20 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

20 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work


Trying to lose your weight with all the ways you can, then you can try these tips help you in losing your weight. So here are 20 Weight Loss Tips that Actually Work.

20 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work



Water is the major constituent of all the body. Drinking water will help you in reducing your weight. Drinking more water will help you in suppression your hunger levels and that will make you eat less. It is advisable to drink water before you start eating something. Drinking approximately 6 to 8 glasses will help you hydrating your body, keeping the toxins away from your body, removes cholesterol, activates your muscles, decreases your weight and keeps you active all the day. You can use detox water for reducing your weight. This detox water is usually made of cucumber, lemon or oranges, mint leaves and kept in the refrigerator overnight. This helps in losing weight faster. It is said that intake of sodium in the form of salt will help you in keeping hydrated, but drink more water instead of taking salt.

Break fast


A healthy breakfast must contain balanced amounts of carbohydrates and protein and fats. When the carbohydrates are higher than the proteins and the fats then there is a chance of increasing your weight. You can include oatmeal in your breakfast, this oat meal helps in releasing the useful energy slowly as it has carbohydrates in it, and it is rich in protein and essential fats. Eating eggs and also yogurt helps in the supply of protein, you can even add peanut butter with some whole wheat bread. Peanut butter promotes in the weight loss process. You can take apples as they are rich in fiber. Fruits like bananas and grapes contain potassium and citric acid in them which helps in your weight loss.

Black coffee


Black coffee contains different compounds in it. It is rich in antioxidant which helps in weight loss. Black coffee contains cholrogenic acid that helps in the slowing down the process of production of the glucose which helps in the reduction of development of the fat cells in the body. Black coffee contains caffeine which keeps you active all the day by activating the nervous system. Caffeine helps in the simulation of the metabolism in your body and the increased levels of energy keeps you hunger levels low.

Green tea

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Green tea is said to have many benefits in it. This green tea contains many antioxidants which help in the promotion of the health. Green tea contains enzymes that help in the burning of the fat in the body. This green tea helps in activating the nervous system to release a hormone that helps in the breaking down of the fat cell present in the blood and body. The increased metabolism rate with the consumption of the green tea will keep you active and thus promotes the weight loss. Green tea helps in the maintenance of the body temperature and the sugar levels in the blood. It improves the digestion process; it simulates the health of the heart. Green tea helps in increasing the levels of the endurance and stimulates the cells of the liver and the cells of the muscles by using the fatty acids which help in the improvement of energy production.

Sugars leave it


People say if you leave sugar you will lose your weight. Sugar contains carbohydrates that lead to the deposition of the fat in the body. More sugar in your blood will store more fat in your blood. Excess sugar causes diabetes and increased insulin levels. When you take sugar into your body it will be digested quickly and increases the sugar levels in the blood. These increased levels of sugar will stor fatter.

Low carb diet


Lower the carbohydrates in your diet lower will be the risk of gaining weight. The intake of carbohydrates in your diet will increase the glucose levels in the body. The excess levels of glucose increases the deposition of the fat in the body. This excess carbohydrates leads to diabetes.


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Fiber rich foods help in the movement of bowel. Fiber will suppress your hunger and improve sthe digestion. A fiber rich food aids in reducing your body weight.

Good sleep


If you don’t have enough sleep you will increase your weight. The reason is if you are sleeping late night you will be eating all the junk or extra food which increases the intake of you calories. If you are not sleeping properly the fat cells in your body will increase as the insulin levels will change. Insulin will actually remove the fat in the blood stream. When the insulin levels change then the fat removal process will also change. The fat levels will increase.

Avoid drinking


Alcohol contains more number of calories than other drinks. Thus during the intake of alcohol more number of calories are taken into the body. With the increase in the number of calories the fat content in the body will increase. Reducing the intake of food during drinking will give you more fat. Avoiding drinks like beer will reduce the fat levels. Alcohol drinking affects the testosterone levels which effects the production of hormones for proper functioning of the body. Consumption of alcohol will damage the muscle development and also in the recovery of the broken muscles during intense workouts.

Small meals


Diet doesn’t mean eating bulk food at a time, but eating smaller meals in a day will give more energy than compared to the bigger meal. These small meals with help in suppressing the hunger pains in your body. Eating a meal every two or three hours will help in controlling your body weight and improves your digestion and increases the energy level and keeps you active all the day.

