7 Best Workout for Thicker Quads, Glutes, and Hams

7 Best Workout for Thicker Quads, Glutes, and Hams

7 Best Workout for Thicker Quads, Glutes, and Hams

7 Best Workout for Thicker Quads, Glutes, and Hams

Quads are usually termed as Quadriceps that forms the front part of the thighs. This helps in the extension and in strengthening the legs. It has four muscles namely rectus femoris, and the rear of the leg called as biceps femoris which help in the curling of the leg back. The Sartorius muscle is said to be the longest muscle in the human body. The separation between the rectus femoris, the vastus intermedius and the vastus medialis is required to show your quads are in form. In this article we discuss about the 7 Best Workout for Thicker Quads, Glutes, and Hams.


The quad muscles are the strongest and largest muscles with lot of power in them. Legs are considered as strongest parts in the body. You can walk for a longer distances, you can run for longer distances when you have strong legs. You can improve your levels of endurance when your legs are strong. Squats play a main role in the building of massive quadriceps and massive glutes. Thighs have the power to withstand as much weight as they can while doing squats. The longer and the deeper the movement the more the stress will be distributed to your hamstrings and then to your glutes muscles. Leg presses are one kind of workouts that helps in the building of massive thighs and thick thighs. Performing leg extension will isolate the muscles of the quads and these are not for building mass in the legs.

You need to include many workouts to improve the thickness of the quad and glutes. Some workouts like lunges will work on individual legs and leg curls will work on your glutes also.



When you are training your legs you need to focus on all the parts of your leg. To train your hamstrings you need to perform more of leg curls. When you are doing workouts like squats and lungs the hamstrings will be the secondary muscles to get the affect. The biceps of the leg are especially stretched when you perform workouts like straight leg dead lift and some good morning exercises. Squats and lunges are more effective for building a massive thigh and glutes and to train the hamstring you need to go for leg curls.


Squats are well known to build the strength and mass in the leg muscles. This workout focuses on thighs more. Performing a full squat will improve the overall development of the quads.


Select a barbell with required weight and keep the barbell on the shoulders behind your neck and keeping the bar balanced you need to take a few steps from the rack and stand with your shoulder wide legs and make sure your feet is completely on the ground. Now keep your back straight and bend your knees slowly and lower the body until your thighs become parallel to the floor. This will be your ending point and now slowly lift the barbell by pushing it with your thighs. The distance between the legs and the stance is very important in training your legs. When you keep your legs wide your inner thighs will get affected and a narrow stance will show an impact on the outer thighs. You need to go heavy while training your thighs. Half squats are done to improve the mass and also develop power in your thighs.

To perform this workout select a barbell with required weight and perform a squat but just stop it in the middle or at the half way of a squat. Machine squats are done to avoid any kinds of injuries. Smith machine is used to train your legs with more safety. To perform this stand under the smith machine bar and place the bar behind your neck and then lower the weights and perform squats.

Front Squats

This workout will show more impact on the thighs.


To perform this workout you need to select a barbell with required weight and keep yourself under the bar by keeping your hands crossed. The barbell must rest on your front delts. Now slowly keeping you back straight bend your knees and lower your body till the thighs are parallel to the floor. Now slowly bring the barbell to the starting position by pushing your thighs. This workout must be done in control and need to keep your back straight throughout the movement.

You can perform the same workout using a smith machine to avoid any injuries.

Sissy Squats


This special workout doesn’t need any weights and can be done at any place. The main aim of this workout is to isolate the lower part of the quads. To perform this workout you need to keep your feet at a distance less than your shoulder width. And keep your knees close to each other. Band you knees and lift your toes so that you are standing on your toes completely. Hold some thing for support and slowly lower your body by keeping your body leaning back. Try to reach your glutes to your heels. You will feel a stretch in your thighs and then slowly bring your legs to the starting position. Once you reach the starting position try to flex your muscles of the thigh, this will develop definition in the muscles.

Leg press


Leg press workout is good for building mass in your thighs. In this workout there will be no stress on your lower back muscles so you can perform workout with more weight. To perform this workout select required weight on the leg press machine. Place the legs with a shoulder width length and bend your knees and slowly lower your body. Lower the weight till your knees goes near your shoulders. Slowly push the weights back to the starting point. There are different kinds of leg press machines some have a fixed crosspiece and some has movable crosspiece.

Hack Squats

These hack squats are killer workouts for increasing the lower areas of the thighs.


Place yourself on the machine and move your legs so that the legs are completely stretched, bend your knees and perform squats the only difference in this is you will be completely stretching your thighs when you are lifting your body.



