6 HIIT Workouts to Burn Fat Fast

6 HIIT Workouts to Burn Fat Fast


6 HIIT Workouts to Burn Fat Fast

High intensity interval training (HIIT), this word is used now a day which is related to burn the fat and lose your weight. HIIT short name for high intensity interval training helps in working you hard. The name high intensity interval training means doing a heavy workout with a less time interval of rest. This high intensity interval training exercises burns your body fat for the whole day. When you are doing a normal workout your oxygen levels will be enough to burn the fat at a normal state. You need to follow these 6 HIIT Workouts to Burn Fat Fast.

During your high intensity interval training the more amount of oxygen is required to perform the metabolic reaction. Thus when you do some high intensity interval training you will be in need of more oxygen and thus when you are done with your workout the body will be looking for more oxygen and this will be done even after you stop doing your workout. The high intensity interval training will help in the fat burning process and also builds thick muscles.

The main purpose of this high intensity interval training is to burn the fat by increasing the pumping of the blood and increasing the systolic and diastolic movement of the heart. When the pumping of the heart increases then the walls of the heart will become stronger and also the ability to do cardio will be improved.

When you are performing any high intensity interval training you will be doing a spontaneous movement and will be taking very small time gap as rest. The more you will be burning your calories the more will be the fat burned. The high intensity interval training will help in the production of the growth hormone that promotes the growth of the muscles.

When you are comparing your amounts of fat burn with normal cardio and high intensity interval training, then the higher intensity interval training will be burning most of the fat than the cardio workouts. The benefits of high intensity interval training will promote the production of fat burning enzymes which help in the oxidizing of the fat in the body.

The motto of high intensity interval training is not only for burning the fat but also helps in building thick and strong muscles. When you are focusing on burning the fat you will be increasing your rate of muscles growth, the major targeted muscles will be the traps, and the pectoral muscles. These high intensity interval training will help you in removing the fatigue levels in your body and improves the muscular endurance levels.


Pushing is one of the common workouts in high intensity interval training. There are many pushing exercises involved in high intensity interval training like sled pushing, pushing a car, tread mill pushing. All these pushing exercises will take the power from the ground and then to the legs and then to the core and then to the hands. This activates all the muscles in your body, increasing the flow of blood to each part and therefore increasing the rate of metabolism and burning the fat.

Sled pushes


Sled pushes involves pushing a weight by placing it on the sled and pushing it on the ground or in the gym floor. This workout needs the involvement of calf muscles, hamstrings, quads and your core to bring that pushing movement. Sled pushes will show different impact on different muscles and joints. The training with sled will vary with the type of the floor you are using. If you are using grass the impact will be little less when compared to the gym floor. The more weight you will be adding to your sled the more will be the effort you keep to push it and the more will be impact on your muscles. Sled pushes are safest high intensity interval training workouts when compared to other workouts. These sled workouts will show good impact on conditioning and increasing the strength.

Car push


This type of pushing will be done with a car or any vehicle. This workout involves pushing a vehicle to a distance by keeping your face down. This involves calf muscles, quads, hamstrings, core and also shoulders, arms, and your neck.

Treadmill push


You can do the same movement of pushing on a treadmill, but virtually. Keep the treadmill in an off position and hold the bars on the treadmill and try pushing the mat under your feet with the help of your legs. This is one killer high intensity workout that will burn your fat and increases your heart rate.

Pulling or dragging


When it comes to high intensity interval training pulling is the other type of workout that burns your fat. When we take a sled with some weight and we are pushing it all the muscles will be active and loses fat. When it comes to pulling will show more impact on your core muscles and your glutes and then your hamstrings. This dragging or pulling is usually done by tying a rope to your waist and this helps in keeping your spinal cord straight all along the movement.


The major advantage of dragging workout in high intensity interval training is to improve explosive strength and power. You can sprint with a sled attached to your waist, you can do some back sprinting by dragging the sled with your arms, and you can drag the sled on your sides. Each variation will show a different impact on each muscle. When you are dragging on to your lateral the targeted muscles will be your obliques and your shoulders, when you are dragging by your back the hamstrings and the calf muscles and your glutes will be targeted. You can sprint with sleds.

Heavy rope training


Heavy rope training is one high intensity interval training workout that will affect your core and your arms and shoulders and pectoral muscles. There are different kinds of heavy rope workouts for different results. Weighted jacks are one type that actually works on your arms and your core. The double circles done outside will show a major impact on your arms and your pectoral muscles and your delts. Single arm slamming will help you in involving the obliques, trapezius and the rhomboid muscles and also lats. The alternating squats with split waves will target your hand and your glutes and thigh muscles. All these workouts will be helpful in burning the fat in allover your body.

