7 Foods That Burn Fat Effectively

7 Foods That Burn Fat Effectively


Everyone it might be a male or a female, people dream of a well built fat free ripped physique. So people hit the gym every day with lot of motivation, hope and spend lot of money for that dream. Eating food that doesn’t have a balance in essential nutrients and supplements leads to obesity and other diseases.

When you are trying to build a great physique you need to eat a lot, at the same time eat the correct diet. Or you will be ending up with fatty physique.

Intense workouts and diets can help in burning the fat. Many supplements are available in the market for fat burning. But knowing the correct supplements help in avoiding the risks of chronic diseases and other side effects.

There are different ways to know the effectiveness of the fat burners

7  Foods That Burn Fat Effectively


First comes the quality of the fat burner. A high quality fat burner is easy to take, as the role of the fat burner is not only to burn the fat but also to reduce hunger and increase the energy levels.

These fat burning products are usually referred as thermogenics. All the fat burning products contain number of thermogenic ingredients in them.

Caffeine and ephedrine are the most common thermogenics used, 2, 4-Dinitrophenol (DNP) is a very dangerous drug used for fat loss. Thermogenic formulas increase the rate of metabolism.

These thermogenics will increase the body temperature and leads to a point where death occurs.

Some of the thermogenic supplements are

Chromium picolinate

  • This a trace minerals of chromium and it is an essential part of the glucose tolerance factor.
  • This helps in regulating the metabolism of carbohydrates and proper function of insulin in the body.
  • This promotes fat loss and suppresses the appetite.

Green tea extracts

Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate green tea usually enhances the thermogenics and promotes fat burning without increasing the heart rate.

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Thus green teas acts as a natural fat burning supplement.

Hydroxyxitric acid

  • Simple referred as HCA is closely related to citric acid in oranges and grapes.
  • HCA blocks the conversion of sugars and starches in the body which promotes fat production.
  • This HCA acts on the brain to control the appetite.


  • This choline utilizes the body fat to generate some energy in the body so promoting fat loss.
  • This also helps in promoting the health of the liver during excessive alcohol consumption.
  • This also helps in preventing the gall stones.
  • This I s found in soybeans and egg yolk.
  • CLA conjugated Linoleic Acid is a naturally occurring supplement from omega 6 fatty acid
  • This play a major role in weight loss by decreasing the size and the number of fat cells in the body and assists in production of lean mass and add some muscle tone.
  • CLA affects two enzymes; one breaks the fat in the blood.

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Norepinephrine is a key player in fat burning and mobilization, lipolysis and appetite suppression
taking green tea extracts before cardio vascular workouts will improve the fat burning effects

L- Carnitine

  • L- Carnitine is an essential nontoxic natural nutrient that helps burn fat and fuel.
  • L-carnitine boosts the recovery.
  • Carnitine lowers the risk of heart diseases by improving dilation.
  • L-carnitine is critical for production in every cell in the body.
  • Without L-carnitine the normal burning of fat cannot take place.
  • In the brain the acetyl l-carnitine is important in energy production, but I more importantly a precursor to actylcholine.
  • This plays a vital role in maintaining brain function memory and mood.
  • 70 percent f the metabolic energy required for the functioning of the heart are supplied by fatty acids.
  • During the high intensify workouts, the body requires larger a larger amounts of glucose and larger amounts of fatty acids to generate energy.
  • L-Crarnitine has been showing a reduction in the respiratory quotients in athletes.
  • Acetyl L-carantine is able to cross into the brain easily which provides neuro protective benefits.
  • ALC directly stimulates the production of acetylcholine.


  • Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in the human body.
  • The role of calcium is to build strong bone s and strong teeth.
  • This plays a role in activating the lipase enzyme that breaks down the aft for utilization in the body.
  • As this calcium lowers the cholesterol levels this helps in preventing cardio vascular diseases.

Essential Fatty Acids

  • Commonly referred as EFA, These efa’s are found in some oils like omega 3, 6, and 9.
  • The healthy fats are beneficial in burning the fat in the body.
  • These efa’s activates the body’s fat stores and helps in burning the excess calories and they maintain a certain body temperature, these also play a role in increasing the metabolic rate.
  • These efa’s are responsible for a healthy skin hair, reduced blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels.


  • It is a short name for 5-Hydroxytryptophan derived from amino acid tryptophan.
  • This acts as a hunger suppressant, this also increases the pain tolerance, increases the serotonin levels in the brain.
  • This effectively treats depression.
  • Protein rich food like chicken, fish and dairy products are good sources for 5-HTP.
  • 2, 4-Dinitrophenol helps in the production of mitochondria.
  • The excessively use of this 2, 4-DNP as a dieting aid leads to severe side effects and death.
  • Ephedrine is commonly used as a stimulant concentration aid, decongestant and appetite suppressant and to treat hypertension associated with anesthesia.


  • Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system.
  • Caffeine has both positive and negative effects on health.

Lypolitic agents

  • These ingredients play a role in releasing fat from the fat cells in the body.
  • By removing the fat from the fat cells the fat can be burned away as fuel thus shrinking the fat cells.
  • That make s you fat free and lean, Caffeine is one of the most effective ingredients for increasing the lipolysis
  • The released fat from the fat cells travel all along the way and find a way back to the fat cells.
  • The use of the fat burners increases the count of number of calories burning.
  • Carnitine helps to transport the released fat into the mitochondria of cells.
  • Mitochondria are the basic cells that burn fat they act as a furnace to burn fat.

