Find A Plan: Kris Gettin’s 4 Weeks to Shred


    Kris gethin workouts are known for his shredded body workouts. So coming to the Kris gethin 4 weeks to shred, we will be discussing about the supplement overview, nutrition over view, and the workouts. Kris Gettin’s 4 Weeks to Shred.

    Let’s start with workout over view

    The workout schedule of Kris Gethin’s 4 weeks to shred has 4 days of training by giving one day rest after two day workout, and two days rest with two day workout. The training involves four days for weight training and three days of cardio. The schedule is divided on the basis of muscle training.


    Day one you will be training your back muscles and the bicep muscles. Day two training involves the shoulder muscles and the tricep muscles. Day three is taken for active rest. Day four you will be training all your legs. Day five involves the training of chest muscles and the calves and the major abdominal muscles. The day six and the seventh day of the week will be given active rest.

    So each day you will be doing your cardio, both morning and in the evening. You will be including the resistance training in your workouts. So this will be useful for ensuring availability of intensity to lift heavy weights. When you are performing an intense workout you need to give a rest period of two minutes between each workout. This is because you are consuming fewer amounts of carbohydrates and the levels of glycogen get depleted. So giving some rest will improve your recovery and makes you push for another repetition in the next workout.

    As you are following a serious diet and performing workouts with more intensity, you need to save your levels of cortisol by avoiding high intensity interval training. Even the maintenance of heart rate is important; you need to maintain the maximum heart rate of 70 to 80 percent and a maximum of 85 percent. If the heart rate increases beyond 85 instead of burning your fat you will be burning all the muscle. So the main theme of this workout is to gain a lean muscle and preserve it. So perform cardio to reduce the fat. So you can make use of the heart rate sticker on your cardio machines

    Now the trained muscles need some supplements to improve the recovery and the growth of the muscles by increasing the production of the growth hormones.


    You will be following a diet plan to recover the muscles and to provide some energy to your muscles for performing workouts. So you will be eating for promoting of the fat loss. When you are cutting your intake of calories you will be facing fatigue and lower levels of performance and leads to the loss of the muscle that you have grown carefully. So you will need something else to save your muscles. Here comes the role of supplements. The intra workout supplements will help you in increasing your performances during you intense workout. These intra workout supplements will have a maximum of branches chain amino acids in them.


    The supplements for kris gethin’s 4 week to shred will be started from the time you wake up from the bed. Throughout the day you will be drinking Hydra charge. Digestive enzymes are to be taken and also the intake of L- Carnitine twenty minutes before performing cardio. You will need to take glutamine and branched chain amino acids, some fish oil and also vitamin D and some antioxidants. You need to spend some time in the sun to gain some vitamin D.

    To perform any of the workouts you need to be taking some supplement in twenty minutes earlier. The pre workout supplements will be containing nitric oxide boosters and also branched chain amino acids and the Creatine. These pre workout supplements also contain beta alanine and also betaine that helps in the boosting of the muscle growth and increases the strength of the muscles. After taking these, your muscle pumping will increase and thus promote of the growth of the muscles. Some of these contain some caffeine so that will affect the neural system and will help in increasing your mental ability to increase the focus on your workouts


    You need to take a scoop of pre kaged supplement. And while doing your workout you need to take one scoop of in kaged supplement. Then after your workout you need to take one scoop of re kaged supplement and branched chain amino acid as your post workout supplement. When you are hitting the bed you need to take some supplements to keep you charged all the night and to improve the muscle recovery. So you need to take glutamine and branched chain amino acid and also fish oils and some anti oxidants so you need hydra charge. As these contains slow digestive enzymes the will take time to digest and burns all the night and gives you energy all night. The post workout supplements will be helping you in repairing all the broken muscles that are broken during intense workout. These have a little amount of Creatine and some amounts of whey protein.


    Before you hit the bed, or you take some rest in the afternoon, you need to take some good diet. So the diet for kris gethins 4 week to shred will include a good plan of diet. Even though you take supplements you need to eat something for gaining some muscle and improve the recovery of the muscle. A balanced diet must contain high levels of protein and little amounts of fat and carbohydrates. In this diet plan you are not using any fat. Nutrition plays a very important role in the development of a solid physique; this nutrition will provide you energy other than taking the supplements. The nutrition we take must contain all kinds of vitamins like vitamin A, all vitamins of B, vitamin C and vitamin E and other essential vitamins that improve the absorption of the nutrients into the blood and then into the muscles and the bones. Some vitamins will help in promoting the useful reactions in your body for the synthesis of the proteins. The nutrition must also contain multi minerals for like iron, calcium to increase the count of the red blood cells and improve the strength of the bones and good eye sight.


