7 Ways of Building Upper Chest

7 Ways of Building Upper Chest


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Chest muscles termed as pectoral muscle consists of two parts. They are clavicular portion or simply called as upper chest portion and the sterna portion commonly called as lower chest portion. The upper chest is attached to the clavicle or the collar bone. Along the mid body line, it attaches to the sternum called as breast bone and the cartilage of several ribs.

7 Ways of Building Upper Chest

The largest mass of the chest starts at the upper arm bone called humerus. This usually joins at a point where the delts join at humerus. The pectoral muscles spread out like a fan and they acts as armor plates for the rib cage. The basic function of the pectoral muscles is to pull the arm and shoulder across the front of the body. The sub clavius, a small cylindrical muscle between the clavicle and the first rib functions in drawing the shoulder forward.

Serratus anterior is a thin muscular sheet between the ribs and the scapula. The basic function of the serratus anterior is raising the point of the shoulder and drawing the scapular forward and downward. Training the pectoral muscles involves two major variation Fly and presses. Fly means extending the arms and drawing together across the chest in a kind of hugging motion.

During the movement of presses upward off the chest with the involvement of the front deltoids and triceps in addition to a primary effort from the pectorals. Bench press is the best workout for building chest muscles. Flat bench press involves all the chest muscles and improves the mass of the chest. Changing the angle of the bench changes the impact on the upper pectorals. A lot of incline press involves in creating a split between the upper and the lower chest.

Flys are most important in stretching the pectoral muscles. This helps in developing maximum flexibility and this flexibility increases in development. Pullovers are important in the workout routines they help in building a great rib cage.

In the workout routine upper pectorals are to be concentrated first. As training the remaining two pectoral muscle swill reduce the energy levels and there will be a lesser training given to the upper pectorals. Upper pectorals give a look to your physique. If you are wearing a shirt or a t shirt the upper pectorals gives give a massive look. If you are looking to build more thickness, muscle and strength in your upper chest the workout s that can be followed are.

Smith bench press to clavicles

Select a flat bench and lie on it so that the bar is directly over the clavicle bones. Hold the bar shoulder wide and the upper arm should be completely perpendicular to the torso. Lower the bar slowly until a deep stretch in the entire upper chest is felt. Hold it for a second and slowly push the bar back to the starting position using your upper chest.

Barbell incline bench presses

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This exercise develops the mass and strength in the pectoral muscles both middle and the upper pectoral areas. Changing the angle of the movement so you are pressing at an incline tends to put extra stress on the upper pectoral muscles and make the deltoids work harder. The execution of inclined bench press is as follows. Lie back on an incline bench and grab the bar with a medium grip. Lift the bar and lower it to the upper chest and slowly press it back to the starting position when working on this inclined table a spotter will be preferred. Inclined press on smith machine will be an optional.

Inclined dumbbell press

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To develop the middle and upper pectoral muscles. Take two dumbbells of similar weights and hold the dumbbells at a shoulder height. Slowly lift the dumbbells straight up overhead. Now slowly lower them down to the starting position.

Parallel bar dips

This is one killer exercise that involves all the pectoral muscles and triceps. Hold your arms straight above the bars and from the top slowly go down as far as possible. From the bottom slowly press back to the starting position by squeezing the pectoral a muscle. Crossing your feet behind your glutes will shift you center of gravity forward and hit the pectorals harder.

Incline dumbbell flys

To build mass on the upper pectoral incline flys are the best .

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The flys are done like normal dumbbell flys but only change is we do it on an inclined bench. Lie on the bench with the dumbbells held straight over head, palms facing each other now lower them out and down to either side in a wide sweeping arc. Lower the weights until your pectorals are fully stretched. Come back to the starting position through that same wide arc, as if giving a big bear hug. Avoid bringing the weights in and pressing them straight up. At the top flex the pectoral muscles to ensure a full contraction.

Reverse grip bench press

These reverse grip bench press involves the maximum movement and the involvement of the upper chest and minimizes the involvement of the triceps. The reverse grip keeps the elbows in and your upper arms parallel to your torso. Moving the arms in this manner will increase the use of upper pectoral muscle fibers. The regular grip bench press uses more of the lower and middle pectoral muscle fibers.

Dumbbells pull over

Dumbbell pullovers target the lower pectoral muscles but also bring definition to the total pectoral muscles.

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Take a dumbbell of selected weight and lie perpendicular to the bench that means the torso across it as in forming a cross with your shoulders lying on the surface. Hips should be below the bench and legs bent with feet firmly on the ground. The heads will be off the bench as well. Grasp the dumbbell with both hands and hold it straight over your chest at arm’s length.

