7 Best Workouts to Gain Bigger Shoulders

7 Best Workouts to Gain Bigger Shoulders


The shoulders

Anatomy of shoulders

The deltoid is divides into three parts again. They are the anterior deltoid, the middle deltoid and the posterior deltoid. The anterior deltoid works in lifting the arm to the front. A well developed anterior head creates a good definition between the shoulder and the chest muscles.

This will give the shoulders a good height and a good circular look. The lateral deltoid will be connected to the arm part that is to the biceps and tricep muscles. The posterior or the rear delt is actually connected to the shoulder and as well as the back muscles. The stronger the rear delt the wider the back and the upper body looks.

Get Bigger Shoulders With These Workouts

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The trapezius is the flat triangular muscle that extends out and down from the neck and then down between the shoulder blades. The basic function of the trapezius muscle is to life the entire shoulder gridle and to draw the scapula up and down and to the sides. This trapezius muscle allows help in turning your head.

Broad and wide shoulders will change the way how a man looks. The wide look of shoulders is developed by the development of side deltoids.

The width and the development of the side had of the deltoid is the only aspect of the total development of the deltoid muscles. Shoulders also need to be thick, to show the development in the front and the rear, to tie in properly to the pectorals and the biceps as well as to the traps and the rest of the back.

Complete deltoid development is very important even when you are at rest. There are two basic kids of exercises for shoulders they are namely straight arm raises and presses. Raises involve lifting your arm in an arc by keeping t straight this will isolate the deltoid heads. From front delts you need to raise your hand to the front and for the side delts you need to raise it to the side triceps are not involved when doing this raises.

In shoulder presses you begin with your arms bent and keeping the weight about shoulder height and lifting the barbell or dumbbells straight up over your head. Training shoulder include many exercises. Side deltoid workouts include dumbbell laterals with sitting or standing position.

These rear delts preserves the posture and creates a well developed v shape from the back also. Strong rear delts help you in keeping your chest upon and shoulders drawn back which make you look massive.

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Usually in order to build a well rounded cannon ball like delts you need to work a lot and pump more blood into your delts. You also need to hit all the four muscles with great intensity and power.

Without the development of middle and posterior delts the shoulders look narrow from both the sides as you don’t have enough mass.

Before performing any workout the shoulder muscles are to be warmed up properly. Some of the warm up workouts involves the stimulation of rotator cuffs by doing some external cuff rotation and internal cuff rotations.

Rotate the arms in an anterior direction to stimulate the rotator cuff muscles. You can hold two small weighted plates in each hand and stretch your hands and slowly rotate them in clock wise and anti clock wise directions

This stimulates the blood flow to your deltoid muscles. These rotator cuffs are one part of the shoulder muscles that are subjected to injuries.

General injuries of rotator cuffs include tares or tendon break. Stretching exercises are important while performing these workouts

First initially some cardio workout must be done to increase the production of hormones and then warming up you r body and then getting some intense workout will help in building a greater physique.

Clean and press

This exercise is one of its kinds that target all the three delt muscles and back muscle and also the lower body muscles. This exercise is to train the front deltoid, side deltoid and the rear deltoid and also helps in building the body density and power.

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This method involves lifting of some weight from the floor to the starting position of a military press then raising the barbell to the overhead position this exercise involves lot of leg movement to get the weight moving. The it involves the movement of traps, arms that develops a massive look

Starting with a squat position lean forward and grab the barbell with shoulder width. Lift the bar to your shoulder height and keep your elbows near your chest and without pausing using your shoulders and arms press he weights up over head, bring the barbell back to the shoulder height, then reverse the cleaning motion by bending your knees and setting the weight back onto the floor

Barbell standing press

This is actually a shoulder workout that uses a heavier weight than the normal weight what you do. This develops the strength in your deltoids. Take a bar with a selected weight and grab it with shoulder wide distance, clean the weight up to the shoulder level and bend your knees slightly then press the weight up to over head. Then slowly bring the weights back to the starting position.

Seated dumbbell shoulder press

Select two dumbbells of same weight and sit on a table with some support. You can even take the support of a wall for this. Now keep your back straight and keep the dumbbells at your ear level and keeping your shoulders straight. Now slowly rise the dumbbells to overhead position so that your hands are completely straight, now slowly bring the dumbbells back to the starting position. Don’t bring the dumbbells completely to the rest position as it reduces the tension on the delts. Repeat this workout for ten repetitions for three sets. You can vary the Wight if you feel like you need a good pump.

Arnold press

This is one killer exercise that targets the front and the lateral side of the delt muscles. This a very best exercise for delts.

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In a standing position elbows at a side take two dumbbells of equal weight and then raise the weights to your shoulders facing your palms towards you.

Slowly lift the dumbbells to your over head by rotation of your hands without rotating your torso. In this position the palms will be facing outside. Slowly lower the weights by twisting back to the starting position. Hold there for a moment and repeat the same for ten repetitions for three sets. Never lock your arms at the overhead position as they will reduce the stress on your delts. This exercise is a combination on lateral raise and half dumbbell press.

