20 Minute Barbell Workouts for Entire Body

20 Minute Barbell Workouts for Entire Body


20 Minute Barbell Workouts for Entire Body

Barbells are most used in gymnasiums. Barbells can take more weight than dumbbells and helps in distributing the weight on the whole body. Barbell workouts play a major role in developing our body. To burn fat, to gain muscle for full body conditioning and to improve strength in legs.

Barbells doesn’t need a big hall or a spacious rooms for performing exercises, these exercises can be done at home also. Initially people go to the gym to gain some size, starting from military press to squats barbell workouts are the major workouts followed in the workout plan.

Barbell workouts shows a very good impact on muscles, joints and most importantly balance thus giving more strength than the traditional exercises. Barbell exercises are very good in stabilizing the muscles. Moreover these barbells are inexpensive when compared to the total gym equipment

Barbell workouts can be followed by both men and women.

What are the workouts?

Workouts with barbell! There are many workouts with barbell in the gym. You can pump your pectorals, blast your arms, burn some fat, gain some strength for your legs, and rip your abs. With barbell we can perform Dead lift, Military press, clean and press, Shoulder press, squat, upright rowing, bent over rowing and many more.

Gain muscle with barbells

Now coming to bulk up your body with barbells involves many workouts

Chest workout

Chest press: This particular workout with barbell targets all the tree pectoral muscles, shoulders, triceps and wrist.

  • Lay down on the table and hold the barbell and lower it down till it touches your chest and lift it back to the starting position.
  • The advantage with barbell is we can hold three kinds of grips for targeting different muscles.
  • Wide grip, Close grip and neutral grip.

Whatever might be the exercise with barbell, the change in the grip changes the impact on a particular muscle. For instance, wide grip chest press focus on the outer pectoral muscles and the narrow grip focus on the inner pectoral muscles. Incline barbell chest press targets the upper pectoral muscles; decline barbell chest press targets the lower pectoral muscles

Shoulder workout

Shoulder this particular area can be made into a rock using barbell workouts. Shoulder barbell press this can be done either sitting or standing. Take a barbell with selected weight and hold it in a medium grip about your shoulder level and lift the barbell to the top and slowly lower it down to the starting position.

Strengthening your shoulder muscle involves trapezius and delts. Barbell shrugs are one of a kind that targets your trapezius and neck muscles.

  • Hold a barbell at a medium grip and slowly lift your shoulders till they touch your ears, then slowly lower your shoulders.
  • Barbell behind neck press affects the rear delt muscles; this is done same as the front delt workout.

Back muscle workout

A wide back brings a very good look for anyone. Back muscles are strong and gives support for the posture of our body.

Bent over rowing hold the barbell at a medium grip and bend your body and slowly lift the barbell and bring it to the chest leave and squeezes your back, then slowly bring it back to the starting position.

Dead lift this is one kind of exercise that strengthens your lower back. Hold the barbell in medium grip and with your knees bent lift the barbell with tour back muscle without moving your hands and slowly bend back, pause there for a second and slowly lower it to the starting position.

Lower body workout

Whatever might be your body weight or your body looks like, without a proper lower body u will lose your balance. Strengthening and bulking lower body involves squats lunges. Squats select a barbell with required weight, lift the barbell and keep it behind your neck and slowly lower your body to sitting position without bending your back now slowly comes to the starting position.

Lunges put the barbell behind your neck and put your leg forward by one step and slowly lower your body as you are sitting on one leg then come to the starting position and repeat this with the other leg.

Biceps and Triceps workout

These are the muscles that are attractive and give s strength to your hands. Usually barbell is used for gaining mass and stretches these muscles.

Barbell curl hold the barbell with medium grip and lift the barbell to your chest level by squeezing your bicep and slowly lower it down.

Triceps extension holds the barbell above your head and slowly lowers it behind your neck till the barbell touches your back, then slowly raises it to the starting position.

There are more than 150 exercises with barbell for building a good physique.

Barbell workouts for explosive power and endurance

If you are looking to improve your strength and your levels of endurance barbell will help you. Power clean exercise builds and explosive strength and power throughout the body. Grab the barbell in a squat position and raise the barbell with a jerk and bring it to the neck level. The jerk gives you explosive power.

Barbell thruster this involves two movements one is front squat and the other is barbell overhead press. Place the barbell and lift the barbell to your neck level and then immediately without any pause lift the barbell above your head. This exercise burns all the fat in your body. Power snatch this particular exercise gives strength from the toe to the head.

