8 Weeks to Six Pack Abs: The Workouts

8 Weeks to Six Pack Abs: The Workouts


“SIX PACKS” This is the most common word we hear every day by every age.

The abdominal muscles are categorized into inner muscles and outer muscles. The inner abdominal muscles are transverse abdominis, internal oblique, intercostals. The outer abdominal l muscles include Rectus abdominis, external oblique and the serratus. Every abdominal muscle has its own role in protecting the spine and making the spinal column rotate. Serratus muscles are finger shaped muscles that are found around your lats on either sides of the rib cage.

8 Weeks to Six Pack Abs: The Workouts

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Transverse abdominis

Transverse abdominis are internal muscles that make your waist look slim. The perfect transverse makes a difference in the appearance of the mid section of the abs. Abdominal muscles are long muscles that cover the abdomen. They are originated from pubis area and are extended up to the cartilage of the fifth, sixth and the seventh rib. These are called as RECTUS ABDOMINIS.


These oblique are the abdominal muscles that are located at the either sides of the torso. The main function of these oblique is to flex and rotate the spinal column to all directions.

The intercostals

These intercostals are like thin plates of muscle and tendon fibres occupying the interspaces between the ribs. These help in lifting up the ribs of the rib case and draw them together. Maintaining a strong core and strong abdominal muscles are very important to maximize your performance in any kind of sport. The internal oblique helps in twisting your torso in any direction with a great force. The intercostals muscles help in respiration and inspiration. Whatever you do for your body a perfect abs will only give you the look. There are many workouts for gaining hard bullet proof abs. A clean diet also helps in gaining good abdominal shape. The following schedule will help you in gaining ripped abs.

First perform some cardio workouts to develop the production of hormones that support the fat burn and also growth of the muscles. Fat burn workouts will help in burning the belly aft and then trimming workouts will help in tightening the waist and love handle muscles. You can perform 30 minutes of cardio like jogging or cycling or a cross trainer to warm up. There are many workouts that affect your abs but the basic abs workouts arte crunches and stretches. All the workouts will depend on the way you crunch your body.

If you crunch your legs towards your chest it is reverse crunch and if you’re a crunching your chest to your knees these are normal crunches. You can perform all the abdominal workouts using machines, dumbbells, and barbells. And even isometric workouts. The workouts should include training your oblique muscles as they are responsible for the rotation of your torso. These oblique muscles can be trained isometrically while doing squats and other workouts. Side bending with weights will make your oblique work. The serratus muscles are targeted by doing the crunches

Stomach vacuuming is the best workout which you can try while driving or in a lift or sitting in your chair in the office.


There are many types of crunches they are as follows

Normal crunches:


Normal crunches are done by moving the torso towards your knees. These crunches will severely emphasize your upper abs. To do this select a bench or you can directly do it on the floor keeping your legs in the air and lie on the floor and rest your legs on the bench and keep your body on the floor. No keeping your hands on your head slowly lift your torso and try to reach the knees like you are kissing your knees. You need you to exhale while raising your body as this exhaling will remove that air from your stomach and makes you move a little further towards your knees.

Then slowly lower your body to their starting position. During the descent you need to inhale some air so you can tighten your abs. The same crunches can be done with same angle variation this helps in targeting your oblique also.

Twisting crunches:

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These are the type of crunches that target the development of the upper abs and the serratus and some parts of oblique. Place you legs on the table and lying on the floor try reaching your knees but in a twisted way. You need to reach your right elbow under your head to reach the left knee and the left elbow to the right knee. Thus twisting your body will help in squeezing your oblique also.

Reverse crunches:

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Reverse crunches are done by pulling your legs towards your chest. This mainly targets the lower abdominal muscles. To perform this exercise lie on a table with some support at your head. Now hold the support at your head and stretch your legs straight, slowly keeping your upper body stiff pull your legs toward your chest, exhale while tucking in and squeeze your abs and slowly release your breath and bring your legs back to the starting position. This affects the lower abs muscles and also the thigh muscles. You can vary the angle of the table to a slant position; by doing this you a can put more stress on your lower abdominal muscles. Don’t lower your legs to a complete rest so that they can touch the floor, keeping your legs in the air will increase the impact on your lower abs.

Hanging reverse crunches

Hanging reverse crunches use a single bar or any bar to hand. You can use some supporting hangers to avoid any injury to your wrist. Simply hang to a bar and stretch your body completely now slowly tuck your legs without moving your upper body. Thus you will be creating tension on your abs. This exercise can be done in different variations. You can twist your legs while bringing them towards you chest. This will affect the oblique also. Handing reverse crunches also affect the thigh muscles. You can even hold some weight or you can wear weighted boots to give more impact on the abs. Whenever you enter a gym you will find a vertical support with two handles with some cushion. This is for doing the vertical crunches. This makes you to relax your upper body and makes your lower body top move.