Do some workout


Whatever you eat you need to do some work to make that food into some energy. So if you keep eating some diet and not doing any physical work you will be increasing your weight. Some physical activity is needed to burn the calories. Weight loss depends on the type of workout you do. The harder the workout the faster will be your weight loss, but not a spontaneous change. A workout should be done at a slow increasing interval. High intensity interval training will help you burn the fat and keeps you more active. General workout includes cardio like jogging, cycling, and a cross trainer. You need to gradually work on your fat levels and keep working on your cardio. You need to burn more calories to reduce your weight.

Skipping meals


Never ever skip your meal. When you are skipping your meals you will be lacking some essential nutrients and minerals the help in the growth of the body. When you are skipping your meals you will be spoiling your health. If you skip your breakfast everyday you will be soon affected with diabetes. Skipping meals will also increases the chances of getting diseases. The chances of getting sick will be more when you are skipping your meals. Skipping you meals will lower your sugar levels in the body.

Stop the fat


Essential fatty acids are good for health. But intake of the wrong fat through wrong food will lead to increased weight. The fat comes from processes food, junk food, ghee and other sources. The fat gets deposited in the abdominal area and the neck part and other body part which makes you look flabby and stout. With the increase in the levels of fat there will be an increase in chronic diseases. Green tea and other anti oxidants will help in burning the fat. Vitamins and minerals help in converting these fats into energy. So intake of fat should be reduced and multivitamins are to be taken.

Go green


Include salads in your diet. These salads can be leafy vegetables or any vegetables. The salad contains all the vitamins and minerals that are need for the promotion of weight loss. A salad with some flax seed powder sprinkled on it will be healthy. The total fibers required for strong digestion and good bowel movement are promoted by this salads. Broccoli contains more fiber and the salad made of broccoli will help in weight loss. Spinach has high amounts of calcium which strengthens your intestinal track. A good salad dressed with tomato helps in burning the fat.

Chew more


Whatever you eat you need to chew the food properly. Properly chewed food will improve the process of digestion and makes the digestive enzymes to work fast. If the food is not chewed properly then the indigested food will take lot of time and this will make the food to convert into fat and increases the weight.

Take more protein


Food rich in carbohydrates will increase the sugar levels and insulin levels. This increases the fat levels in the body and aids in increased weight. Protein helps in the building of muscles and this improves the building a lean muscle with lesser fat. So a diet containing high protein and low carbohydrates and low fat will promote the weight loss.

Take fruits


Fruits contain fiber in them. Some fruit shave rich fiber and some fruits have vitamins and minerals for promoting weight loss. A salad of fruits can be taken as a breakfast to reduce your weight. Apples contain fiber and that fiber helps in the reduction of your belly fat. Bananas contain potassium that increases the bone strength. The berries are rich in vitamins like vitamin C and also vitamin k, these stop in the formation of fat and also promotes weight loss.

Red wine

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Red wine contains a chemical named as ellegic acid. This ellagic acid helps in the decreasing the fat cells growth. This acid also helps in the burning of the body fat. The metabolism of the liver cells will be improved by the red wine thus increasing the metabolism of the fat cells present in the liver. Red wine helps in the prevention of obesity and fat deposition.

Be active


Being active all the day will improve your weight loss. If you are active all the day doing some physical work at your house or at your office you will be increasing the basal metabolic rate. This activeness will help in the burning of more calories. Once the calories are used then the fat cells will be converted to give energy. Even while doing other activities the chances of fat deposition will be low. Staying inactive will even make your nervous system and other part inactive thus promotes fat deposition. Imagine your body like a machine if the machine is left unattended for a long time it will be difficult to restart the machine. The same will be followed in case of our body

Check your weight


You need to keep any eye on your weight. Regular monitoring of your weight will help in varying your weight. If you are in an ideal weight you can follow the same diet and same workouts. If you see any increase in the weight you need to change something may be your food habits or your workout schedule. So regularly maintaining a record of your basal metabolic rate, fat percentage, and WHR will help you in controlling your weight.

Calories requirement


Proper intake of calories will help in maintaining a healthy weight. More the number of calories you take in the more weight you will be gaining. More the calories more will be the fat content in the blood. The number of calories intake must depend on the number of calories that are being burned in a day. Carbohydrates contain more number of calories, sugars contain more number of calories, and alcohol contains more number of calories. Now proteins contain calories that are used for building muscles. Eating of protein will help in the decreasing of the appetite. The food you take must have 60% of protein, 20% of fat and 20% of carbohydrates. The amount of calories required will depend on the age and sex of the person.