How to Get Defined Lower Abs

    How to Get Defined Lower Abs

    When you hit the gym and do intense workouts and train your abdominal muscles, you need to focus on your lower abs as well. Lower abdominal muscles are very hard to train and these will give you a v shape. When you train your ab muscles the most targeted muscles will be the upper abs and the middle abs, only a few workouts will affect the lower abs. so you need to train your lower abs separately, that means you need focus on you lower abs more. And the lower abs is best places to look for fat, as all the fat in the abdominal area is located at the lower abs. learn here on How to get defined lower abs.


    Targeting the lower abs is very important as when you perform any abs workout the upper and the middle gets more impact and the lower will be left all alone. So whatever may be the workout you do, you need to target the lower abs in it. When you are doing crunches you need to keep your back straight so that the lower abs is also focused. There are many workouts for training your lower abs. so in every workout you need to involve the lower ab muscles.


    Lower ab definition not only depends on the lower part but also depends on the oblique muscles. Go training you oblique muscles with some twisting movements will help.

    So every time you train your lower abs you need to maintain some consistency. You should train you abs with dedication and motivation also. You should never be missing any of the ab workouts. When you are doing a set of workouts you need to concentrate on training the lower abs more.

    The workouts for defining your lower abs are as follows

    Twisted crunches

    This workout will be training your oblique and the upper ab muscles. To perform this workout, lie on a flat surface or on a bench.


    Keep your hands behind your head and perform normal crunching movement but you need to twist your torso by touching your right elbow behind your head to the left knee and then come to the starting position and perform the same for the other side. There are many variations in this workout. You can bend your knees and then perform these twisted crunches. You can keep your legs on a bench and perform these crunches. The total goal of this workout is to increase the fat burn at the lower abs and gain shredded oblique and upper abs. don’t forget to inhale when you rest and exhale when you are contracting or crunching.

    Hanging reverse crunches

    Hanging leg raises will directly target your lower abs. The secondary muscles that are targeted during this workout are your thigh muscles.


    So to perform this workout you need to find bars too hang. You can take the help of hanging straps to support your elbows and improve the movement. Now hang above the ground and holding the bar, you need to tuck your legs inside by pulling the knees towards your chest. You need to perform this workout slowly in order to squeeze your lower ab muscles. And lower your legs slowly to the starting position. Every time you tuck in you need to breathe out so you will be getting more contraction and when you are lowering your legs you need to breathe in so there will be a good impact on your lower abs. if you are aiming to build strong quads you can straighten your legs and raise your legs keeping them straight. This will give more impact on your lower abs and your quads.

    Reverse crunches

    Reverse crunches are known for training the lower abs. reverse crunches are similar to normal crunches but you will be keeping your upper body stable and moving your legs.


    To perform this workout, select a bench and lie flat on it looking the roof. Now keep your hands under your glutes to get some support. Now slowly tuck your legs into your chest by bringing your knees towards your chest. While performing this workout you need to breathe out when contracting to stress the muscle, and exhale when you are relaxing to stiffen your ab muscles. This way you will be doing as many reps as you can. Make sure you are not resting your ankles on the ground till you complete all you repetitions in a set. You can perform the same workout on a declined bench by keeping the lower body towards the declined side. This workout will focus on all your ab muscles especially on your lower ab and you quads.

    Core workouts

    All the core workouts will be focusing on shaping your abs. so every core workout you do you will be burning the fat around your abs. so the core workout include plank, mountain climbing and many more.

    Perfuming a plank workout will focus your overall abs and your back. You need to keep you body parallel to the ground by supporting your body on your elbows and on toes. Keep that posture for a few seconds and lower your body. This workout can also be done by using a rowing movement. For this you need to keep a cloth or two pads under your toes. Now in the plank position pull your legs towards your chest and then slowly pull them away from the chest. This workout will focus more on your lower abs.


    Mountain climbing

    This workout will target your core including your lower abs and thighs. To perform this workout you need to put your hands on the floor and raise your hip and then keeping your legs little bent tuck the right knee into your chest, then bring it back to the starting position and then perform the same with the left leg. In this way you need to do alternating tucking without rising you body to more height. This workout will also increases the rate of fat burning in the body and focuses on the shoulders and the back muscles. This workout focuses on the lower back also.