Both palms should be pressing against the underside one of the sides of the dumbbell. This will be your starting point. While keeping the arms straight slowly lower the weights in an arc behind your head while breathing in until you feel a stretch on the chest. At this point bring the dumbbell back to the starting position using the arc through which the weight was lowered and slowly exhale as you perform this movement. Hold the weight at the initial position for a second and repeat the same. For ten repetitions.

Always ensure the dumbbells using are at a secure position and held properly. Any mishandling results in falling of the dumbbell on the face. You can even perform the same workout using a barbell or a z bar instead of dumbbells.

Low cable crossovers

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Low cable crossovers help in building the middle part of the upper pectorals and also the overall height of the upper pectoral muscles. Standing at the centre of the pulley machine grab the handle switch both hands and select a weight. Step forward a little so that the pulley gain some tension on the biceps. With the palms facing forward hands below the waist slightly bend the arms and draw them upward in front toward the midline of the chest. Return your arms back to the starting position after a pause. Try squeezing the pectoral muscles while performing this workout.

Incline cable fly

These are one of the best exercises for targeting the upper pectoral muscles. To start set the incline table at the centre of the t pulleys and maintaining 45 degrees angle adjust the incline table. Now lie back on the table and grab the handle with a weight. Now bend your elbows a little so that the pulleys will be on tension. And bending these elbows lowers the tension on the biceps. Now slowly bring the handles close together in an arc towards the top of the chest. Pause for a movement and squeeze the chest. Now slowly return back the hands to the starting position. Make sure you lower the hands in the same arc position. Doing the upper pectoral workouts involve some careful steps.

Work slowly

Doing upper pectorals involves slow movements both in and out movements. You should be extremely careful while pulling exercise on the upper chest like the cable crossover low to high, fast movements can strain your upper pectoral muscles.

Full movement

The movement is slow but a full range of movement is necessary. We should go as low as we can to make longer distance, but don’t go too far as we cannot lift the dumbbells back.

Muscle connection

Muscle connections are very important. Because the workout we do for the upper pectorals involves the movement of muscles of the chest as well as front delts also. So any wrong stretch results in damage to the connecting muscles.

Weights Sets and Reps

Usually the weight and sets and the number of repetitions depends on the goal. For bulking the pectoral muscles you can follow weights with low repetitions. Or allow weights with increasing repetitions. Or sometimes super sets help in building up massive and big pectoral muscles.


This nutrition is one of the major factors to be considered during building bigger muscles. Eating balanced diet rich in carbohydrates proteins and fats. Larger meals doesn’t help but small meals at regular intervals help in supplying continuous energy. On should eat a small meal at every two or three hours.

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Protein builds muscle. This protein can be taken as food or in a powdered form as protein shakes. Pre workout boosters help in getting extra power while doing the workout.

it is recommended to take one third of multi vitamins every day. Drink more water and it will take care of your body.

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Do cardio workout before lifting some workouts. As this causes a catabolic hormone release in your body that will burn your muscles and your upper pectoral muscles that you are trying to build. But don’t overdo the cardio workout as it again decreases the stamina or the energy levels. Do not stretch your upper pectoral muscles as they become elastic, less stiff and will make your muscle recover faster to the next chest workout.

Focus on targeting the lats also. A workout that focuses lats and upper pectorals give room for the upper pectorals to grow. A wider back give more strength to the upper pectorals. Recover time should be given as it takes some time for the blood to flow. The upper pectorals are hidden between your shoulder so to take the shoulder backwards and bust your chest to hit the chest and not to work your shoulders.

Power press

When the dead lift you workout without the benefit of elasticity or momentum pulling the bar from a complete rest on the floor. This will build strength and power quickly through the positive portion of the movement. Power presses are the same idea. Using a smith machine set the safeties to a point that allow foe a partial range of motion. Pushups are the most basic and effective workout so for building a stronger and a bigger chest. Some pushups are done on the ground with a medium distance. There are many variations in push-ups. Wide space pushups and upright pushups.

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People take the support of a push up stand to stretch their pectoral muscles more by lowering the body more than the limit. Body weight flys are one effective workout that targets the upper pectoral muscles and thus involves the movement of the elbows as similar to normal flys.

But here the hands will be on the ground taking the support of roller weights. Once the hand are stretched far away from each other they need to be pulled slowly close together. By squeezing the pectoral muscles more amounts of blood flows into these pectorals and the pectoral muscles pump and gets recovered fast. Good and required sleep is essential for the development of the pectoral muscles.

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So start working your upper pectorals and make a glass stand on your upper pectoral muscles.

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