9 Ways to make your treadmill runs more effective

    9 Ways to make your treadmill runs more effective

    The first thing that comes in to the mind when you are told to do cardio is treadmill. Running on the treadmills will never be easy and interesting as you are running for kilometers and kilometers for days and days. It will be a boring task to run on a treadmill without interest. But if Mother Nature will not cooperate with you with chill minus degrees outside, heavy rainfall etc. the only option left with us for a good cardio workout is treadmill. So there are some ways to make your treadmill running effective. Running on a treadmill is far better when compared to running on roads. There are many advantages in using a treadmill for running. In this article we debrief about the 9 ways to make your treadmill runs more effective.


    There are many issues that make treadmill running more advantageous. When you are running on a road there will be traffic and there will be a change in weather and also heat. Training on a treadmill will make you safe and also improves your strength. You can even increase your running speed using a treadmill under controlled conditions.

    Plan ahead:

    Planning plays a vital role in any task. If you start treadmill without planning, you may end up in the middle. Rome was not built in a day. Initially you will be very energetic and after some time you may stop working on it before reaching your goal. Whether it is speed intervals, incline intervals or both just plan it, have a strategy and then you can achieve your goal easily. Increasing the inclines and short bursts of sprinting keeps the person focused on his goal. Running in the same speed for an hour or more makes a person feel bored. Raise the incline and lower the speed, so that it keeps and check on the way of running. You can increase the speed gradually and run to increase your daily performance, and also your stamina. So you need to plan how long to run and how much time to run. You can keep targets like number of calories to be burned. Running for a longer time and longer distance will burn more calories. You can even walk for a long time on your treadmill.

    Use Sturdy Equipment:

    Use the latest treadmill for the workout. Using the old and out dated ones makes you feel forced to do the workout. Those treadmills are very tight and you have to use your full force to finish the work out, which may sometime leads to health injury. Usually most of the accidents occur when you are not properly maintaining your equipment. Check the sheet and the dash board and also the emergency stop button to avoid any risks.

    Choose your run partner:

    A competitive edge will be developed when we run with people next to us. Hence select a partner for running. It is not like the same while we run outside. While running outside, we have to select a partner whose does running, jogging or walking in the same tempo in which we do. But while working on treadmill, you can select any kind of partner whether he does in the same tempo or not. When you are running on a treadmill you can have a partner to push you beyond your stamina, you can compete also.



    Doing treadmill continuously boredoms. So perform multitasking. Do tread mill for 20 minutes and come back to dumb bells. After 5-10 minutes, again back to treadmill. Like that keep on going with the workouts what you like more. You can do 5-10 minutes of running with strength training exercises like pushups, crunches, planks and lunges. You can perform butt kicks on a treadmill by raising your heels while running to touch your glutes; you can perform this workout at an average speed. You can select two low weight dumbbells and holding the dumbbells in your hands you can perform walking lunges on the treadmill running at a minimum speed.

    Some people performs back running on the treadmill which will make your treadmill workout interesting as well as strengthening your thighs and improves your health and burns more calories compared to forward running. Side running will also help in burning the love handles and increases the leg power and strengthens the hip muscles. Some people perform incline walks on the treadmill; some prefer doing the same but in reverse. You can even go for plank walk on the treadmill. To do this you need to keep your toes on the floor and your hands on the treadmill. Run the treadmill with minimum speed and just walk with your hands on the treadmill. This will impact your arms as well as your core.

    Farmers walk is the best fat burning workout that involves holding two equal weights and walking for some distance. So select two weights and get on the treadmill and walk with the dumbbells for as long as you can. You can perform sidewalks and back walk with the dumbbells in your hand.

    Play your cards:

    Prepare a Treadmill game. Take some cards and write on them as jog, run, run fast, warm up etc., After preparing mix all the cards and then take one card and do as it says for 10-15 minutes. Likewise repeat till you finish all the cards. You should see that all the cards are finished within the time span set for your workout. You can make this game more interesting by preparing add on cards like Time for water break, drop and give me 10 etc. Repeat the game until sweaty.