    AB V holds

    This is an isometric workout that targets your whole abs and your back and obviously your legs. This workout is easy to perform but tough to maintain the posture, all you need to do in performing this exercise is lie on a flat bench or on the floor facing the roof. Now slowly raise your legs by keeping them stiff, simultaneously raise your upper body so that your whole body is now based on your glutes. Try to touch your knees with your arms. Now exhale completely and hold in this position for a few second and slowly lower your legs and your hands and come to a rest position. You can do it as long as you can hold your legs in the air. Don’t forget to keep your back straight and looking up when you are contracting your abs. when you are relaxing breath in some air to tighten your abs more. Source:

    Weighted ab workout

    There are different variations in this workout. You do it by hanging or by lying on the floor.

    Hanging reverse crunch with weights

    To perform this workout you need to hold a bar and keeping your body straight hang down. Then you cross your legs and place a dumbbell between your legs. You can even add some weighted straps or gravity boots to increase the weight. So when the weights are pulling you down you need to keep your legs tight and then raise your legs so that your knees come towards your chest. Exhale when you are contracting and inhale while you are relaxing. This will impact the lower abs.


    This workout can be done by keeping the legs straight and stiff and then raising them to the front. In this workout you will be needing gravity boots or weighted straps to ties to your ankle.

    Flat Leg raises

    This variation of leg raises are done on the floor. For this you need to lie on the floor keeping your body straight. Tie the weighted straps to your ankles and keep your arms under your glutes. Now slowly raise your legs and breathe out completely. Then slowly breathe in and lower your legs. Make sure your ankles are not touching the ground. You can use a Swiss ball for this variation. You need to hold the ball with your legs and then raise the ball. This will affect your core abs and also your hips.


    Decline plank

    Performing a plank workout is easy when you are trained on it. Then you need to make it tougher by keeping your legs on height. For this you need to take a plank potion and keep you hands on the floor. Now place your legs on a Swiss ball. You need to balance the ball at the same time you need to keep your back straight and your core hard. Don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders and your elbows. Now slowly breathe in and breath out, this will make your abs and your quad muscles work a lot thus burning lot of fat in your lower abs and your glutes and strengthening your back muscles. There are many other variations in doing this decline planks. You can do the same on a TRX rope so that it takes more stability to control your body movement from rocking to and fro and also the load on your hands.


    Frog kicks

    This workout is best suggested for training your lower abs. You need a TRX rope to perform this workout. Keep your ankles locked in the handles, lie on the floor and taking the support of your hands slowly raise your upper body. Keeping your back straight, you are doing pushups. Then keeping your body stable brings your knees towards your chest and then slowly brings back to the starting point. You need to make sure that your back is completely straight.



    Stomach vacuum is an isometric workout. You can perform this at any time at any place. To perform this workout you need to exhale all the air from your lungs by squeezing your abs similar to the way you squeeze a balloon. You need to raise your chest to increase the contraction. Hold it for a few seconds and then slowly inhale and bring your abs to the normal position. You can hold it for as long as you can even by taking shorter breaths. There are some variations in performing this workout. You can perform the same workout in a kneeling position. Sit on your knees and place your hands on the floor and keeping your back straight perform the vacuuming. You can lie on the floor facing the ground and perform this vacuuming. This workout will focus on the overall abs and the oblique muscles.



    Whatever the workout you do, the intensity will burn your fat and makes you ripped. But you need to follow a proper diet to increase the fat burning rate. For this you need to have a balanced diet. You diet must contain high protein and little carbohydrates. You need to take essential amino acid that builds protein and also decreases the fat. You can use fat burners to increase the rate of fat burring. You should be careful while using these fat burners. Your intake of calories must be decreased and eat more green vegetables to fill your stomach. Natural foods that contain fat burning enzymes are to be included in your diet. It is suggested to eat break meals like six smaller meals a day than eating three larger meals. This will improve the metabolic rate and provides you energy continuously.


    Before performing any workout do some cardio, for training your abs you need to do cardio for at least 30 minutes on a treadmill or cross trainer. You can perform some high intensity interval training workouts to improve the fat burning.