Beginner’s Guide to Workout Supplements

Beginner’s Guide to Workout Supplements


In this I am debriefing about the beginner’s guide to workout supplements. Now a day the usage of supplements has become more these supplements contain all the essential nutrients and proteins that stimulate the growth of the muscles and also the repair of these muscles after intense workouts. These supplements are designed in the improvement of the performance of body builders, athletes, and weight lifting people. These supplements are sometimes used as meal replacement products. These are used for weight loss also. These supplements contain a many vitamins and minerals in the form of powder, proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, testosterone boosters. Dreaming about a bulk physique with fat free muscles.


Theses supplements are taken in ready to drink like protein shakes, bars or gels. Theses supplements are taken with water or milk or with juices also. Some of the supplements are again categorized into two categories depending on the intake. Some supplements are taken before workout so they are called as pre workout supplements and some supplements are taken after workout they are called as post workout supplements.

The necessity of taking supplements

During the daily routine of work we eat and then we sleep and we drink. But does these food as and drinks contain all the required ingredients that support developing a good physique and health body. So we will be lacking some of the essential nutrients so taking or consumption of these supplements will help in giving the additional missing nutrients so that we can improve our daily performances. We need to look for protein like whey protein; another product of milk is casein protein, plant product soy protein, egg protein. We need to look for fatty acids, branched chain amino acids, then glutamine for glycogen, creatine an amino, and also carbohydrates and then vitamins, beta alanine for muscles, and testosterone boosters for activities.

Whey protein

Whey protein is the common word used in bodybuilding. It is widely used as a dietary supplement for muscular gains. Whey is a product of milk. The whey protein is usually divided into three forms; they are namely whey concentrate, whey isolate and finally whey hydrolysate. The whey concentrate contains lesser levels of fat in them and also lesser cholesterol levels. It has approximately 29 – 89% of protein. The isolate are free from fat and the lactose levels are low in this and the protein content will be approximately 90%. The hydrolysate undergoes hydrolysis for improving the metabolism rate, and the final form of Whey is the native whey which is a purest form of all the other forms of whey protein.

Whey protein contains some leucine, some iso leucine, and some valine in it

L – Leucine

Some essential nutrients are not synthesized in our body. Among them L-leucine is one. This L-leucine is one of the essential acids that plays a role in breaking down the fat cells. When this is not synthesized in the body you need to take it from outside using some supplements. This L-leucine helps in maintaining lean mass in the muscles. During the muscle contraction preservation of the glucose levels is important; this L-leucine helps in doing this work. Even it helps in the healing of the cracked bones, cracked skin, and the muscles that are damaged during the intense workouts.


This is a branched chain amino acids and that cannot be synthesized in the body. It plays a major role in the production of protein and other anabolic reactions in the body. During an intense workout glutamine and the alanine are consumed and needs some to be replaced by this L isoleucine. Approximately 0.4 grams of L isoleucine is taken for best results.


Among the branched chain amino acids valine is a member. The major role of this valine is to maintain the glucose levels in the liver. This also increases the promotion of synthesis of glycogen.



The glutamine is one of the amino acid that is found in the muscles of the body. Glutamine has approximately 19% of nitrogen in it and it transports nitrogen into the muscles. When you are doing some intense workouts the total glutamine levels get depleted and will decrease the strength to do workout and loss of stamina and also delays in the recovery of the muscles. The main role of glutamine is in the synthesis of the proteins. L- Glutamine helps in minimizing the muscle breakdown and increases the metabolism of protein. Glutamine increases the size of the cells thus making your muscles big; this plays a role in the anti catabolism. Glutamine increases the secretion ability of growth hormone and also metabolizes the fat to convert into energy. It helps in losing the fat in the body without losing muscles. Glutamine helps in controlling the weight loss for HIV patients. The hydrating power in glutamine helps in the rapid healing and recovery of the wounds. Glutamine helps in improving the immunity system in the body and makes you resistant to diseases and infections. This glutamine actually works on the white blood cells and then improves the immunity. Glutamine helps in the removal of the toxic ammonia waste from liver and also promotes in the health of the nervous system. Glutamine converted into Glutamic acid helps in the development of proper brain functioning and mental functioning. Glutamine develops the cellular division in the body.

Casein protein:

Casein is one of the products from milk. It is takes lot of time to digest but it supplies all the energy needed for the body to build muscle. It helps in building the protein blocks in the muscles. The intake of casein helps in the slower digestion and makes you feel that your stomach is full and it is usually taken during the night before going to the bed so that you will be having a plenty of time for the casein to digest and produce energy. It helps in the weight loss.

