include this citrulline malate in your supplements. This increases the production of nitric oxide and improves insulin and other hormonal production and their synthesis. The production of lactic acid will be inhibited by this; even the production of ammonia will be regulated. This citrulline malate present in pre jym supplement helps in reducing your fatigue levels and increases your performance levels during workout. Every serving of pre jym supplement contains approximately 6 grams of citrulline malate.

Beta vulgaris l (beet root extract)

As the name suggests this is usually extracted from beet root. This is having high amounts of nitrate in it. This nitric content helps in the amounts of nitric oxide which is already present in the human body. This increased nitric oxide helps in increasing the endurance of the muscles and improves the power while you are lifting some heavier weights and decreases the fatigue when you are doing some intense training. The pro jym contains approximately 500 milligrams per serving.

L – Leucine

Some essential nutrients are not synthesized in our body. Among them L-leucine is one. This L-leucine is one of the essential acids that plays a role in breaking down the fat cells. When this is not synthesized in the body you need to take it from outside using some supplements. This L-leucine helps in maintaining lean mass in the muscles. During the muscle contraction preservation of the glucose levels is important; this L-leucine helps in doing this work. Even in the haling of the cracked bones, cracked skin, and the muscles that are damaged during the intense workouts. Pre Jym contains this L-leucine in a quantity of 3 grams in each serving.


This is one of the branched chain amino acids and cannot be synthesized in the body. It plays a major role in the production of protein and other anabolic reactions in the body. During an intense workout glutamine and the alanine are consumed and needs some to be replaced by this L isoleucine. Approximately 0.4 grams of L isoleucine is taken for best results. The product Pre Jym contains 1.5 grams of L isoleucine per serving.


Among the branched chain amino acids valine is a member. The major role of this valine is to maintain the glucose levels in the liver. This also increases the promotion of synthesis of glycogen. Pre Jym contains approximately 1.5 grams of valine per serving.

L- Tyrosine

This is well known for decreasing the stress levels. This also helps in increasing the confidence and motivates you to do more. When you are stressed and feel like fatigued this tyrosine helps you in bringing out from that feeling by reducing the fatigue. This helps in improving the recovery of your muscle damage. This also plays a major role in controlling the blood pressure and makes you more endured to any king of work. This is usually found in chicken, milk, yogurt and others. The pre Jym contains 1.5 milligrams of this tyrosine per each serving.

Caffeine anhydrous

Usually caffeine is an energizing compound that is found in coffee, soft drinks and tea. But caffeine is more effective in improving the capabilities of the body like mental capabilities. By the consumption of this caffeine improves your alertness and improves the performance in your daily activity. The main role of this caffeine is to reduce the usage of glycogen in the body and improve the usage of the fatty acids that are freely available in the body. This caffeine improves both the brain and muscle performances by triggering the nerves and the nerves system. Pre Jym contains around 300 milligrams per serving.

Huperzine A

This has a key role in clearing the disorders in the muscles. The major role of this huperzine is to activate the nervous system thus helping in transmitting the information from cell to cell in the body. This specific huperzine boosts your memory power and the simulation of muscles during your workout. The general recommended dosage is 200 milligrams for one day and can be taken in two doses a day. Pre jym contains approximately 50 milligrams per serving.

Bioperine (piper nigrum fruit extract)

Bioperine is usually an extract from the black pepper. The major role of this bioperine in the body is to reduce the pains in the joints. The micro nutrients in the body are boosted by the intake of this bioperine. Especially during the transportation of blood the micronutrients are distributed by the help of bioperine. This will help in increasing the strength of the bones and in nourishing the muscles of the body. Inflammations in the muscles are reduced by this bioperine. The bioperine is available in pre jym supplement by 5 milligrams in quantity.

Sodium (sodium chloride)

The very basic function of sodium is it will maintain the fluid levels present in our body. The PH of the blood and the blood pressure is also controlled by sodium. While doing some intense workout you will be losing all the water content from your body and to rehydrate your water levels you need to take some sodium. The lack of sodium levels in the body leads to hyponatremia. The presence of sodium in the body will help in controlling some problems like cramps in the muscle, confusion also.

Around 130 milligrams of sodium is available in pre jym supplement.


Usually sugars are to be avoided as they are responsible for the fat deposits in your body. But taking a limited amount of sugar will be helpful. During and after your intense workouts you will be tired as the glycogen levels in the body will go down, in this stage the muscles are stressed a lot. So during the process of replacing your glycogen levels sugars come into the role, they will increase the insulin levels in the blood and increases the levels of sugar in the blood. This will try to pump some excess sugar into the muscles thus increasing the glycogen levels and decreasing the fat storage in your muscles. Sugars are found in fruits like bananas, honey etc., the usual intake of sugar in the body must be 0.2 grams to 0.6 grams basing on the type of body. The pre jym contains 2 grams of sugars per serving.


Carbohydrates are the sources of sugars and also supplies energy during workout to the muscles.

Dextrose, natural and artificial flavors, calcium silicate, sucralose, citric acid, malic acid, acesulfame potassium, Fd & C yellow#5

All the above mentioned ingredients have their own role in bodybuilding. Some ingredients help in increasing the performance of the muscles and some help in increasing the production of growth hormone that help in building some muscle. Some increases the power to lift heavy weights and some will improve the strength to do heavy workouts. Most of the ingredients acts as a power source in the body and helps in reducing the fat levels and increases the absorption of essential nutrients into the blood thus making your muscles and bones stronger.