How to Burn Fat While Building Muscle

How to Burn Fat While Building Muscle


Burning Fat While Building Muscle

As we see many people start going to gym for bulking up. They eat everything they do everything without any limit. We gain muscle like this but at the same time we are building fat reserves in our body. These results in increased weight low metabolism rate and bulk muscle without any definition. Again to burn that fat people leave body building and focuses on cardio or fat loss. During the period of gaining muscle lots of food is needed, in the same way to shred fat fewer calories are needed.

Protein synthesis

Every single day when we do some work every cell in our body does some work and this result in damage of some cells and for repairing these cells there is need for some maintenance. Under normal health and proper diet muscle tissue is fairly stable and the cycle of the cellular regeneration will remain balanced. So this actually means that when we are doing some workout the muscles start breaking and re grows with the protein synthesis that means the body synthesizes the lost muscle. So body building involves high protein and high carb diet followed by heavy and intense workouts.

Then by taking pre workout and post workout nutrition the muscle development gets more fuel. In the weight loss process we are creating a calorie or energy deficit. To lose some fat the body reduces two major processes that happens during the building of muscles. Those are anabolic hormone levels and the protein synthesis rates. We can’t build muscle when we are going for a serious fat loss program only.

Eating low carb diet helps in burning some body fat and performing fat burning activities like regular cardio and high intensity interval training cardio helps in achieving the goal. Cardio workouts are planned for three to six days a week by slow duration of cardio and high intensity interval training. Incline tread mill walking for longer time during cardio is very helpful. Coming to the weight training it can be done any time around evening or late afternoon. This helps in burning the fat all the day

So during this time low carbohydrate diets will be useful. Workout in the early hours of the day would hath the fat burning process for the rest of the day and it might even put a damper on training and fat burning economy. Weight training for mass building. Usually weight training is done three times a week. These workouts involves different variations. Supersets stripping method and other methods. Compound works are to be involved in the schedule to improve building muscle. Higher amounts of mechanical stress imposed on the muscles cause higher amount of metabolic stress.

One should focus on progressive loading. As we keep on increasing the load we increase the stress on the muscle and thus we can build more muscle. For a massive chest and back muscles the following workouts are done. Barbell bench press with ten repetitions followed by barbell rowing immediately without and rest. Lie on a bench and hold the barbell with required weights in a medium grip and slowly lower the barbell to the chest level. Now slowly lift the barbell to the starting position by squeezing the chest.

  • Do ten repetitions each for three sets
  • Then immediately without any rest grab a barbell in a medium grip to perform barbell rowing
  • For this stand straight and bend down so that the back is straight and knees are little bend

Now start lifting the barbell towards the chest, as you are doing this makes sure you are squeezing your back muscles, once the barbell reaches the chest level then slowly bring it to the starting position by stretching your back muscles. This superset will actually target both pectoral muscle as well as the back muscles at a time thus making the counter muscles pump together. This will be done for three sets. Pushups followed by dips.

Taking a medium or wide grip hold the pull up bar and pull yourself up by squeezing your back and slowly come to the starting position by stretching your back muscles. Immediately start doing dips on a parallel bar usually called as double bar. This also pumps the tricep muscle and the lower chest muscle. Ten repetitions three sets. For the lower body we do. Barbell squats followed by Romanian dead lifts. Select a barbell with required weight and hold the barbell at a medium grip and place it behind the neck.

A smith machine can be used if the weights are heavy. Slowly sit down by keeping the back straight and slowly come to the starting position. Then immediately followed by this exercise start doing Romanian dead lift. This exercises target both quads and thighs and gluteus muscles. Leg extension followed by leg curls. This superset f workout is done on machines.

Select a suitable weight and sit on the leg extension machine and keeping your back straight slowly raise your legs and make them straight after this slowly bring them back to the starting position. Now immediately select a weight for doing leg curl. Lie down on the leg curl machine and slowly pull your legs toward your gluteus squeezing the gluteus muscles. This super set targets both the thighs and hamstrings.

Shoulders arms and traps

Barbell dead lift followed by smith machine shrugs and dumbbell front raise. Barbell dead lift not only targets the back muscle but also shows a great impact on trapezes muscle. Holding the barbell at a medium grip in a dead lift position lift the barbell concentrating the trapezius part. Now without any rest hold the barbell or a smith machine with suitable weight and shrug your shoulders.