Fatty acids

Essential fatty acids play a role in bodybuilding. There are two major types of essential fatty acids; they are namely alpha linoleic acid usually termed as omega 3 and linoleic acid known as omega 6. Now the alpha linoleic acid and the second type of fatty acid called linoleic acid are available in natural foods. They are available in flax seeds, fish. The major role of these essential fatty acids is it will improve the concentration and helps you in focusing while doing workout. It improves the heart functioning and also a healthy skin. It helps in the recovery of the muscles that are damaged during intense workouts. The muscle gets developed and gives you a good sleep. This omega 3 fatty acid helps in the insulin levels increment and thus helps in the reduction of fat storage and also keeping the fat levels low. Omega 3 is also helpful in maintaining healthy bones as they improve the flow of blood and also the reduction of the joint stiffness. Conjugated linoleic acid one of the essential fatty acid omega 6 helps in the process of burning the fat in the cells and improve the energy levels. This helps in the building of muscles.



BCAA’s like Leucine, Isoleucine and valine which helps in building protein in the muscle, developing fat free lean muscles, in the conversion of fat in the cells to energy. Bcaa’s improves the immunity system and relieves you from stress and also recovers the muscles from damage. Bcaa’s usually helped in the prevention of breakdown of the protein in the muscle and increases the rate of metabolism. The production of insulin is simulated by the bcaas thus helping in the circulation of sugar to all the body muscles to improve the energy levels. These bcaas are the transporting medium of nitrogen and they carry to every muscle.


Carbohydrates are usually taken before also after workout. During your intense workout session you will be lifting lot of heavy weights and thus you will sweat a lot, during this process you will be losing your glucose levels in your body. By taking these carbohydrates before and after a workout will increase the glycogen levels in the body. This glycogen will help in the production of glucose in your body. So when you take some carbohydrates before a workout they act as a fuel for your workout.


Vitamins are very crucial for maintaining a healthy physique. Vitamin A helps in maintaining the immunity system, prevents infectious diseases, and also protects the eyes. Vitamin C is very useful for maintaining a good and tight skin and healthy bones. Vitamin D will help in increasing the absorption of calcium and the phosphorus to maintain a healthy bone structure. Vitamin K acts as an anti oxidant and reduces the respiratory problems and improves the immunity system to fight against any diseases. Vitamin K helps in the clotting of blood during any injury. The main important vitamin that are need for the body are Vitamin B1 known as thiamine which helps in the utilization of the nutrients in the body to develop energy. This also helps in the functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin B2 also known as Riboflavin helps in the maintenance of a healthy skin. Vitamin B3 called as Niacin helps in the production of energy and in the maintenance of a healthy central nervous system. This also helps in the promotion of digestive system. Vitamin c acts as an anti oxidant and boosts your immunity system. It helps in building a connecting tissue through the cartilage and the tendons in our body.

Beta alanine

Beta Alanine supports in improving your endurance levels that make you work more hard and for a longer time. Beta alanine improves the physical levels thus reducing the fatigue levels. These beta alanine help in the reduction of fat in the muscles and improves a lean muscle. This increases the strength in the muscles and the muscular endurance.

Testosterone boosters


Testosterone actually is a hormone that is produced in all mammals, humans and vertebrates on the earth. Humans and other mammals have testosterone produced from testicles of male and ovaries of females. A little amount of this testosterone is secreted by adrenaline glands also. In men testosterone acts in two ways firstly it is a sex hormone that develops the growth of reproductive tissues such as testis and prostate, this testosterone also promotes secondary sexual characteristics like body hair growth, change involve ,increased muscle size and bone sizes. Testosterone is useful in maintaining the health of an individual also. In Adult males level of testosterone is more when compared to adult females. Testosterone is necessary for the development of sperm. Testosterone plays a major role in motivating you reaches your goals in life. Testosterone is bound to sex hormone binding globulin. Testosterone is loosely bound to a protein called albumin. Free testosterone is used for bio chemical process in the body by kidneys and central nervous system also. Around 30 -45 percent of the testosterone is bounded to sex hormone and 50 – 68 percent to albumin. Total testosterone levels decrease at a rate about 1 percent per year after the age of 30. Testosterone helps in higher muscle mass and higher energy levels, increases libido, better insulin management. Lower levels of testosterone lead to lack of confidence, depression, irritability, difficulty in sleeping, low energy levels, loss of desire to have sex, higher fat storage.


Creatine hycrochloride: usually creatine is used widely in maintaining a solid physique. This creatine hydrochloride is usually referred as creatine HCL. This creatine HCL has many benefits in making your muscles grow fast and a bit earlier when compared to other supplements. The main role of this creatine HCL is that they will avoid the building up of lactic acid during workout which makes us perform loner workouts with high intensity. Creatine Hcl can be easily dissolved in water, thus it makes the body to absorb the creatine HCL in to your blood and thus it lowers the risks of any side effects. Creatine helps in the development of muscle volume, helps in the recovery of the muscles after an intense workout. The glycogen levels depleted in the body because of the intense workouts can be replenished by this creatine. The muscular performance will be improved.