These are helpful in developing the thigh muscles and the glutes muscles. In performing this workout you need to take a barbell and place it behind your neck and keep on leg to the front and lower your body so that the thigh of one leg become parallel to the floor and push your leg back to the starting position. Now place the other leg to the front and perform the same workout

Leg extensions

Leg extension improves the definition of the thigh muscles. This develops the mass around the knees.


Keep your legs on a leg extension machine and keeping your back straight hold the supporting bars and lock your legs to the padded bar. Keeping your thighs and slowly raise your legs and stretch your legs completely. Hold at that point for a second and try to squeeze the thigh muscles. Now lower the legs down to the starting point. Repeat this for tem repetitions.


Hamstrings are known as leg biceps. They help in the flexing of the knees and in the extension of the hip. Hamstring muscles are two, one is the long head and the other is the short head. The long head helps in the extension of the hips during walking and the short head will help in flexing the knee outwards and helps in rotating the lower part of the leg during the bending of the knee. Hamstrings are helpful in walking, and running, then jumping.

Leg Curls

Source: http://workouttrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/How-To-Do-Lying-Leg-Curls.jpg

This develops the hamstring muscles of the thigh. Lie down on a leg curl machine and put your heels under the supporting bar. Select required weight and hold the support provided with your hands. Slowly curl your legs so that you heels reach you glutes. You need to contract your leg biceps. At this point hold it for a second and slowly bring your legs back to the starting point.

Straight leg dead lifts


This workout will develop the hamstrings and glutes muscles and also your lower back muscles. To perform this workout you need to select a barbell and stand at shoulder width and hold the barbell with your hands. Keep your leg straight raise the barbell by raising your torso. This is similar to dead lift but you need to keep your legs straight, so that the hamstring muscles are targeted.



Glutes muscles are one of the major muscles that are powerful and also largest. These glutes muscle help in the movement of the hips in any direction and gives support for walking. These glutes muscles are helpful in increasing the rate of metabolism.

Barbell squats workout will affect the glutes muscles. Dumbbell squats are safer for affecting your glutes muscles. Hold two dumbbells of similar weight in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder wide and keeping your back straight bend your knees and lower your body. This will affect your glutes and the weights are hanging on to the sides. Now slowly raise your body by squeezing your glutes muscles.

Barbell Hip Thrusts


This workout will improve the upper glutes muscles. To perform this workout, select a barbell and select a flat bench. Lie on the bench keeping you upper body on the bench and keeping your lower body in the air, rest your legs on the floor. Place the barbell in your lap and lift your hips as high as possible by squeezing your glutes. Slowly lower your body to the starting position. You can perform the same workout by replacing the barbell with a plate.

You can perform hip thrusts without any weight by lying on the floor and lifting your hip as high as you can and lowering it down. Another variation called as single leg hip thrust will help in increasing the strength works on the glutes separately.

Bulgarian split squats


These Bulgarian split squats impact the glutes muscles. But the positioning of the legs is very important select a barbell and the bar behind your neck. Keeping one leg on a bench and step forward perform a single leg squat by stretching your thighs so that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Slowly push your legs to the starting position.

Barbell or dumbbell lunges


Select a barbell or dumbbells of required weight. Keep the barbell behind your neck and perform lunges by shifting your legs alternating in a forwarded motion. This will improve the impact on your glutes muscles and aids in sharpening your glutes muscles.

Kettle bell swing


Grab a kettle bell and place it near your hips and now you raise the kettle bell above you face height by simultaneously squeezing you glutes muscles, now lower it to the starting position by releasing your glutes muscles.

When you are squeezing your glutes you need give a forward thrust to your hips. Repeat this for ten repetitions.

Kick backs


Kick backs are best suggested workouts for improving your glutes muscles.

There are different variations in this kick backs.

Cable kick backs


These kick backs are performed with the help of some weight attached to a pulley. Fix the supporting band to your ankle and keeping your leg straight and stiff raise the leg slowly by squeezing your glutes muscles and bring the leg back t the starting position. Repeat the same for the other leg. While performing this workout make sure you back is completely straight.

Another variation is you can kneel on the ground and raise you leg back as you are kicking. Every time you perform a glutes workout you need to squeeze you glutes muscles.

Proper warm up is needed while performing these workouts. Cycling is one best workout to tone your leg muscles from fat. Proper intake of all the essential nutrients and protein is important for promoting the growth of these leg muscles. Calcium intake is more important as it helps in avoiding cramps while performing leg curls or any hamstring workouts.



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