12 things that make men more attractive to women

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    Girls like heroes. Heroes have many qualities which we also have. But heroes have more qualities in a mix. So the 12 things that make men more attractive to women are



    12 things that make men more attractive to women

    Every man has a family and many responsibilities. He should be taking care of his family all the time; he is not necessarily a bachelor even a married person can also be liked by other women, especially his wife. The care a person shows on his dear ones will show how much he love then and this will create a good impression about his responsibility towards the family or towards the girl he likes. Try not to share your personal details and your personal problem to anyone around you until and unless they know everything about you and your family. If you have some kids take a good care of them and become a great dad. Show patience in answering all the questions asked by the kids and your family members.



    People dream a lot about their career and their future, women like someone who always cares them and at the same time thinks about the life. People might be having many goals in settling a better life, the one who always thinks about those goals and runs for that goal will be more successful and once you are a successful achiever of you own goals you will be attractive to many women as they feel it is good to live with you. You gain your reputation as an achiever will make you gentlemen, and this will make you more attractive to woman.

    Bed time


    Whatever the work you do and whatever the goals you have you need to work on them till you reach your home. Once you reach home you need to be thinking about the personal life. The way you work with you partner on the bed will also make you more attractive to women. Women like to spend some romantic time on the bed with you and if you spoil their dreams and slept snoring then they will be disappointed with you. So every time sex is not the only thing we do on bed, you do a lot more on the bed. It might be your wife or your girl friend on the bed you need to share everything with them, about what has happened today and any other talks which make them enjoy your company.



    Every woman looks and like a man who fills her heart with confidence. She must think that you can do anything for her and for your future. The way you talk and the way you work and also the way you behave should show how confident you are in doing that work. This will automatically show the world how confident you are now and how confident you will be in future. Some women look for a person with a confidence that he can have even in facing a difficult situation. You levels of confidence will affect the levels of confidence a girl or a woman keeps on you. Once you are in that level everyone will be attracted to you.



    In these fast living days, you need to keep your partner or someone around you happy. Keeping them happy means giving them something what they are looking for. Sometimes a smiling face will make them happy. You no need to laugh in a scary way but just a simple smile will bring you close to everyone. Sharing smiles to everyone will make you more attractive. A smiling face will show you how active you are when you are working and when you are with someone. Smiling and laughing occasionally makes your face more attractive and glowing.

    Admit mistakes


    You need courage to accept the mistakes what you do and women are more attracted to men who are courageous. Once you are accepting you mistakes in front of your partner or your society then there will be no misunderstanding in future and makes your life clear. Once you start accepting all your mistakes in front to everyone then it will create a confidence that you won’t be doing any further mistakes in future. No one is perfect in this world and everyone will be doing a lot of mistakes every day and end of the day is a crime. So accepting this in front of the people will make you more cautious to do any mistake as you need to stand in front of someone to admit it every time you do a mistake.



    Some people will be doing hard work and some people will be doing smart work. There is a big difference between these two. Women often like the intelligent than the hardworking as they do the work in a simple way and find a solution to any type of problem. Being intelligent needs more observation, more knowledge and more the usage of your brain, all these will make you ready to face any situation and this will make everyone to like you.



    In these boring long days a little change will make you something new. When you are with your partner or with a girl your creativity and the way you talk should surprise them. One should be like a forest which is fully loaded with lot of surprises than being a park. You can surprise in many ways, by wishing, by dressing, by talking, and presenting something. But too much surprise is also not good. Sometimes a little change and also the achievements will also make them surprised. Take you partner to a trip or a movie or buy her something. If you have kids you can surprise them also. Keep them curious about what you will be the surprise you are going to give them.

    Motivate and support


    Life is not always plain, sometimes you need to face some hurdles or sometimes the people around you need to face some hurdles. Every time there is a problem people look for some help. You can help then in many ways, you can support them in many ways. The way you support the people and the way you motivate them will make you more attractive. Te motivation you give will make many people overcome their problems and fills them with confidence and the support you give in the form of money or in the work will also make them happy. Even in the daily life supporting the partner with a suggestion to what they are doing will be helpful. You can even support them when you are at your house by helping in the household activities and sharing them among yourselves.



    This is what is really important to make you more attractive. When a man is courageous to do something different and stand against something that is wrong then people will be looking at you. Some people like your courage and start supporting you. This courage will make a woman to believe in you that you can do anything for her in future. That courage will make you remember for a long time in everyone’s mind.


    Dressing is also one of the things that make you more attractive to woman. If you are dressing in a formal way you will be respected at your work. If you are wearing a dress that suits the occasion you will look more attractive. Neat dressing style will tell how a man will be and the way he think. So women look for someone who dresses good and also the matching of the dress to that guy. So you need to be careful in selecting good pair of shoes and watch and also a belt that suits your physique and the dress you are wearing for the occasion.



    Some women like a man who cooks. You don’t have to be a master chef with a cooking certificate from a reputed university. You can be able to prepare some nice coffee and a small meal that is tasty and makes you full. The way you cook will also make some women attracted to you. Especially when you are with your wife you can show all the cooking talent you got. Surprise her with different varieties, and also foods she likes. If you can’t cook just order online and hide it from her and serve it hoot as you cooked it. This is not suggested every time.



    Many people will be seeing many things in many ways. What you see will be different in others view. But if you tell someone how something looks like they the others will be thinking about what you have said and they will also try to look at that thing in the same way. Especially when you are outside you can see a lot of things like the clouds, the roads and the people moving around. Women like someone who likes nature. All nature lovers will look at the nature in a different and creative way. They fell happy when they are with nature, women with a company of such guys will be more happy as they also share the same feeling about nature. You can show the sunset, sunrise, clouds and many other things like greenery from a high altitude will make the women more excited and this excitement will make you more attractive.



    A funny guy is liked by everyone. But too much fun is also bad. Making some fun around when you are bored and stressed will give you a relief and makes you relaxed for some time. This funny nature makes you more attracted to women.


    When a women sees you need to look good, in other words you appearance is what matters in attracting the women. The way your hair maintained, some look good in long hair while others in short hair, so you need to grow your hair that suits your face and you need to maintain a hair style according to the dress and the occasion. Use some gel to style your hair. Try looking hot with your looks and your dress. Maintain some smooth body by applying some lotions, especially your hands as when you touch some women you need to give them a feather touch but not a thorny touch with blisters on your fingers and palm.


    Imagine your face with a scratching beard, most women don’t like beard and some women like a manly beard. So start a neat shave and also groom your hair in the other places. To avoid stinking and sweaty body clean your hair, take a bath add some body spray to your daily life.

    Be kind and generous and little friendly helping others and play with the kids around you which make you more attractive towards women.


    No boozing, no smoking and no excess talking. This might be hard but you need to control all those to make yourself more attractive to women and try to be social with everyone, start talking and share your ideas to everyone around you and be active. Women always like active men but not hyperactive men. Have some table manners when you invite someone to a feast and when you are in a group of people.

    Sometimes you need to say no to non vegetarian foods or change the style of eating non vegetarian foods. If you like pets then love them play with them most women are attracted to men who love pets. Stop those bad words. To be more attractive you need to listen to what the girl is saying .women like the men who listens to whatever they say and laugh at their long lasting boring speeches about their puppies, dress, and much more blah blah stuff. And finally patience is what makes you more attractive to women. You patience in a tough situation and in waiting will make you a good guy and a gentlemen.

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