7 Best Workouts for Biceps and Triceps

7 Best Workouts for Biceps and Triceps

7 Best Workouts for Biceps and Triceps

7 Best Workouts for Biceps and Triceps

Bicep and triceps are the twin major muscles that help in lifting and pulling and pushing.
Bicep muscle has two parts they are the long head and the short head. Tricep has three parts they are the long head, the middle head and the lateral head. Biceps and triceps are counter muscles which can be worked at a time. There are different workouts for developing bigger biceps and triceps. Barbells and dumbbells are uses in developing these muscles. In this article we discuss about the 7 Best Workouts for Biceps and Triceps.

Barbell curls, dumbbell curls, barbell extension and dumbbell extension and other variations will show an impact on bicep and tricep muscles. Every time you do a bicep workout you need to squeeze your biceps. Thus squeezing will help pumping more blood into the muscle and thus improved the growth of the muscle. When you train your bicep and triceps you need to train your fore arm also. There should be a clear separation between the bicep triceps and the fire arm muscles. Barbell curl is a good exercise that makes your bicep pump like a balloon. Dumbbell curl gives you the definition for your biceps.

Barbell Curls


Grab a barbell and hold it at shoulder width and keeping your arms straight without any cheating lift the barbell toward your chest. At this point try squeezing your bicep as much as you can. Squeezing the bicep will pump more blood into the muscle and helps in increasing the size. Slowly lower the barbell to the starting point by stretching the hand completely.

Dumbbell Curls


The dumbbell curls are done by holding a dumbbell in each hand and bring it near to the chest by twisting your arm and squeezing at the top. This twisting movement will improve the focus on the two heads of the bicep muscle.

Preacher curl


Preacher table helps in the isolation of the muscles. This increases the concentration of the weight on the muscle and it reduces the chances of cheating. When you lower the weight the muscle stretches ad when you are pulling the weight back the lower part of the bicep will affect more. So this will help in enhancing the size of the bicep.

To perform this, select a dumbbell of required weight and sit on the preacher table. Keep your arm on the table and holding the dumbbell slowly lower your hand by stretching it towards the ground, now slowly bring back the dumbbell as you are performing a curl and bring it near your shoulder. This workout can be done with a barbell or an EZ bar.

When you are training your biceps during the stretching movement the muscle undergoes very minute breaks and then it re grows by the production of some growth hormones. This breaking of the muscle and recovery of the muscle will help in increasing the size of the muscles.

Negative repetitions

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Negative repetitions are done with heavier weights, taking support of one hand pull the dumbbell up towards your chest and then without any support lower the dumbbell to the starting point by focusing and engaging the biceps muscle. The major concept in this workout is the weight is pulled down by the force of gravitation and you are slowly controlling the weight against gravity. These negative repetitions will help in increasing the length of the muscles. When you are lowering the weight you need to take around 4 to 6 seconds. Negative repetitions will increase the load on the muscles.

Inclined dumbbell curl will pump your bicep to a maximum. This workout will make you build mass to your bicep. When you are allowing a stretch by following a full range of motion more blood will be going into your bicep muscle. Select an inclined table and lie on it by keeping your hands onto the ground by stretching the hands completely. Hold dumbbell in each hand; pull the dumbbells towards the chest by curling your hand. Slowly release the hand to the staring position.

Dumbbell hammer curls


The dumbbell hammer curls will help in increasing the bicep and also the fore arm muscles. Select two dumbbells of required weight and hold them at your thigh level. Now curl the dumbbell but keeping your palms facing each other. At this point squeeze the bicep muscles and the fore arm muscles. Now slowly lower the weight down to the starting position. You need to keep your elbows fixed so this won’t show any effect on the other muscles.

You can perform super sets for improving the development of the bicep muscles. Performing a barbell curls for ten repetitions and then immediately followed by the one arm preacher curl with dumbbells and without any rest you perform hammer curls. Other super sets are inclined dumbbell curl followed by hammer curls and followed by barbell curl.

You should never over train the bicep muscles as they are already trained when you are performing some workouts like chest and back workouts. Avoid cheating while you are training the biceps. Some bicep workouts like 21’s will be a mass building workout.



To perform this workout, select a barbell and place it by your thighs and slowly lift the barbell only to the half way but not to the full range. Then lower the weights to the starting point. Repeat this for seven repetitions and at the end of the seventh repetition hold the barbell at the half way and try lifting the barbell towards the chest and lower it back to the half way, then repeat this movement for seven repetitions. At the end of the seventh repetition perform the full range movement from chest to the starting point.

Reverse curls


This workout will help in creating the definition and mass to the bicep muscles and the fore arm muscles. To perform this, hold a barbell of required weight in a reverse grip. Slowly lift the weights towards the chest by squeezing your bicep against the forearm muscles. Now pause it for a moment and lower the weight slowly. You can try the same variation on a preacher table.



