8 Ways to Build Shoulder Stability and Strength

    8 Ways to Build Shoulder Stability and Strength

    Shoulders are one of the major muscles that support us in doing many works. They help in the movement of the hands in all directions and support our neck. So when you keep on using your hands and neck you will be engaging a lot of shoulder in those works. Now, people are suffering from all kinds of shoulder disorders as they keep neglecting or working more on them. Even while you are working in the gym people try many workouts in which they engage their shoulders and results in damaged shoulder bones. In this article we discuss about the 8 Ways to build shoulder stability and strength.

    8 Ways to build shoulder stability and strength

    Every time you were in the gym you need to first warm up those shoulder parts and take good care of them. Even though you have bigger delts, without strong inner shoulder muscles you cannot maintain that shape. The inner shoulder muscles are the rotator cuff muscles. These muscles play a role in maintaining the stability and gives strength to the shoulders. The rotator cuff is included with four muscles that are all connected to a bone called scapula. These are also attached to the top bone called as humerus.

    The weaker the rotator cuff muscles the weak will be the efficiency of the delt muscles. The scapula bone helps in the improvement of the stability of the joints. The health of the shoulder depends on the rotator cuff and the anterior part of the serratus. If you can build a strong set of rotator cuff and serratus anterior you can stabilize the shoulder.


    Shoulders are one of the major parts in the body. Shoulder muscles are one of the most stressed muscles in the body. Shoulders help in the movement of the hand and neck. Shoulders are prone to many injuries and needs proper attention. To improve the strength of the shoulder you need to train the internal muscles. The rotor cuff muscles and the delts muscles will give more support to the shoulder. There are different types of workouts that affect the shoulder stability and Increases the strength.

    If proper you don’t take warm up and care you will be ending up in shoulder pain, stiffness in the shoulder muscle. The role of the trapezius muscles is to help in the movement of the neck and in turning your head; this also helps in lifting the shoulders and supports the scapula movement. Proper training the trapezius muscle will also help in increasing the stability of the shoulders.

    Strengthening and stabilizing the shoulders involves the training of these rotator cuffs and the rhomboids and also the rear delts.

    Rotator cuff


    The rotator cuff is usually a very important muscle in the shoulder. Rotator cuff contains four muscles and each muscle has their own functioning. One muscle will help in the abduction of the humerus bone. The other muscle plays a role in the rotation of the humerus muscles externally, the other muscle helps in the rotation of the humerus bone externally. The other muscle plays a role in the rotation of the humerus muscle internally. This rotator cuff will support the shoulder joint stability and strength. This rotator cuff will help in the rotation of the hand and the movement of the hand in all directions. The rotator cuff muscles will help in the distribution of the stress on the shoulders to avoid any shoulder dislocation.

    Rear delts


    Rear delts play a role in increasing the strength of the shoulders. Rear delts help in the horizontal movement of the shoulders. Rear delt is attached to the one called scapula and goes onto the humerus bone. Posterior delt or rear deltoid will help in the extension of the shoulder muscles and in the rotation of the arm externally. Some workouts like rear delt raise, face pull and other workout improve in the development of the rear delt and the stability of the shoulder.


    Rhomboids role is important in increasing the stability of the shoulders. Rhomboid muscles are located on the posterior side of the shoulders that is on the back. Rhomboid muscles are two types namely rhomboid major and rhomboid minor. The main role of the rhomboid major is it will hold the shoulder attached to the lats. The rhomboid major will help in the movement of scapula and circulates oxygen rich blood


    Scapula this is a bone that is in the shape of a triangle that is attached with the back muscles. The outer part of the scapula is attached to the humerus bone. Scapula helps in the movement of the hand. Scapula will help in the stabilization of the arm.


    The major benefit of the trapezius muscle is to support the shoulders to keep them straight and strengthens the neck and provides stability to the scapula.

    Shrugging is one best workout to increase the thickness of the trapezius muscles. Barbell upright row will also support the growth of the trapezius muscle.


    To perform shrugs you can select a barbell or dumbbells. Hold two dumbbells of similar weight in both the hands and keeping your arms straight pull the weights up by involving your shoulders. Try to touch your ears with your shoulders. At this point bend your neck and squeeze your trapezius muscle. And then slowly raise your head and lower the weights, while lowering the weights you need to stretch your trapezius muscle to improve the peak of the trapezius muscle at the neck.