Holding the barbell on the floor bending your back and keeping your back completely flat lift the barbell bring the barbell to your hip level and give a jerk and lift the barbell above your head and squat down. Slowly stand and put the barbell on the floor by keeping your back straight

Fat burn with barbell

Barbell workouts are done in an intense way to burn the fat. Some workouts will be in a circuit and some are direct workouts. Usually circuit training is a combination of exercises both cardio and strength training. This circuit exercises are done with a very little gap between the sets and with a very little rest time.

Squats with box jumps

Hold a barbell behind your neck with a selected weight and perform a squat and jump on to a box and jump down and perform a squat

Repeat these workout three sets with 10 reps each set giving a rest of 60 seconds between each set. Performing trisets with barbell also improves the strength and burns fat. Bent over barbell rowing followed by dead lift and push press. Perform one set of bent over barbell rowing and immediately followed with dead lift and without taking any rest do push press.

This one set of workout with 10 reps each must be repeated three times with a gap of 60 seconds between each set.

Split squat

Take a barbell with required weight and place it on your neck and from the standing position put one leg forward and lower your body till the thigh of the front leg goes parallel to the ground.

Put the leg back by coming to the standing position and repeat the same with the other leg. Repeat this for 10 repetitions for three sets. All the above mentioned workouts can be followed depending on the goal.

For body building the following are the twenty minute workouts

For massive chest

  • Chest press with varying weights either decreasing the weights or increasing the weights or maintaining the same wait for all the sets, 10 repetitions each for three sets

For the delts and neck

  • Military press and up right rowing with varying weights, 10 repetitions each for three sets
  • Barbell shrugs with carrying weights,10 repetitions for three sets
  • Raising a barbell with required weight to the front develops front delts
  • Single arm press helps in building the overall delt mass. Holding a barbell and raising it with one hand and repeating the same with the other hand shows a good impact on the delts

For back

  • Bent over rowing with different weights,10 repetitions each for three sets
  • Dead lift with different weights, 10 repetitions each for three sets
  • Single arm rowing is a type of barbell workout that focuses on the development of lats
  • A barbell is held with one hand and it is rowed and then the same will be done with the other hand
  • Barbell pullovers target the lat muscles and gives a separation of serratus

For lower body

  • Full squat with different weight,10 repetitions each for three sets
  • Barbell lunges with different weight, 10 repetitions each for three sets

For Biceps and Triceps

  • Barbells are used in developing peak on biceps and massive triceps
  • Concentration curls for biceps and reverse grip triceps workouts make the arms look massive
  • Concentrated wrist curls help in developing the fore arm and wrist
  • Twenty ones, concentrated curls , reverse grip wrist curls are the exercises that makes use of these barbells for bulking

Strength training and fat burn schedule for twenty minutes

  • Strength training and fat burn workouts include a series of workouts that are done without any res time between each variation
  • Clean and press 10 repetitions x 3 sets

  • Split squat 10 repetitions x 3 sets
  • Barbell squat 10 repetitions x 3 sets
  • Push press 10 repetitions x 3 sets
  • Dead lift 10 repetitions x 3 sets

Dead lift

For a strong back muscle good morning workout is the suggested workout. Take a barbell with required weights and place it behind the neck, without bending your back and slowly bend forward till your torso come parallel to the ground, then slowly lift your body to the starting position. This workout targets the tires or the love handles and some parts of the glutes muscle.

Barbell workouts for love handles

Barbell side bends are suggested exercises for reducing the belly fat and love handles. Take a barbell and put it on the shoulder and bend to the left and to the right slowly thus squeezing the love handles.

Barbell twists helps in sculpting the lat muscles and abdominal muscles, Place a barbell on the shoulder and slowly twist your body to left and right, this workout can be done in a seated position also.

Hack squats

This is a very good exercise for quad muscles. Hold the barbell behind you at a level above your glutes and slowly sit back as you are doing a squat and slowly return to the starting position.

Barbell straight legs sit up

Barbell straight legs sit up focus on the core part of the body. This workout especially targets the abdominal muscles.

Take a barbell and lie down flat on a mat holding the barbell straight raise your body straight and slowly return back to the starting position.

Barbell jump Shrug

This workout focuses on hamstrings and calf muscles

Holding the barbell with a wide grip jump to a little height so that the calf muscles are targeted Calf muscles acts as a pumping station of blood to the brain. Barbell workouts are now widely used in martial arts and MMA. These workouts develop power in the punches and improve stamina for the fighter to withstand.


Barbells are not like dumbbells and whenever the stability in the workout is lost risk of injury will be more. As our body is not fixed to any support as in machinery, it is crucial to maintain some correct posture while doing these workouts with barbell. Care should be taken while doing workouts like dead lift and squats as these may result in damage or injury to the spinal cord. Proper guidance is needed during these workouts.

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