8 Ways to Speed up Muscle Growth

8 Ways to Speed up Muscle Growth

8 ways to speed up muscle growth

8 Ways to Speed up Muscle Growth.

Every guy who is hitting the gym every day dreams about a bulky physique with shredded structure. The first principle you need to follow to improve your muscle building is you need to eat, you need to sleep and you need to train and follow these 8 Ways to Speed up Muscle Growth. So this will help you in building a dream physique.

Building a good physique and increasing the growth of muscles depends on:

Basic training

Whatever the workout you do in the gym you need to pump some blood into your muscle and your joints to lubricate them. You need to wake your muscles before you give them some hard work to do. So every time you hit the gym you need to do some basic warm up workouts like rope jumping, stretching, spot jogging or step climbing or you can do some warm up cardio like inclined walk on a treadmill or cycling.


You need to focus on the basic workouts of the muscle you are planning to target that day. Say if you are hitting the chest, then you need to do some pushups and dips and other basic workouts that help in pumping the blood to your chest muscles, for your back muscles you need to be doing pull ups and some stretching exercises for lats. In the same way for shoulders and other muscles we will be doing the basic warm up workouts.

Slow workout


Whatever the muscle you train in the gym you need to do it slowly. If you are looking for a big growth in your muscles then you need to gradually increase your workout schedule. If you are lifting heavy weights and doing the workout as you are hurry in catching a train, you will end up in injuries and bad muscle growth. If you are doing with lesser weights and slowly then the muscle will take some time to get the required blood and it needs some time to breakdown and again to recover from that damage. Thus it promotes the growth of the muscle. When you keep on increasing your weights your muscles will improve their flexibility and their tendency to stretch and grow.



When you are looking for a muscular body you need to do some work out as well as you need to fuel up your muscles. A diet that contains all the essential nutrients and balanced diet will help you in improving your muscle growth. When you diet contains good amounts of protein and essential amino acids that promote the growth of the muscles and essential fatty acids that make your muscles recover from the damage that occurred during your intense workout, and then it will improve muscle growth.

Taking some pre workout diet like oat meal will help you in keeping your energy level high to do intense workout and supply energy to remove fatigue of the muscle, and taking post workout food that helps in maintaining your glycogen levels in your body to keep you recover from that stress. You need to provide enough energy and food to make your muscle grow and pumping the blood into your muscles will also distribute the nutrients to your muscles. Even when you are going to sleep you need to take some food that keeps your muscles nourished all night. This will make your muscle grow even in the night time.

When it comes to eating, u need to take food that is very less in carbohydrates and processed food this processed food contains high amounts of sugar that plays a role in building fat but not muscle.
You need to feed your body some high calorie diet that has fibre in it. Foods like chicken; meat contains high amounts of protein and helps in building muscles.

Foods like fish and other sea foods contain amino acids and other essential fatty acids like omega which helps in building muscle. There are vegetarian foods like legumes, sprouts and other vegetables that promote the production of hormones for building a great muscle. Fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals are crucial for building great massive muscles. Muscles that are rich in vitamin c will help you in hydrating your body during workout and all day. Fruits contain all kinds of ingredients like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and others which help in building the most strong bone structure and also improve the contraction of the body muscles.


The essential minerals and vitamins in fruits will help in boosting up your muscle recovery and in maintaining healthy skin and strong immunity system that keeps you healthy and prevents any infections.


Eat more than required to improve the production of energy throughout the day. Try to eat small meals in a day rather than eating two or three bigger meals. Eating smaller meals will help you in generating energy in every work you do. Eating smaller meals will keep your hunger levels low and keeps you active. You need to be eating a lot to gain muscle.


Coming to drinking you need to keep your muscles hydrated to keep them growing. For this you need to take the major constituent of your body that is water. Drinking water will keep your muscle hydrated and improves the growth of muscle. Water improves the rate of metabolism in burning the fat from the muscles and the fat cells. Water gets accumulated in the muscle tissues and makes them bulge and thus improves your muscular development. You can take water at any time and it is natural and cheap.


You can drink coffee to keep you active during the workout session and also during your daily work. The caffeine content present in the coffee will help in keeping your focus and in keeping a proper functioning of your brain and the nervous system. You can drink natural extracts of green tea which acts as natural anti oxidants that keeps your muscles healthy. Drinking alcohol will cause a serious issue in building a great massive muscle. Intake of milk helps you in building a great physique as it contains whey and casein in it.