    Rear delts fly


    This workout will target the rear delts muscles and increases the strength of the shoulder.
    This workout is performed by selecting a bench and sit at the end of that bench. Hold two dumbbells and bend your body forward so that your chest is near your knees. Now keeping your arms straight slowly raise the dumbbells so that they become parallel to the ground 
    At this point squeeze your rear delts muscle. Now slowly lower the weights to the starting position. You can perform the same workout in standing position. Sitting will help in less cheating.
    External shoulder rotation 
    This workout is specially for targeting the rotator cuff muscle. This will help in lubricating the shoulder joint before you start a workout. You can perform this in between the schedule. To perform this lie on a bench resting on one arm take a dumbbell and bend the elbow at an angle of 90 degrees and keeping the elbow fixed, rotate the arm in the shape of an arc away from the chest. Slowly bring the weight back to the starring position .you can perform the same workout in a standing position.

    Hold two dumbbells in both the hands and keep the keeps 90 degrees to the arms and rotate the arms externally and internally. You can even use a resistance band for performing this exercise.
    Cable fly

    This workout will show a great affect on the rear delts, rhomboids and the trapezius muscles.
    To perform this workout stand in front of the multi station and keeping the handles at your head level, grab the handle with opposite hand. Keeping your arms stretched and straight pull the handles outside to make an arc. At that point squeeze the rear delts muscles. Then bring back the weights slowly to the starting position. 
    This is a combination of three different hand movements that affect the rear delt and the trapezoid muscles. All you need to do is lean forward and hang your hands towards the floor and raise your arms straight so that your palms look down and your arms parallel to the floor. This will make I. Now from that position stretch your arms wide to make Y and then stretch your arms completely straight to make a T. Then bring the hands back to the starting position. You can perform this work out with weights for more impact. 
    Shoulder squeeze

    This workout will improve the strength of your shoulders. The workouts are performed by keeping your hands at rest and try to squeeze the shoulder blades together and release them back to the starting position. You perform the same workout by lying on the floor. Performing this on the floor will give more impact to your rear delts and the trapezoid muscles.

    Barbell up right row


    Usually barbell upright row is done to improve the trapezius muscle. You need to hold a barbell of required weight at a shoulder wide grip. Now pull the barbell towards your neck by raising your elbows. At this point squeeze your trapezius muscles at the top. Slowly lower the barbell to the starting point and at this point stretch your trapezius muscle. You can perform the same workout with varying grip length. A closer grip will affect the trapezius muscles more and a wider grip will affect the rear delt and the fore arm also.

    Kettle bell workouts are more known workouts today. They help in developing an explosive strength. So performing workouts with kettle bells will improve the stability and the strength of the shoulders.

    Face pulls


    Face pulls is one very good workout that improves the shoulder muscles growth and improve the strength and the stability of the shoulder by affecting the joint and bones of the shoulder namely the delts, the rhomboids and the trapezius muscles.

    Face pulls will help in the improvement of the rotation of the shoulder internally. Face pull will help in the improvement of the back muscles also. To perform this workout you need a rope fixed to the pulley. Hold the rope which is at a level of your chest. Hold the rope with both the hands by keeping your palms down like you are doing a hammer curl with the rope.

    Stretch your arms and step back from the pulley machine. Now holding the rope, pull it towards your face, and rotate your arms outside as you are going for a double bicep pose. At this point you need to squeeze your shoulder blades together and also your traps. Then slowly release the rope and come to the starting position by stretching the trapezius muscles. You need to perform this workout with full control.

    One arm rowing


    This is one workout that targets the individual rear delt muscles and the scapula. To perform this you need to select a weight and hold the handle with one hand and step away from the pulley so that your hand is fully stretched. And pull the handle towards you by squeezing the shoulder plate. Then repeat the same with the other hand. When you are bringing you hand back to the starting position you need to completely stretch the shoulder.

    Scapular pushups


    Pushups are usually performed to increase the strength of the chest muscles, shoulder mass, tricep improvement and the upper back muscles. Pushups also increase the strength of the core muscles and abs; they also improve the muscles of the legs. Have you seen Bruce lee doing a different kind of push up that involves only the movement of the shoulder blades. That variation of pushup is called as scapula pushup. This scapula pushup is a very old type of pushup that is not known to many of the people. The main targeted muscle in this scapula pushup is the rear delt and the shoulder blade or also known as scapula. So to perform this workout you need to keep your body flat n the floor and keeping your hands parallel to your chest lift your body as you are doing a normal pushup. But when you are lowering your body, try to lower only the chest part so that the shoulder blades touch each other. Slowly raise your body to the top by stretching your shoulder blades. You need to stretch the shoulder blades as high as possible to improve the stability and the strength of the shoulder.

    Proper rest need to be given for the muscles to repair and recover from the damage cause due t the intense workouts. Perfect warm up is needed to protect the shoulder from injuries; a diet containing more calcium will help in building stronger bones.



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