Thyroid stimulators

The secretions from thyroid glands increases the metabolic rate which increases burning more number of calories. A fat burner must contain thyroid stimulating ingredients like 7-keto DHEA

Green coffee bean extracts

These contains chlorogenic acid, These chlorogenic acids works in two ways, It reduces the absorption of blood sugar by the intestine, and then it inhibits an enzyme in the liver so that less glucose is released into the blood stream.

It shows that 5.7% weight loss and 4% lean mass to fat mass ratio increase.

Raspberry ketones help in burning fat


This helps stress induced over eating, using this Ashwagandha decreases stress by 69% and 24% reduction in a stress hormone, the same one produced during exercise.

Another thyroid stimulating ingredients is guggulsterones.


This is one kind of ingredient that suppress the appetite and reduces the calorie in take

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Fish oil

Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids that change the way the body uses fat

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Capsaicin is a compound cayenne pepper, this burns fat, Capsaicin stimulates fat burning by increasing the body’s core temperature and triggering great activity in the central nervous system

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Capsaicin can also be used for weight maintenance, Coleus forskohlii increases lean body mass and reduces fat through a series of chemical reactions.

This also improves angina, asthma, high blood pressure, eczema and psoriasis.

Mustard seed

This is another source with weight loss properties, A table spoon daily burns 45 calories an hour

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Sperm motility

Infertility researches shows increase in the sperm count and motility with 3 grams of L-carnitine daily.


Synephrine is found in the fruits of a plant known as citrus aurantium. It is one f the most active compound found in the fruits. It is called as sour orange or bitter orange. Synephrine increases the metabolic rates and increases the caloric expenditure in a day and increases the energy levels .

This acts a as fat burner and a good promoter of weight loss, Synephrine acts as a stimulant similar into caffeine and have some similar effects in terms of an energy as well as increasing the metabolic rates.

Typical dosage of synephrine must be 3 to 6 percent only.


In early times people used black pepper as a medicine to cure the joint problems, hernia, muscular problems like spasm, cough and other problems. Regular intake of black pepper reduces throat problems. Most of the studies prove that bioperine increases the blood flow towards the gut and also increases the emulsifying agents of the gut muscle. Piperene can help in generating a lot of energy during metabolism of different products.

Another important of bioperine is to increase the bone strength and also provides nourishment to the body muscles. Bioperenr is a supplement that is extracted from black pepper

It enhances the body growth and allows the individual to live a better life.

Types of fat burners

Fat burners are usually categorized into two types

  • Stimulant based and stimulant free fat burners
  • Stimulant free fat burners


These are best suited for people sensitive to caffeine. These fat burners contain fat burning green tea extracts, acetyl-L-carnitine and hunger suppressing ingredients like caralluma fimbriata extracts. Stimulant based fat burners contain a combination of caffeine, synephrine, tyramine, yohimbe.

These ingredients increase energy and suppress appetite, increase fat release from fat cells. CLA is generally marketed as a dietary supplement as it supports anti cancer benefit and asa body building aid.

CLA shows an effect on insulin response and their influence on dietary fat on intestinal microbes, inflation, barrier function and metabolic out comes. Kangaroo meat is a richest source of CLA, meat and dairy products contain more CLA an chicken eggs mushrooms.

Ingestion of spicy food does not cause any abnormalities. Capsaicin will affect the appetite as well as decreasing the intake of the food.

Over exposure to these capsaicin leads to oral and gastrointestinal organs lead to increased satiety and reduced food intake.


Ginger root extracts are used in the synthesis of fat burning products. R-ALA is a purest form of ALA that is alpha lipoc acid. Ephedra free supplements are recommended as there is a ban on ephedra. The ephedra based supplement are considered as dangerous with serious side effects and leading to deaths.

Ephedra along with aspirin caused a temporary weight loss but these showed very adverse effects on the human body.


It’s is important to know the timings for taking these fat burners. Usually these fat burners increase the body heat and burned fat and suppression of the appetite will make some troubles in regular activities.

In general the fat burners are to be taken one hour or thirty minutes before eating breakfast or dinner. This will make a satisfied feeling and increases the metabolism rate. Fat burners are to be taken after waking up, it will start metabolism and fat burning process al the day.

Avoid taking the fat burning supplements after 5 pm. try to take these fat burners with food usually with breakfast and lunch.

Start off slowly with two pills a day and slowly build up the dose. Cycle your usage of these fat burners so that your body does not get used to the stimulants in the fat burners you are using


Using these fat burners increases the body temperature

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Drinking more and more water will reduce the dehydration due to the over heat and high intensity workouts. When using these fat burner dehydration is most common and also leads to slower metabolism.

Drinking at least five litres of water a day will keeps you hydrated all the day. If you are training in a hot environment and swearing for long periods the intake of water must be doubled. Sleep is the option to cool down your body.

If there is an inadequate sleep there will be a increase in the blood cortisol and decreases testosterone. Other ingredients like gelatin, magnesiustearate, chlorophyllin coppercomplex sodium, titanium dioxide.

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