7 Ways to Make Your Bicep Workout Harder

    7 Ways to Make Your Bicep Workout Harder

    Biceps are the major muscles group that attracts more attention. Training bicep muscles includes many variations. When you are training your bicep muscles you need to follow these to make your bicep workout harder. Bicep contains two heads those are the inner head and the outer head. These heads are trained to give some shape and height to your bicep. In this article we discuss the 7 Ways to Make Your Bicep Workout Harder.

    7 Ways to Make Your Bicep Workout Harder



    The intensity is very important while training your workouts. So there are different variations in increasing the intensity of your workout.

    Shocking principle is one which increases the intensity of your bicep training and other muscles. When you are shocking your muscles the production of growth hormone will be maximized and promotes the growth of the muscles. The technique involves doing workout with weight that is more than the capacity of the muscle to handle. Even you can do one repetition with that weight it will show more impact on the muscle. Later you can decrease the weight and go for more repetitions.


    Similarly you will be decreasing the weight and increasing the repetitions. To perform this workout select a dumbbell of heavy weight and perform one repetition or two. Place it in the rack and select another dumbbell of little less weight than the previous weight and then perform more reps than the previous repetitions. So that way keep on changing the weights and keep on increasing the repetitions. At the end you will feel your soaring biceps.

    Negative reps

    Negative reps increase the intensity of your workout by lifting a weight that is beyond the capacity and using gravity. When you are lifting the weights normally the movement is called as positive movement but when you are performing the same workout with taking a support when you are lifting the weight and while lowering the weight you put more stress on the muscle and you are pulling against the gravity.


    The major benefit of these negative repetitions is to increase the strength of the muscles. All you need to do is to lower the weights very slowly and controlled movement. You can go for more advanced stage in negative rep that is forced negative reps. You can perform negative reps using a barbell. Negative reps using a barbell on a preacher curl is one killer workout. To perform this select a barbell preferably EZ bar. Add some weight to it and with the help of a partner raise the weight towards your chest and then slowly lower the weight under control to the starting position. You should be very careful in doing this, as the whole set of muscle will be under tension and this will improve the flow of the blood into the muscle. This increases the intensity and you need to push for one more repetition forcibly.

    Partial reps

    Partial reps are usually done when you cannot complete the final repetitions. But performing partial repetitions will improve the muscles growth. This is performed by breaking a full repetition into two half repetitions. The most known partial rep workout for bicep is 21s. To perform this workout you need to select a barbell of required weight and perform normal barbell curls but you need to stop the repetition at the middle and lower the weight which means lifting the weight partially for seven repetitions. Then during the seventh repetition you need to stop at the top position and lift the barbell from the middle to the top towards your chest.


    Then lower the weight to the middle position and then to the chest. Repeat this seven times and at the end of the seventh repetition lower the weight completely down and lift all the way to the chest and repeat this for seven repetitions. This will make a total of 21 repetitions. This killer workout will increase the mass of the bicep.

    Wall against curls

    Usually when you are training your biceps you will be doing dumbbell bicep curl or a barbell bicep curl. This is done in a standing position or in a sitting position. When performing this workout your arms will be in the air and are hanging freely, so this increases the chance of cheating. You can swing your arm for support. The wall against curls will be done by leaning your total upper body against a wall so that your arms will be resting against something.


    Now when you perform a dumbbell bicep curl or a barbell bicep curl your elbows will be supported to the wall and you arms will be moving without any cheating. This will make the workout tougher and increases the impact on the muscles. You can even rest your triceps on to a rod or a bar placed behind your back. This type of workout is usually termed as arm blaster curls. This arm blaster curls will be done by keeping a plate to your waist and supporting the elbows on the plat and performing the curl. This will strictly stop the movement of the elbows. When the elbows are not moving then you can allow the bicep muscles to stretch and increases the tension on the biceps thus promoting the muscle growth.


    Inclined dumbbell curls are one of the most muscle building workouts that are tough to perform. Performing a straight bicep workout with a barbell or a dumbbell involves the movement of the arms for a short range. But when you perform the same workout with a dumbbell or a barbell on an incline bench the range of motion will be more and needs more effort to squeeze your muscles. For this you can perform incline dumbbell curls by selecting two similar dumbbells and lie on an inclined bench. Stretch you arms completely down so they are just a few centimeters from the floor.