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Take the support of the bars and place your elbows on the supports and hand your body in the air. Now slowly tuck you legs towards you chest and squeeze your abs. You can perform the same by twisting your legs as that you can work on your oblique.

Cable crunches


Cable crunches will work on both upper and the lower abdominal muscles. You can select a pulley with some weight and hook a rope to it now on a kneeling position, take the rope into your hands and pull the rope by bending down as your head is touching the ground. Try pulling the rope with your abs instead of pulling with the hands. Exhale while are squeezing and inhale while you are returning to the same position. You can perform the abdominal workouts using some machines also.

Seated leg tucks

This workout will target all your abdominal muscles. Select a table that is fixed to the floor and sit on the side of the bench. Now raise your legs up and slightly bend your knees at the same time keep your upper body rigid and bend your body slowly back ward. This movement is usually referred as scissors movement. Now return back to the starting position. To strengthen the oblique we can perform seated twists and standing twists. These twists will help in tightening the oblique and give a definition to the oblique. To perform these twists, select a barbell or a stick loner than your shoulder width. Place the stick on eth back of your head and keeping you legs fixes to the ground and keep your hands stretched on the stick. Now exhale a little air and turn your torso to the left. You need to twist your torso as much as you can and squeeze your abs. Then come to the starting position and then turn to the left side. In this way twisting will affect your oblique.


You can perform the same by standing also. For doing this standing you need to bend your torso and keeping your legs straight twist your upper body to left and right sides.

Leg raises

This leg raising exercise is an old technique used in many types of exercises for targeting the lower abdominals and the thigh muscles. This workout will show some impact on the hip muscles. Leg raises are aging divided into some types depending on the variation how you are doing it.


Flat bench leg rises

This workout will show a great impact on lower abs to make them strong and burn fat. To perform this exercise you can select a table or you can do it on the mat on the floor. So lying on the flat surface stretch your legs and keep your hand sunder your buttocks, this will give you some support and now keeping your legs straight rise the legs as high as you can and pause at particular point where you feel the impact , now slowly lower them to the level of the flat surface. Try to to touch the floor let them stay in the air to multiple the impact.

Bent knee leg rises

This is also a kind of leg raise but you need to bend your knees and tuck them into your chest. Usually this bent knee leg raises are done on an incline bench so to increase the impact on the abs. Every time when you perform any exercise for the abdominal muscles you need to exhale while you are tucking inside and when you are returning to the starting position you need to inhale.

Side leg rises

Side leg rises are on type of leg raise exercises that involve the movement of single leg this focuses on oblique and the intercostals muscles also. Doing this workout will give your side torso a narrow look. To do this exercise lies down on the floor on to the side of your body. Now keeping one leg fixed raise the other leg slowly to a maximum height you can. Slowly lower the leg down by tightening the waist muscles. Perform this exercise ten times and then turn around to do the same with the other leg. Bent knee side leg raises are also a kind of single leg raises but you need to bend your knees after you raise your leg instead of keeping it down.

Source: http://assets2.tribesports.com/system/challenges/images/000/044/016/original/20130527162952-30-leg-raises-for-7-days.png

Bench kick backs

These are targeting your abdominal muscles and your glutes muscles. Kneel down on a flat bench and keep your arms on the bench. Now slowly raise your left leg up and squeeze your glutes muscles. The same way you perform this exercise with other leg.

Source: http://www.crewepilateszumba.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/leg-raises.jpg

Stomach vacuums

Stomach vacuum is very convenient exercise which you can perform at any place and any time. All you need to do is control you abdominal muscles by squeezing. There are three variations in stomach vacuuming. One is: You need to kneel on the floor and put your hand s on the knees and slowly breathe out and pull your abdominal muscles so that your navel should touch the spine. This way you need to hold it for 20 to 30 seconds and come back to the normal state.


In the second variation kneel on the floor and keep your arms on the floor and stretch your body parallel to the floor. Now slowly exhale by squeezing the abs by pulling the navel towards the spine. Hold for 20 to 30 second and relax. You can do the same in sitting position also to increase the impact on the upper and lower abdominals. So the following routine can be followed to gain strong and ripped abdominal muscles. A good practice with a good technique will make your abs ripped and tight. These entire workouts can be done with varying weights and increased time and increased sets to get more effective results.

A good diet rich in fat free foods will help you in reducing the fat deposits in the abdominal area and stops in developing the love handles.

Based on the following workouts you can design you plan or you can follow this plan

Day 1 complete abs, Day 3 complete abs, Day 5 complete abs.



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