24 Laws of Eating for Muscle Building

24 Laws of Eating for Muscle Building


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24 Laws of Eating for Muscle Building

The muscles require an ample supply of blood during training a lot of the pump you experience is from the blood swelling up your muscles. But if the digestive system is also using excess amounts of blood to digest a big meal and there won’t be enough to go around and your muscles will suffer for it.

When you eat too heavily before training then you are seriously setting a conflict in the body demand for excess blood in too many places at once. Training with a full stomach can be very unpleasant experience.

You will feel bloated, sluggish and slow and a really hard set can make you feel nauseated. The body metabolizes food at different rates. It takes from two to six hours for the stomach to digest or empties the content in it.

Foods rich in carbohydrates digest first and then come proteins and in the last fats get digested. Sometimes these fat stores are left undigested resulting in obesity. In the early hours of morning, the stomach will be empty as we have not taken anything in the past eight hours of our sleep. So our body will be depleted of carbohydrates.

Since carbohydrates are the leading producers of glycogen the muscles need for intense contraction, it makes sense to eat a high carbohydrate breakfast before going to the gym to train in the morning. A light meal of fruit or fruit juice or even toast can be eaten before you train and will give you energy without showing you down. A breakfast including eggs, meat or cheese all high in both protein and fats will take longer time to digest so you would do better not to eat foods like these before you train.

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It is not good idea to eat a big meal immediately after an intense workout either. You put your body under great stress when you train and you need to give your system time to return normal for the blood to level the muscles and the stress reactions to diminish.

A protein or protein carbohydrates supplement drink after a workout supplies needed nutrition to satisfy the demands created by training in a form that is easy on your digestive system. By the time you take a shower and get dressed and leave the gym your system will return to more normal state and you can sit down to a nutritious balanced meal. Eating the right amount of protein. Eating for a massive body doesn’t mean eat whatever you want.

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Eating the right and balanced nutrition helps in building mass without fat. High protein diet must include consumption of chicken, eggs. Salmon and even vegetarian foods also contain protein in them. Protein rich vegetarian foods are quinoa, buck wheat, soy, and seitan, Egg yolks and oat meal are very good high protein breakfast.

Protein shakes are one of the great ways to get more energy between the meals. Proteins are good and easily absorbed in the blood. Whey protein is one of a protein supplement. Get a whey protein that has a low mix of fat and sugar contents. Our body can handle more number of small meals than one bigger meal. Usually for bulking up your body you need to be eating some food every two hours of every three hours. So the total meals a day must be less than or equal to six meals a day.

Eating fairly often is good strategy when it comes to weight control, assuming to your total calories for the day remain under control, since you rarely get extremely hungry eating this way and the body has little reason to store a lot of your food intake as body fat.

The purpose of diet in bodybuilding is to help you gain muscle and lose fat. A lot of popular diets are concerned with losing overall body weight, but many of them results in losing a substantial amount of muscle tissues as well as stored body fat. Even some bodybuilders fall prey to the temptation to half starve themselves in an attempt to achieve maximum muscularity.

The bodybuilding diet is very different from many popular diets

Body composition involves lean body mass, body fat and water. Bulking up by getting fat just gives you that much extra weight to work off later and it promotes some very bad habits that you will eventually have to break.

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The composition of the body depends on what we eat, how much we eat and finally how much effect exercise has on your diet program. Sometimes body type and age are taken into considerations. A mini meal of about 300calories can be taken anywhere in the day. Protein foods are broke down into amino acids, which are then reassembled in your body. These amino that are released used for repairing the damaged tissues. From a hard workout and enables to grow large.

Usually the protein intake must be equal to your body weight but for each pound of body weight we take one gram of protein. A clean diet must be maintained while selecting the food. Eating small meals give s you good energy levels but skipping a meal is very bad.

As the body needs nutrients for building mass we should never skip any meals. For bulking up your body we need to eat a balanced diet containing more quantity of carbohydrates, then protein and then very lesser amounts of fat.

Whatever you eat and whatever you do hydration your body is the most important thing that you should never leave. All the body mass depends on water. So to keep this body functioning properly we need to take lots and lots of water. Never ever eat some junk food or processed food. These foods turn into fat and they are not meant for building muscle.

Sweet or sugars

The common enemy in eating for mass is eating sweets and sugars

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Eating carbohydrates before going to bed is the worst thing as we won’t be exercising for several hours during our sleep, these carbohydrates are stored in the body and they will be converted as fat cells. Bulking up doesn’t mean eating whatever you want.