    You need to take 1.18 times of your body weight in pounds. And coming to the carbohydrates intake you need to take carbohydrates of 0.65 times your body weight in pounds in the week one, and in week two you need to take carbohydrates of 0.58 times your weight in pounds and in the third week you will be taking carbohydrates of only 0.53 times of your body weight in pounds. In the final week you will be taking carbohydrates in 0.47, 0.35, 0.28 and 0.5 times of your body weight in pounds respectively

    All you need to eat a balanced diet, but not at a time. You have to eat smaller meals for six times a day. The meal one must include scrambled egg whites as they contain more protein, little salt and little pepper to keep you body hydrated, oat meal to supply energy all the day.

    Meal two you will be eating chicken which is rich in protein, broccoli which is a vegetarian source of energy, spinach as a source of calcium and brown rice for energy. Meal three includes white fish grilled as a source of essential fatty acids, lettuce and cucumber, a source of carbohydrates is sweet potato

    The meal our will ne including omelet with egg whites, some mushrooms and tomatoes for burning some fat and also spring onion. The meal five contains steak grilled and broccoli and also spinach and the cabbage. The final meal of your day will be protein shake of casein or cottage cheese. As this will be digesting slowly it gives you energy. When you are not training you can take protein shake as a substitute of your meal.


    If you are looking for a vegetarian diet then you can follow this diet for six meals. Meal one will be scrambled egg whites, the salt and the pepper, and the oat meal. Meal two contains cottage cheese with low fat or you can use paneer, broccoli, and mighty spinach with some brown rice. Meal three will be tofu with low fat, and lettuce, slices of cucumber, and sweet potato. Meal four will be re kaged shake with whey protein. Meal five need intake of omelet with egg white, pieces of mushrooms, and also tomatoes and spring onion.

    You need to have fish, the chicken, the soy, and quinoa and also green tea and some black coffee. So the final requirement is you need to drink lots and lots of water. You should be eating the green vegetables as this will make your tummy full with vegetables. Stop eating fat foods, stop eating junk food, stop eating extra calories. Stop dairy. Stop everything that spoils your goal.

    Glance of workouts

    Day 1 Morning session includes training of your back and bicep muscles. You will be performing reverse grip pull down and then pull down with neutral grip. Then, reverse grip row using machine. T- Bar rowing. For arms you will be doing preacher curls with machine and then cable curls. Then, 30 minutes of cardio and 300 repetitions of twisting.


    In the evening you will be doing calf raise in seated position, then leg raise in hanging and cardio for 30 minutes. Day 2 for training shoulders and triceps

    You will be doing military press with machine, then machine fly for rear delts, side lateral raises with machine, then shrugs with machine. For training your tricep you will be doing tricep push down with cable and the tricep extension with a rope over head, and bench press in a close grip and as usual 30 minutes of cardio and also 300 repetitions of twists.

    In the evening you will be training on cardio only. Day 3 includes only cardio in the morning and in the evening followed by twists. Day 4 train your legs with leg extension and standing hack press, then hamstring curl with single leg. Then normal hack squats, cardio in the morning and in the evening followed by twists in the morning.

    Day 5 is a big day for training your chest and your calves. You will be performing decline chest press and followed by incline chest press, then crossovers with low cable. Then follow calf raise and 30 minutes of the cardio and 300 twists. In the evening train your abs by doing decline sit ups and 30 minutes of cardio.

    Day 6 only cardio and twists in the morning and in the evening. Day 7 also only cardio and twists in the morning and in the evening. Week 2 on day 8 you will be training back with low hammer rowing, cable row in seated position, bent over rowing on an inclined bench, then lat pull down with cable. For bicep perform spider curls, cable curls with high cable pulley, then 40 minutes of cardio followed by twists in the evening seated calf raise, leg raises by hanging, increase your cardio to 40 minutes.


    On day 9 trains your delts with rear deltoid dumbbell raise on an inclined bench. The hammer shoulder presses, with dumbbell lateral raise, upright rowing, then for tricep perform push downs, reverse grip pull downs, lying tricep extensions, cardio and twists. In the evening 40 minutes of cardio.

    Day 10 only for 45 minutes of cardio and twists for both morning and evening. Day 11 with legs for hamstring lying, leg extensions and also leg press and followed by squat press. Perform cardio for 40 minutes and twists. In the evening 40 minutes of cardio.

    Again day 12 hammer curls inclined and hammer curls flat, cross over with cable and perform calf rise with leg press machine. So every week you will be changing your workout schedule.