5 Bar Exercises That Will Give You Muscular Arms

5 Bar Exercises That Will Give You Muscular Arms


Barbell bar workouts for bigger arms. Bigger arms are dream of every guy who hits the gym. Bigger arms make you look different from others. These arms are categorized into three groups. They are biceps, triceps and the fore arm. The bicep is again divided into two. They are inner biceps and outer biceps.

Tricep is divided into three namely the outer head the middle heads and the inner head .Fore arm includes the wrist muscles also.

5 Bar Exercises That Will Give You Muscular Arms

Anatomy of arms


The bicep barchii is the name of bicep muscles. This muscle extends from the deltoid of the shoulder to the intersecting point of the elbow joint. Biceps are usually used for lifting something and doing some work. The triceps are called as tricep barchii, but these are on the opposite side of the biceps, they originate from the rear delt and ends at joint below the elbow. This triceps plays a role in straightening the arm. For arms help in controlling the action of the arms and rotate the wrist and knuckles.


These arms are a part of the upper body and needs more intensity to make them look better. Barbell workouts are effective workouts as they distribute more weight on the hand by maintaining some balance. Targeting and training the biceps and tricep muscles will make your arm muscles bulk upon.

So the workouts that train the biceps and their triceps with the barbell are as follows.

  • Barbell bicep curl in a standing position
  • Barbell bicep curls by holding a barbell in a close grip
  • Barbell bicep curls by holding the barbell in a wide grip
  • Twenty ones
  • Reverse grip barbell curls
  • Spider curls
  • Supersets for massive arms
  • First you need to target the bicep muscles as they can take more loads.

Starting with barbell curls, we select a barbell of required weight and hold it in a shoulder width wit your arms extended completely. Now pull the weight up by focusing the maximum pull on the biceps. Bring the weights completely up so that the barbell touches your chest or shoulder. At this point you need to squeeze your bicep as much as you can. Now slowly lower the barbell without any hurry until the muscle feels a tension on it. Repeat this for ten repetitions for three sets.

Close grip bicep curl with barbell

Biceps are divided into long head and short head. So to train the bicep long head you need to choose a close grip bicep curl with barbell. To do this you need to select a barbell with a required weight and hold the barbell at the centre or a few inches inside your shoulder width. Now raise the weight slowly by squeezing your biceps until the bar touches your shoulder. Now slowly relax and bring the bar back to the starting position. This focus on the outer head of the bicep muscle. To train the inner head of the bicep you need to perform wide grip barbell bicep curl. To do this hold the barbell with a required weight at a distance that is wider than the shoulder width. Now hold the bar with your hands extended completely. Raise the bar with a slow movement by squeezing the bicep muscles at the top position. And now slowly lower the bar keeping the muscles in tension. This gives a good definition to the inner biceps and develops a peak.


Doing a barbell workout need some precautions to be taken. Keep your elbows always stretched fully as this full expansion will help in pumping mk0re blood into the muscles and also the circulation of hormones to those particular muscles. Try avoiding cheating or rocking movement as they might affect other muscles like delts. Keeping the elbows stiff as this help in focusing the weights on the biceps only.

Twenty ones

There are many types of workouts that pump the bicep muscles effectively. Twenty ones is one of the beat workouts. To execute this workout select a barbell and hold it in your hands with completely stretching them down. This workout will be similar but it will be done with three breaks.

So in the starting step raise the barbell half the way till the elbows and the forearm make perpendicular angle. Then lower the barbell to that starting position. Repeat this for seven repetitions. Now at the last repetition hold the bar at that point and now lift the bar from the middle step to the final step of touching the barbell to your chest, bring back the barbell to the half way position but do not stretch your arm. Repeat this for seven repetitions. At the end of the repetition bring down the bar completely down and repeat this for seven repetitions. This is one killer workout that makes you shout while doing this workout.

Spider curls are one type of exercise that pumps maximum blood into the biceps. This workout will be done by hanging your hands in the air. Select a inclined table and lie down on the bench with touching your chest on the table. Hang your hand freely and fully stretched. Now hold a barbell and try to bring that barbell towards your chest. And slowly bring it back to the starting position. This will emphasize your bicep muscles.

Barbell reverse grip curls are generally followed to pump the fore arms. Reverse curls develop bicep muscles more and fore arm muscles. Hold the bar in a reverse grip so that your palms are facing down holding the bar. Slowly lift the bar and bring the bar towards your chest. Tyr squeezing your bicep and fore arm muscles during this workout. Wrist should not be moved during this workout.

Preacher curl

This is one exercise that develops the lower head of the bicep muscle. When you are dreaming of a good bicep look you can do this. Preacher curl table is actually used to avoid cheating, so the movement will be strict when compared to the normal barbell curl movement. Now select a barbell and sit on the preacher curl table. Keep your hands extended and try pulling the bar up so that the bar reaches your chin. At this point try to squeeze the bicep muscles. Now slowly lower the bar by keeping some tension on your bicep muscles.