The food what we take shows the number of calories what we are taking in every day. The number of calories we take the more chances of building fat in our body occurs. Fats are bad for bodybuilders but mono saturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids are important fats needed for developing a great mass development.

These essential fatty acids are usually found in foods like fish, avocados, Saturated fats along with protein is good and helpful in building fat free mass. Saturated fats are completely safe and they play an important role in the production of hormones and the production of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and vitamin K.

A low fat diet can over time lower your testosterone levels which will hinder your muscle growth. Saturated fat intake doesn’t lead to any hear disorders and replacing these saturated fat foods with foods that are rich in poly saturated fats reduce cardiovascular risk.

We must get 25-30 percent of your daily calories from dietary fats, Consumption of liquid calories is good in the process of bulking. So taking a scoop of protein shake is advisable between the meals. But these protein shake should contain amino acids as we need to keep a constant supply of these amino acids in our blood. Sometimes you can eat some processed food as it is difficult to eat clean meal every day.

Use of cheat meals increases the calorific intake and then improves you working energy levels. Carbohydrates play a role in bulking your body. Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole grains, yams, sweet potatoes and quinoa are longer chains of sugar molecules that take longer time to digest and absorb.

This has a lot of benefit as the energy released will stay foe almost all the day, and the lower insulin response means there is a chance for storing excess calories as fat in our body. Complex carbohydrates with minimal processing is better for your health and to keep the body fat in check.

Post workout food is very important

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Once we are done with an intense hardcore workout our muscles and every cell will be hungry and we need to feed them the correct food. Foods with high glycemic carbohydrates should be taken after the workout. This replenishes the glycogen levels that are used during workout.

But at the same time consumption of simple sugars in any form leads to the deposition of fat. Homemade meals are the best meals because they have all what we need, eating outside is not at all suggestible if you are planning for a healthy mass gaining. Include a salad in your diet as these salads contains mix of carbohydrates, proteins, fibers.

Eating a pre bed time snack is good as we feel some crumbling inside the stomach during the mid-night. So in that case some slow digesting protein made of casein can be taken as it feed s the muscles during night. Cottage cheese contains casein.

To make this more delicious add some almonds to the cottage cheese to get some essential fatty acids and some protein can be added. But watch out with the quantity, eating too much will again leads to indigestion and leads too increase in the insulin levels.

The protein intake can be boosted by using whey and casein which promotes anabolism in the body. Creatine also supports the anabolic reaction ion our body to boost the strength and the size. Naturally creatine is found in red meat and it increases the volume of muscles which help in signal anabolism as well as short term energy.

BCAAs Branched Chain Amino Acids includes leucine, isoleucine and valine. These play a major role in building the mass. These BCAAs support anabolism once they are ingested in your diet and promote muscle building.

These supplements also reduce muscle pain and decreases mental fatigue during the intense exercises. Boosting the blood flow is very important. As the blood flows throughout the body and every muscle it carries all the essential nutrients to all the parts.

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L-arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid that helps producing nitric oxide. This nitric oxide increases the skeletal muscle blood flow. This nitric oxide helps in carrying the essential nutrients to all the parts of the body and also cleans out the excess toxic waste from the body.

This helps in increasing your workout time and also lets you work hard. L-arginine has also been shown to increase anabolic substrates like growth hormone and insulin. Starting your day with a good breakfast. A health breakfast in the morning keeps your energy levels for the work to do all the day. Your breakfast should include protein from eggs chicken glass of milk.

If you don’t have enough time to take a breakfast at least have a protein shake. And finally whatever you train, how hard you train, whatever you eat, whatever you burn a good sleep is essential for maintaining balance in your body.

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Our body needs rest and that rest must be complete. As our muscles are stimulated during the workout they need some time to repair and they need some recovery time. Taking some essential nutrients like melatonin, micellar casein, ZMA, gamma-aminobutyric acid and 5-Hydroxytryptophan will feed your muscles all the night and helps them to recover.

All these essential nutrients play roles in making you sleep properly. Melatonin decreases the time to fall asleep and it promotes more restful sleep. The Gamma Amino Butryic Acid is a major inhibitory neuro transmitter of the brain and it promotes relaxation and sleep.

L-tryptophan leads to the synthesis of melatonin in the brain and taking this on an empty stomach before going to bed will optimize the melatonin production and puts you sleep faster. During the sleep our body secrets the majority of anabolic hormones. The more deep you sleep the greater the anabolic hormones secretion.

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