    Now pull the weight up by performing a bicep curl. Try to bring the weight close towards your chest. Then you slowly lower the weight to the starting position. Spider curls are performed with a barbell usually EZ bar is used for performing this workout. Select a barbell with required weight and lie in the inclined table but your chest must face the floor. Stretch your arms down completely and grab the barbell and lift the weight by performing a curl try squeezing the weights at the top.


    Slowly lower the weight the starting position. These two workouts are killer workouts for increasing the size of your biceps muscles. It is tougher to squeeze your muscles at the top. Incline bicep workouts will stretch the muscle to its maximum and thus pumping more blood into the muscles. This workout will pump your muscle a lot.

    Isometric bicep workouts

    Isometric workouts will increase the size of your biceps. Isometric exercises involve only the contraction by holding in a particular angle. This uses resistance and doesn’t need any weights. The oldest bodybuilding equipment BULL WORKER works on the principle of isometric moments. Isometric workouts for bicep involve the bending of arm and holding it for a few second and the releasing, extending the elbows for some time and relaxing. You can do these isometric workouts anytime.

    The isometric curls for bicep involve bending your elbow at an angle of 90 degrees with a dumbbell in your hand and holding it for a few seconds. You need to increase the weight and also increase the time you hold that weight to improve the growth of the bicep muscle. You can perform bicep workouts by hanging on to a chin up bar. You will perform chin ups and at the top you need to hold your position by squeezing your bicep for a few seconds and relaxing. If you want the intensity to be high you need to hold some weight between your legs while hanging. You can perform the isometric workouts using a barbell also. Select a barbell san hold it by keeping the arms parallel to the floor and hold it for a few seconds and then lower the weight down.


    Isometric workouts usually target a specific muscle. So when you are trying to train your bicep you have many workouts that isolate the biceps. Barbell isolation to perform this workout select a barbell and add some weight and stretch your arms at the starting point and then lift the barbell till your arms are parallel to the floor and then hold it for a few seconds. Then slowly lower the weight to the starting position. If you perform the same workout in repetitions then they are called as isolation workouts. The only difference in isolation workouts is you will be holding the workout at the top position creating some tension in the muscles and then lowering it down and again repeating it for a few repetitions.

    Where as in isometric workout you will be holding the weights for a few seconds and then targeting for more time to hold the weight. Isometric workouts will target more than one muscle.

    In the same way you will be doing performing dumbbell bicep curls. Performing bicep curls with dumbbells will increase the grip and the range of motion. You can perform hammer curls also. You can perform concentration curls to increase the hardness of your workout. So when you do an isolation workout for your bicep you need to inhale while you are contracting the muscle and when you are stretching the weight you need to exhale.

    Super set or compound set

    Supersets are usually power building workouts that also affect the strength and the growth of the muscles. Supersets are usually a combination of two or more exercises. Every muscle has its own style of supersets. You can even do supersets for bigger mules like chest and back. Supersets are also a type of shocking principle in the development of the muscles. Supersets are usually divided into compound sets or mass exercises and the other are isolation exercises.


    The major benefits of the mass workout are to increase the muscles thickness and increase the size. The isolation workout will help in making the muscles strong and in maintaining the symmetry of the muscles. The flow of the blood will be improved in the muscles with the help of these isolation exercises. Supersets like dumbbell curl and hammer curl will improve the bicep size. To perform this, select a dumbbell and hold it in your hand. Perform bicep curls with that dumbbell and then with the same weight perform hammer curls. This will affect the bicep muscles as well as the forearm muscles.

    Drop set or the stripping method

    This method involves the decreasing of weight after doing some repetitions with some weight. So, start doing three or four repetitions, and then remove some weight, and then perform more than four repetitions, and the keep on decreasing the weights, and doing the repetitions. Even while performing this drop set you can do the maximum number of repetitions till failure and then you can remove some weight and try few reps till failure. This will improve the pumping of blood to the muscles.


    Don’t stick to the same routine every time. You need to change the schedule of your workout after every 4 weeks. When you are doing the same for years your muscles get habituated to it and stops growing.

    Proper diet is needed. As you perform these workouts the bicep muscles break and need to recover from the break. So proper intake of diet that is rich in proteins, amino acids and little amounts of carbohydrates and fats. The bicep muscles need to be hydrated. You drink lots of water during your training. While performing these workouts you need to take care as they give more stress on your muscle which causes severe injuries to the muscles. If you have a partner it would be more helpful.



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