Cheat curls are one kind of exercises that actually increases the mass and some power in your biceps. Select a barbell of weight that is more heavier that your regular weight. This makes you do only a few regular reps. after doing your regular repetitions either one or two or three you need to swing the weights up by swinging your back muscles and your shoulder muscles. These cheats’ sets will work in a good range for building the bicep muscles and other secondary muscles. Holding a barbell in a reverse grip by facing the palms towards the ground.

Extend your arms and pull the barbell towards the chest by squeezing your fore arm and bicep muscles. Thus targeting the bicep and fore arm muscles at a time. Bicep muscles are one that gives you a peak look when you flex your bicep and gives some strength to lift any heavy thing.

  • The barbell based tricep workouts are as follows
  • Barbell tricep extension using an incline bench
  • Barbell tricep extension in a standing position
  • Barbell reverse grip tricep extension
  • Barbell close grip bench press
  • Barbell skull crushers
  • Barbell wrist curl
  • Barbell reverse grip wrist curl
  • Triceps are trained by dumbbells and barbells

Barbell tricep workouts are good and d they focus all the heads of the triceps. Barbell tricep workout involves extension movements. Standing barbell extension on an incline bench will target more muscle involvement. Select an incline bench and lay down on the bench facing the sky or the roof. Keep your elbows up and hold the barbell ate a over head height and slowly lower the barbell by keeping the elbows stationary. Now slowly lift the barbell and try to stretch the hand completely to the starting position. This affects the upper head and the middle head.

Source: http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/exerciseImages/sequences/354/Male/l/354_2.jpg

All the tricep extension workouts with barbells need some fixed elbows. While performing lying tricep extension, skull crushers you need to position your arms so that the weight impacts on your tricep muscles but not your delts or other muscles.


Tricep standing barbell curls. This is one workout that focuses on all the three heads of the tricep. Hold a barbell in a standing position keeping your elbows straight and bend your arms slowly down till the barbell touches your trapezius muscles. And now try to bring back the barbell to the starting position slowly. Reverse grip barbell tricep extension is similar to the barbell tricep extension. The difference is we hold this grip by keeping the palms facing in the opposite direction. This killer workout will target all the three heads of the triceps and also the for arm muscles.

Barbell close grip bench-press

Usually when you are performing a bench press workout or any chest workouts the tricep muscles will be the secondary muscle that gets some effect. So no for a close grip tricep press you need to select a barbell with required weight and hold the bar at a distance inside your shoulders length. Now keeping your palms facing the room hold the bar and slowly lower the bar to your chest but don not widen your elbows as you do for a chest press. This will target the tricep muscles. Now slowly raise the bar to the top by squeezing the tricep muscles. Barbell skull crushers are one of a kind that targets all the tricep muscles.

Lie on the floor or on a bench and hold a barbell with required weight and keeping your elbows straight place the barbell above your for head. Now solely lower the weights by bending your fore arm and bringing the barbell near your skull, and slowly lift the barbell to the starting position.

Barbell wrist curl


This exercise will make you r fore arm and the wrist muscles bulge. Hold a barbell of required weight and take the support of a table. Hold the barbell on the table by resting your fore arm on the bench. Now slowly twist your wrist to being the barbell or simply lift the barbell with your wrist without moving your fore arm. And slowly bring the barbell some to the starting position. This can be done in the reverse grip. Barbell behind the back wrist curl is an isolation workout for the wrist muscles, flexor muscles and develops the fore arm muscles.

Select a barbell of required weight and hold it on your glutes, now slowly keeping your arms stationary roll your fingers down and slowly close your fingers by rolling back the barbell into your hands as far as possible. Here only the wrist muscles must move and the other muscles of the arm must be stationary.

Reverse preacher bench curls with a barbell

This particular workout will help in developing the bicep muscles and the fore arm muscles especially the extensor muscles. Select a barbell and sit on a preacher curl bench so that you arms are fully extended. With an over hand wide grip hold the barbell lift the bar up till it reaches your chin. During this movement try to squeeze your fore arm muscles and your bicep muscles. Lower the weights to the starting position. Super sets for bigger arms involve performing the bicep workout followed by the tricep workout immediately without giving any rest.

The following are the supersets that can be followed for killer arms

First we do bicep curls with barbell and then we follow skull crushers by doing ten repetitions for three sets.

Twenty one exercise followed by close grip bench press.

Reverse grip barbell curl followed by over head tricep extension.

Perform these workouts by doing ten repetitions for three sets.

Proper guidance and proper motivation with balanced nutritious diet will make your arm muscles pump.

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