    Use iPod/Treadmill TV:

    While working on Treadmill, you can either use an iPod or a treadmill digital TV in order to fight the boredom. You can make a playlist in the iPod with high tempo and low tempo songs and play according to the speed you work out. You can watch the TV while working on treadmill. While a program is going on you can run hard and take a break when commercial ads come in the middle of the program. Music is like magic and it will bring out all your intensity to perform a treadmill workout for long time.


    Perfect you Form:

    Outside run is little bit disturbing and difficult for perfect run. But on a treadmill you can focus on your form. Mirrors allow you to see yourself and judge your form. You can develop a comfortable rhythm for your form. When you run on the treadmill you must keep your back straight and take your hands off the supporting handles. Try to jog or run a little close to the dash board to avoid slipping from the edge and to immediately control the speed or go for an emergency stop if you feel like you are out of control. You can perform inclined walks on treadmill to burn more fat and condition your lower body. When you are doing an inclined walk let the hands rock. That means instead of holding the rails just move your hands to and fro this will make your upper body to do some work. You need to keep your neck straight by looking at the roof, you need to keep your shoulders relaxed and back stretched a little.

    Think about something else:

    While working on treadmill, if you think of your work out, you feel more discomfort and the time is sure to lag even more. Instead you think of something else which gives you more interest. You think of your diet plans, evening party, and dinner at restaurant etc. But don’t go too deep into your thoughts as you might be losing your control on the treadmill.

    Sidewinders Shake – up:

    You have done fast, slow, with weight etc. in the treadmill. Now you try to run sideways. You start this slowly or else you may get hurt. You keep the treadmill in brisk walk pace and slowly start hop or walk sideways. This is not as easy as it requires extra effort. But after few minutes, you feel that extra calories are burnt using this method.


    Tipping Point Tempo Runs:

    This run is very interesting. You can set up a fixed distance and start. Tipping point tempo runs makes you to run in your absolute limit in terms of speed. While reaching the target, you will go beyond your threshold for the final stretch. Your speed and stamina of running increase, if you do this in a right manner.

    Give your hands something:

    While working on a treadmill, it is not compulsory that only legs should do the heavier work. Give something to the hands too like small dumb bells. Carrying extra weight gives strain to your muscles which in turn requires more oxygen as you run. The longer you run, the more interesting it gets. By doing so, you can see a gradual increase in your running stamina. So you can take two small dumbbells also.

    Total Body Workout:

    In this busy scheduled life, we hardly have time for workouts. If you do the workout on Treadmill in the following way, you will shed calories as well good cardio exercise. This method requires only 35 minutes of your valuable time:

    A light jog on the treadmill for warm up and then go for 15 pushups and simply back to the treadmill to continue your run for a minute, and then increase your running speed and sprint for 1 minute and then repeat the same for two or three times. This will change the keep your boring treadmill little different and interesting.


    You can also perform a few repetitions of ab crunches and then take a 30 second rest and you can restart the treadmill and go for a few sprints or you can run for ten minutes. So you can simultaneously train your abs by performing a plank for 30 seconds on each side and then start the tread mill and start running for few minutes, increase the speed and 30 seconds of sprints. Repeat for two or three times. This way you can perform treadmill workout for three to four time and burn your calories.

    There are some high intensity trainings on the treadmill. One type is treadmill push. This is a high intensity workout done with a time gap and all you need to do is, hold the handles of the treadmill and lean your body little forward and then start pushing the mat with your legs as you are pushing your treadmill. You need to push this for 30 seconds and then take a break of 10 seconds and then restart for 30 second again. This will burn all the fat at your lower tummy and your legs. You need to be careful when you are doing this as it might increase your heart rate abnormally.

    When you are running on a treadmill you need to cover the dash board to stop looking at the time or the distance you covered or sometimes the number of calories you burned. Every time you run on a treadmill you need to be drinking lot of water as the treadmill will squeeze all water in you. And don’t drink too much water before you start your initial running.


    If you are looking for a better performance on treadmill you can do some initial warm up on a cycle to pump the blood to your thighs and legs and other lower body parts especially to the calf muscles. So pumping the blood will make the muscles ready to handle some stress. You need to wear a good pair of shoes for running and take care of your joints like ankle joints and knee joint s while running on a treadmill. If you feel any pain or any discomfort in the joints or in your running style then simply avoid running on a treadmill and make sure you drink water while doing incline run or walk so to protect the knee joints from wear and tear. Running will always make you healthy