Swinging a kettle bell


Kettle bells are balls attached to a handle which makes your muscles sore. These kettle bell workouts are popular now days. The kettle bell swing is one type of high intensity interval training that burns the body fat. This workout will activate your core muscles and the glutes and the hamstring muscles. Swinging this kettle bell will work on your shoulders and the back muscles. It also shows a good impact on your lower back and the lateral muscles like obliques. These workouts will also improve the strength in the hip bones and your knee joints. These kettle bell workouts will improve your endurance levels and also promotes the growth of the muscles.



Boxing involves punches, kicks and sweating. This is one kind of high intensity interval training. The major muscles involved in the boxing are the upper body muscles. The major benefits of high intensity interval training boxing are to reduce the fat in the body. During this boxing workout the waist muscles get involved much which helps in the reduction of the waist size. Even the body mass index tends to change. Punching involves the movement of hands, tarps, lats and your delts. These punches are of different types as hook punch, straight punch. All these punches including cross punches will give a definition to your shoulders and your arms.

Boxing will help you in reducing the blood pressure and it will increase the cardiovascular health. During this boxing workout the intake of the oxygen will be more and thus pumping of the blood will increase. So this pumping action will make the walls of the heart strong and burns the fat in the blood vessels.

Boxing workout will squeeze every muscle in your body and will burn fat than regular workout. The kicks included in this boxing are swinged with power and this helps in targeting the oblique muscle ant the legs. While training these kicks you will be targeting your hamstrings, quads and hips. Kicking a bag will improve the leg power and also in the development of the strength in the leg. You can practice straight kicks and sidekicks also.



Sprinting involves the movement of your lower body muscles like the quads, hamstrings, the calf muscles and the hip muscles and also the upper body muscles like shoulders, arms, neck. Sprinting will help you in improving the rate of your metabolism and makes you shred your fat. You need to include sprinting in your workout in you week schedule.

Sprinting will help in the development of energy levels and the elevation of the metabolic rates in your body. Maintaining a fat free physique and lean muscle will be supported by sprinting. There are different types of movements in the sprinting. High knee sprinting involve the movement of you thigh muscles and the glutes muscles. The sprinting will help in accelerating the fat loss. The sprinting help in the boosting of the testosterone levels and promotes the production of the growth hormones.

More over you can perform some circuit workouts of high intensity interval training to burn the fat. Some of the circuit exercise may include sled pushes and kettle bell swings. Rope slams with medicinal ball slamming and also jogging on a treadmill. The high intensity interval training can also include burpees with two legs and also one leg, lunges both leg alternating jump lunges. You can include plank workout with jumping on the box. High intensity interval training can also include workouts with barbells and dumbbells. These are like barbell squats and barbell shoulder press or sometimes you can do a barbell squat immediately followed by barbell shoulder press.

Stationary bicycling


This is one of a kind of high intensity interval training. You need to pedal the bike slowly for ten seconds and then increase the level and start pedaling as fast as you can for around 30 seconds and without stopping immediately pedal slowly for ten seconds. This will elevate your heart rate and burns fat. You can do some interval training on a treadmill also. Doing some sprints and then walking on the treadmill will burn fat.

Circuit training


Some circuit training will help in the simulation of the hormones that help in building muscles and also in the promotion of the growth of the muscles. The shorter intervals of rest period will improve your recover levels during a workout. The circuit training includes mountain climbing and jumping jacks that increases the focus on the lower abdomen and thigh muscles. You can even include rope jumps in your workouts. Other workouts are like doing pushups, lunges with kettle bells. Some of the high intensity interval training includes usage of TRX ropes also.

Tabata workouts


The tabata workout are included in high intensity interval training for burning the body fat. Tabata workouts usually contains a workout that is to be done for more than 30 seconds and giving a gap of 10 seconds and then repeating it for two or three times. These tabata workouts will improve the endurance levels and also your stamina. The intake of the oxygen will be improved. These tabata workouts help you in building a lean body with strong muscle. Tabata workouts will increase your testosterone levels also.



Swimming is one of the great workout for burning the total body fat. This is also included in the high intensity interval training. Swimming will improve the cardiovascular health. This involves shoulders, lats, and the waist muscles. During swimming, if the time is minimized and swimming is done at a high intensity it will be high intensity interval training.

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