Grenade hydra 6 review

Grenade hydra 6 review


The best supplement that contains whey and casein that makes you improve your physique. The protein helps in building good muscles and helps in repairing and recovery of the muscles after and intense workouts. Grenade hydra 6 review: 

It contains



Calcium is a major nutrient that makes in building strong bones and teeth. In body building calcium helps in relaxing the strained muscles due to intense workouts. Even the contraction of the muscles is done by calcium. Lower levels of calcium in the body leads to muscle cramps and sometimes injurious to the muscles. Calcium has another benefit in our body that is it controls the fat levels in out body. It generally reduces the fat storage in our body. Milk is the richest source of calcium. The grenade hydra 6 contains high levels of calcium per each serving.


Sodium is usually good for body building if it is taken in a limited quantity. Sodium helps you in maintaining the blood pressure levels in the body. When there is a lack of sodium in the body it relates to many problems. The production of hormones in the body will be affected; the body will lose all the water content and becomes dehydrated. Sodium on the other hand plays a role in maintaining the aldosterone levels. If the sodium levels are low it may lead to cramping of the muscles or even sometimes damage the muscles. Salt and water will always keep your muscles in a good condition by giving proper contractions. Sodium in the body will improve your performance levels. This helps in maintaining energy levels. Sodium acts as an electrolyte in the body. You need to take a maximum of 2,300 milligrams of sodium every day. The grenade hydra 6 contains 130 milligrams of sodium in it.


Whey protein isolate

This contains 50% of whey. Whey protein is the most common term used in bodybuilding. Whey protein is a combination of amino acids both essential and branched chain. It contains cysteine , one kind of amino acid which helps in the synthesis of the glutathione. The main role of these amino acids is to promote the growth of protein building hormones and repair the damaged muscles. These also play a role in recovery of the muscles from stress on them during intense workouts. Whey protein is originated from milk. Coming to the whey protein types it is classified into three types namely whey concentrate, whey isolate and finally whey hydrolysate. These all three differ in the percentage of the protein present in them. Usually whey concentrate contains around 29-89 percent of protein and whey isolate has more protein nearly 90 percent of protein in it. Whey protein is usually used as both pre workout and post workout diet.

Micellar casein

Grenade hydra 6 contains 50% of micellar casein in it. Micellar casein helps in boosting the digestion. Micellar casein helps in keeping the amino acid levels for a long time in the blood helping in repairing the muscles and the building of the body muscles during an intense workout. Consumption of micellar casein will secrete some useful peptides that help in performing some important activities in our body.

They are as follows


This is generally termed as GMP in short. This plays a role in the suppression of the appetite and increases the calcium and the zinc absorption. This prevents arteriosclerosis by inhibiting the aggregation of platelets in the veins and the arteries of the body.


Casomorphins calms the brain and also helps in tranquilizing the brain. This controls the hypertension and the blood pressure in the body. This increases the absorption of essential nutrients from the small intestine.

Casein Phospho peptide

This casein phospho peptide is simply termed as CPP. These are rich in calcium and phosphorus levels. When the CPP is absorbed into the blood the blood carries this high calcium and high phosphorus to all the body parts. Here calcium and phosphorus are playing a role in building strong bones that make skeletal system our body. This helps in the breakdown of the muscle tissues when you are doing intense workouts.

Sodium caseinate

This sodium caseinate is the other name of casein. It contains more amounts of protein. It is used for bulking the body by supplying the nutrients required to synthesize the proteins. This is present in grenade hydra 6.

Grenade Hydra 6 contains mono and diglycerides, Di potassium phosphate, Tri calcium phosphate, Soy lecithin, Tocopherols, Acesulfame potassium, Sucralose, Silicon dioxide, Cholesterol. This can be used as a Pre workout supplement, post workout supplement and you can take this before going to bed.

User reviews about Grenade hydra 6

On January 26 2016 Nathan Petoskey wrote

After using many casein and many whey protein products, he finally chose grenade hydra 6. He says about the taste of the flavor is incredible and he loves the taste. He says it is very easy to blend in a blender with milk and with water it might be little clump. He is very impressed with grenade hydra 6 and graded A+ for the product. He is using chocolate charge flavor.

On 26th January 2016 Dante wrote

He likes the strawberry siege. He used to mix the powder in some vegetables. It seems that the grenade hydra 6 helps in reducing the muscle breakdown.

Tim zero on 25th January wrote like this

It seems he is not a professional body builder but after he started using this grenade hydra he got improved in increased his weight in a month and increased his performance.

On January 16th Mike wrote that he got some samples from and he tasted those and used them and finally he is not willing to take any other products.

On 7th January mike wrote that this is the best product he ever used and he found a good difference in his body after using this product. He used to take this product before going to bed

Stephen Ruiz used to take grenade hydra before going to bed and he felt a very good change in his body.

Odinsson used to blend this grenade hydra with strawberries and bananas and felt great taste.

Nishanth mittal wrote that it is good for making cocktail shakes and has a very good profile.