Now day’s supplements are good in the market. These supplements are packed with all the essential nutrients and vitamins and different muscle growth promoting ingredients that help in the production of the growth hormone. Taking supplements is one way to feed your body what it wants. Supplements contain all essential ingredients that promote muscle growth and muscle recovery. There are wide ranges of supplements that are being used for different purposes.


There are supplements for pre workout that helps you in doing intense workout, post workout supplements for improving the recovery of the muscle. There are supplements for burning the fat and promoting muscle growth. Some of the major ingredients in these supplements are whey protein, branched chain amino acids, creatine and also caffeine. Some supplements are used for boosting the testosterone levels in the body. Some supplements are water soluble and can be taken with water and juices. Some dietary supplements are taken before going to bed. Taking supplements like creatine will help in improving you muscular performance and the muscular endurance. The glycogen levels in the body will go down when you are doing high intensity workouts. So to restore the levels of glycogen you need to take some supplements.


There are different kinds of workouts that help in building massive muscles. You can follow super sets, negative reps, compound exercises. Supersets are a combination of two or more exercises that target the same muscle in different ways thus helping in pumping more blood to the same muscle. There are other super set workouts that will target two counter muscles at a time. Doing super sets will increase the stress on the muscle and makes it sore. Some super sets will give a good definition to your muscles. Negatives are usually done with heavy weights and in this one half of the repetition will be done with support and the other half of the repetition will be done by involving the muscle. Shocking the muscle is one technique which is followed by Arnold and other body builders.


When you are planning for a massive body you need to invest lot of time and energy in building it. Proper workout for a proper muscle will help you in building massive muscle. You need focus on the muscle and intensity.

The technique involve taking heaviest weight and do at least on repetition and without stopping little lesser weight and doing two repetitions, then taking little lesser weight than the previous weigh and doing three or four repetitions. This way without giving any rest going to the lowest weight with more repetitions will pump the blood into the muscle. Some techniques will be done in an increasing order of the weights so that the muscle gets more impact on it, thus helping in getting more massive muscles. Doing a workout is not enough if you are not focusing on the muscle.


For this you need to maintain the correct form. Doing a workout without correct form will make you grow improper muscles and causes injury to your bone structure. When you are performing a workout for a muscle you need to feel the impact on that muscle.

Performing different variation and combination will help you in improving the muscle growth. In some cases you can change the equipment for a particular workout like using dumbbells instead of barbell to increase the impact on the muscle. During your workout session try doing heavy weights and don’t give up in the last repetitions. This will make your muscle work more and increases the endurance. The production of testosterone will help more in increasing the growth of the muscle. So for this you need to work on your lower body like squats and dead lifts.


If you are doing some intense workout in the morning and in the evening you will be gaining a lot of muscle until and unless you give some rest to your muscles. Sleep is very important in adding mass to your muscles. The muscle tissues will be broken in to several pieces during an intense workout and they need to rejoin and re grow. During this process the protein breakdown occurs and this breakdown of protein will help in repairing these muscles. If you give some rest to your muscles and let them do their work the muscle growth will be supported.


Taking eight hours of sleep is recommended for gaining mass. Sleeping will help in improving the production of the growth hormones in the body that help in the promotion of the muscle growth. Good sleep will help in the lowering of the consumption of the energy when compared to the energy consumed during day work. As you are using lot of energy in the gym you need to conserve some energy so in this case sleeping will help you to recharge your body including each cell and tissue of the muscle.

Over sleeping is not good for building muscles. It makes you lazy. Take a hot shower before you go to sleep, this will relax your muscles from soreness and gives you a good sleep. Taking caffeine or coffee before going to bed is not recommended as they disturb your sleep. You can have a glass of milk which contains calcium and casein that help in the promotion of health of the bones and also supports muscle contraction. It is strongly recommended to stop using sleeping pills.



Doing cardio workouts will improve your rate of metabolism but at the same time they decrease the muscle. So you need to do your cardio workout for two times in a week. You need to save your muscles even when you are doing cardio workout. Instead of running on a treadmill you can do some bicycling. You can perform high intensity interval training to burn the fat and to preserve the muscle. Cardio will use a lot of energy and needs when you plan to do some muscle building workout at the same day more time will be needed to recover and it slows the growth of the muscles.

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