Upright row

The purpose of this exercise is to develop the trapezius and the front delt muscles. This also creates a separation between the deltoids and the pectoral muscles.

Source: http://bodybuilding-wizard.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/dumbbell-upright-row-1-8.jpg

Stand and hold a barbell with required weight with shoulder wide length. Hang the bar in front of you. Lift the bar straight by keeping it close to your body, until the bar touches your chin. Keeping your back straight try squeezing your trapezius muscles as you do the movement. You must raise your whole shoulder gridle as you lift the weight. Now lower the weight slowly under control. You need to keep your body straight without cheating and involve your trapezius muscles more.

Front rise

This exercise targets the front deltoids. This exercise not only targets the front delts but also involves the trapezius muscles. Sitting front raise is more effective when compared to the standing front raise as it reduces the chances of cheating.

Source: http://www.colosseumfit.com/da/images/stories/Videos/SeatedFrontRaises2.png

Sit on a table with two equal weighted dumbbells in each hand. Lift one weight up in a wide arc until it is higher than the top of your head. Lower the weight under control; don’t let the weight hit your thigh or groin. Simultaneously lift the other hand so that both the arms will be involved in working the shoulder muscles.

Using a barbell will be an effective exercise. Hold the bar with an overhand grip and raise the bar above you head height pause it and slowly lower it to the starting position.

Bent over dumbbell lateral rise

The purpose of performing this workout is to isolate the rear head of the delt. Bending and performing this exercise involves posterior heads of deltoids to work directly.

Seated lateral rise reduces the chances of cheating.

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Sit on the end of the bench and keep your knees together with dumbbells in your hand .bend forward so that the dumbbells come near your calf muscles. Keeping the body straight lift the weights out to either side. Do not lift your body while lifting these weights. Lift straight out to either side as doing it in the wrong angle drifts back behind your shoulder.

One arm side cable and dumbbell lateral rises

To focus the side delt head. This brings the definition in the shoulders and works on the rear and front deltoid.

Source: http://bodybuilding-wizard.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/seated-dumbbell-lateral-raise-2-2.jpg

Hold the handle of the floor level pulley, keeping your arm straight lift it uop in an arc shape slightly higher that your head. And lower it back to the starting position.


Shrugging involves both the dumbbell exercises and barbell exercises.

Source: http://www.muscleandfitness.com/sites/muscleandfitness.com/files/styles/full_node_image_1090x614/public/dumbbell-shrug.jpg?itok=jUb_c7p0

Shrugs involve the trapezius muscles. This workout helps in gaining a thick trapezius muscles.

Stand upright arms at a side; grab two dumbbells of little heavy weight. Rise your shoulders up as high as you can and try to touch them to your ears. Hold at the top for a moment then release and return to the starting position.

Barbell shrugs are similar to the dumbbell shrugs but impacts more on traps.

The shoulders are subjected to overuse in body building and the reason for most common injuries.

So follow a proper warm up first, don’t train delts on back to back, and avoid movements that cause severe pain in the deltoid muscles. Rotator cuffs are also important in making your shoulder strong.


Supersets are usually effective way of keeping some overload on the muscles which helps in boosting the muscle growth and mass. All these supersets will be performed in ten repetitions for three sets each.

Supersets are a combination of two or more exercises. No gap will be given between these supersets. Usually the supersets that include are chest and back muscles, shoulders and trapezius muscles, biceps and triceps. Training these counter muscles will make your body bulky.

When you are performing these supersets the lactic acid produced in the muscles will increase and thus helps in bulking. This lactic acid will actually help in promoting the growth hormone.

Even in doing the shoulder workouts we have a separate supersets. Targeting two muscles both front and side dumbbell raises can be done as a super set this actually helps in stimulating the front and the side delts at a time.

A combination of lateral rises and upright rowing will target the deltoids as well as the trapezius muscles. Select two dumbbells of similar weight and perform lateral raise with them and immediately perform upright rowing with dumbbells.

A combination of shoulder press and dumbbell front raises targets the front and the rear delts. Perform a seated shoulder press by selecting two similar weighted dumbbells and then perform dumbbell front raise without giving any rest. You can perform the same workouts with a barbell also.

Face pulls and shrugs are also a good combination of supersets workout for delts and trapezius muscles. Face pulls are usually done with a cable pulley fixed with a rope. Pull the rope keeping it at your shoulder level and pull it as you are doing a double bicep pose. Then immediately follow the shrugging workout. This will really kill your rear delts and this will make a thick trapezius muscle and rear delt.

Including all these workouts a proper nutritious diet and a balanced diet with proper supply of proteins, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids will help in the growth of the monstrous delts and the trapezius muscles.

Proper warm up and proper guidance and proper training methods will help in building an injury free shoulders.