Shrugging involves the movement of shoulders up ward till they tough the ears and slowly lowering them down. This is one killer exercise for developing bigger neck. Preacher curl followed by incline dumbbell curl followed by dip. This special workout is called as a triset as this has three exercises involved in it. Select some weight and hold EZ-curl bar and hold it in the medium grip ad from the preacher table start squeezing your bicep and slowly lower it down. On the incline bench lie down with a dumbbell and stretch your hand completely. Now slowly try to bring the dumbbell all the way along till it touches the delt. Now slowly take it to the starting position these pumps a lot of blood into the bicep.

Immediately go for the double bar or parallel bar and start doing dips so that the triceps muscles will work out a lot. Bulking up these all muscles need fuel like high carbohydrates and proteins. The weights used must vary from set to set. The general process involves in building bigger muscles is using heavier weights and lower repetitions. The more the weight we use and the lower the repetitions we do the more pump happens in the muscle. Good motivation and dedication helps in bulking up.

Now coming to the fat loss workouts, cardio is the best workout to burn fat. These cardio workouts will generally burn the calories in the body as well as the excess fat. These workouts help in bringing a definition to the muscles and looks like a shredded body.

Cardio workouts

Cardio workouts are to be done with an empty stomach. This doesn’t mean don’t eat anything. Just give some gap say one hour after eating something in the morning. One hour cardio workouts need little fuel so eating something light will be useful. As during the sleep the body consumes all the energy an in the morning it will empty. You can have a cup of coffee or even green tea is suggestible. There are different cardio machines in the gym. They are tread mill, elliptical machine, bike and stepper or stair case. Cardio workout can be started on any of these but stair case is one best machine for burning fat as it targets the lower body first. This stair case actually targets the thighs and gluteus and tightens the muscles there. Tread mill offers very convenient cardiovascular benefits. Usually it has less impact when compared to jogging outside.

Maintain a proper angle and proper posture will help in avoiding injuries while running or jogging on a tread mill. Farmers walk is a best suggested workout for burning fat.

Simply grab two weighted plates wit each plate in each hand and walk around the gym floor two to three times. This helps in targeting the fat deposits in the lower body, shoulder, for arms, chest and back muscles. Battling rope is one killer exercise for burning all the fat. Tie two ropes to a strong and rigid support and make sure the size of the rope is little bigger than the normal ropes. Now holding the other end of the rope whip the ropes alternatively for one minute. This exercise targets the total body movement and burn fat.

  • The sled push and mountain climbing workouts especially targets the belly fat.
  • Select a sled and add some weights on to that sled and try to push it along the floor.

Mountain climbing workout is not climbing a mountain. Just lay flat in a plank pose and bring your knees touching your chest alternating. These killer workouts will burn the core fat and improves the strength in your legs. High Intensity Interval Training simply referred as HIIT is the best way to burn fat. The benefits of HIIT are many. HIIT increases the resting metabolic rate for twenty four hours after the workout.

These workouts improves the insulin sensitivity in the muscles. Helps in oxidizing the fat in the muscles. Significant spike in the growth hormone levels. The factors that are to be kept in mind during the cardio workout are

  • The intensity of the workout
  • The duration of the workout
  • And the total amount of cardio done each week


A good sleep helps in the repairing of the muscles and promotes the required chemical reactions in the body.

Lack of proper sleep causes hormonal disruptions that causes muscle loss

Nutrition and diet

With all these workouts diet plays a major role in achieving the goal. Low calorie carbohydrate diet and high calorie carbohydrate diet depends on the goal either it is a fat burn or muscle building
low calorie carbohydrate diet is taken by keeping these proportion of protein fat and carbohydrates. In this diet the percentage of protein should be 50% and fat will be 30% and carbohydrates will be 20%. Generally during this low calories diet the intake of calories must be more than ten times of the body weight. Coming to the high calorie diet more than 1500 calories are to be taken. Here in this diet the total proportions of protein fat and carbohydrates will change. Carbohydrates are to be taken in high percent like 75% protein 20% and fat is only 5%. Proper intake of supplements like Creatine and whey helps in building some bigger muscles.

The benefit of using these supplements help in building the muscle size and improves the strength. These supplements improves the anaerobic endurance. These supplements help in reducing the soreness and damage of the muscles.

As these two supplements are made from milk they are having very less or no side effects at all and helps in reaching the goal. Taking artificial fat burners will create a lot of health complications and may lead to some chronic diseases. So burning the fat and gaining the muscle… natural products are the best

They are cheap, readily available and easy to cook and eat. Maintain a proper balanced diet and proper workout with proper guidance and proper motivation helps in building up a perfect body and losing the fat.

The most important thing to remember is water …water helps in building muscle and burning fat easily It flushes out the toxins and fat in the form of sweat during the workout time.