Triceps are the muscles that are located on the other side of the hand. These are big in size when compared to the bicep muscles. Triceps has three heads and training these heads needs more intensity for a better look. While training the triceps the goal must be in increasing the strength and also the mass. The major workout involves pressing and extensions.

These tricep muscles are usually trained as secondary muscles while doing workouts for your chest. Tricep extension workouts will focus more on the development of the three heads of the tricep. To train tricep you have supersets and isolation exercises.

The best workouts for training you triceps for both mass and definition are

Close- Grip bench press


This workout is good for building the tricep heads mass. To perform this workout, select a flat bench press table and a barbell with little heavy weight. Hold the barbell in a close grip inside your shoulder width, keep your palms facing the roof and slowly lower the bar till it touches your chest. Now slowly lift the bar to the starting position by squeezing your tricep muscles. Then repeat the workout for ten repetitions.



Dips are the best mass building workout for triceps as this used the body weight. You can add some additional weight for more mass. To perform these workouts select a parallel dip bar or a double bar. Hold the bars with your hand and keeping your shoulders inside and elbows little bent. Now slowly lower your body by bending your elbows. Try not to engage your delts in this. Hold on for a second at this position and then slowly lift your body up without taking any support by engaging your tricep muscles. Repeat this workout for ten repetitions.

Dumbbell Kickback


This workout focuses on the development of the mass of the upper heads of the tricep. While doing this workout you need to squeeze your tricep heads and make them contract fully for a second or more. To perform this select a flat bench and hold one dumbbell in your hand. Place your right knee on the bench and place your right hand on the bench, keep your back straight and raise your elbow straight. Now without moving your elbows stretch your hand straight by lifting the dumbbell. Thus reaching a straight line, at this point try squeezing the upper tricep head. Bring eh dumbbell back to the starting position without mobbing your elbow.

Cable press


This workout will focus on working all the three heads of the tricep. To perform this workout you need to hold the bar connected to a pulley at your head height. Hold the bar with your palms facing down and now slowly pres the bar down by keeping your elbows fixed and elbows close to the abs.
At this point try squeezing all your tricep muscles. Then slowly raise your hands to reach the starting point. You can perform the same workout with keeping your palms facing the roof, which means in a reverse grip to give more contraction to the muscles.

One arm cable press down


This helps in isolating the tricep muscle and improves the upper head of the tricep and brings a horse shoe shape to it. Hold a handle fixed to the pulley in a reverse grip and pull the handle towards the ground by squeezing your tricep muscle. At the end point hold the weight for a second and slowly bring the handle back to the starting point by engaging the tricep muscles. In this workout you need to keep your elbows fixed. Repeat this workout for ten repetitions.

Tricep barbell press


This workout will improve the total mass of the tricep. This workout shows more impact on the longer heads of the tricep muscles. You can select a barbell or an EZ bar to perform this workout. Select a bar with required weight with a overhand grip. Keep the bar above your head and keep your elbows straight slowly lower the arms down behind your head. Then slowly raise the bar back to the starting position by squeezing your tricep muscles. You can perform this workout by sitting on a bench also.

Lying tricep extension


This workout targets both the tricep muscles and the lat muscles. Select a flat bench and lie down on the bench. Hold a barbell or an EZ bar with some weight. Hold it straight above your face and slowly lower the barbell by keeping your elbows fixed. Let the bar go as low as it can and bring back the weight t the starting point by engaging your tricep muscles. Keep the arms perpendicular to your body.

One arm tricep extension

Source: http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/exerciseImages/sequences/324/Male/l/324_1.jpg

This workout will affect all the three heads of the tricep muscle. This is usually done with a dumbbell. Select a dumbbell and hold it straight above your head. Now keeping the elbow fixed lower the dumbbell by bending your arm. Slowly raise the dumbbell to the starting point by engaging your tricep muscles. This can be done either by sitting or in a standing position. Stretch the tricep muscles and this will make a separation between all the three heads of the tricep.

Bench Dips


Bench dips are best workout for developing the thickness and also known as reverse push ups. To perform this workout, select a flat bench and a support to keep your legs. Place your hands on a bench with shoulder width. Now lower your body by bending your elbows towards the floor. Keep your elbows straight and keep your tricep muscle engaged all the way to the bottom, now slowly raise your body by pushing your elbows to the starting point. You can add extra weight to your lap if you feel like your body weight is less. This workout is also known as dips behind the back.

Tricep extensions


This workout will stretch the tricep muscles fully. You need to hold a bar with a grip that is overhand as you are doing pushups, bend your arms and lower your body down by keeping all the weight on your elbows. Lowly raise your body with the help of triceps. You can perform this against wall for more safety.



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