10 Things to Look Good

10 Things to Look Good


Find a good suit

A good suite is best to look good

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Suits usually made of wool and some suits made of other cloth can be used depending upon the climatic conditions of the place where we live. For a hot weather line n and cotton are used. Fineness is one to be selected during a search for a proper suit. A great suit will always feel like armor. Nothing except a suit will give a man that confidence. The main purpose of the suit is to wear it on some occasions or during work. Correct measurements should be taken during selecting a suit.

Always check the fit, the shoulder of a jacket is crucial to a good fit. The jacket should not be too long. A jacket should actually cover your buttocks. The sleeves should end up at the hinges of your wrist. You should be easily able to button your suit.

Shoes that makes you look good

People always look for a good shoe that makes them look good. Look for a low and supportive shoe that bevels in.

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A thick heel will cause your foot to slap down rather than roll. This will slow down the movement and increase the occurrence of sore shins. A flexible shoe is recommended as the heel touches the ground first and then goes the toes. A light weight and little loose shoes is preferable as the legs need some air to breath. The shoe that fits best will be suggestible at the same time don’t make your heel slip. Selecting as shoe depends on the occasion where you are planning to go. Black shoes are for business and job.


Selecting a belt is a crucial thing. Select a belt so that it is long enough to tuck under the first loop of your pant after the belt is fastened. Casual belts are more flexible and don’t make them wrap around you for the second time. Even a very long tail after the first wrap will be giving you an awkward look. Pick your belt two or three sizes larger than your pants to get a good fit. Wrap the belt around your waist while buying the belt at store. Belt buckles are also to be taken into consideration. Bigger belt buckles are considered as less formal. A small and flat belt buckles are suggested. Large buckle belts with round shape are common on more casual styles. Almost all belts with gold or silver colored buckles are suitable for all dresses. Casual belts can have any type of buckles.

Color of the belt

A belt should actually match with the color of the shoe what you are wearing. Black belt with black shoes, brown shoes with brown belt, glossy belts should be paired with polished shoes. Cloth shoes can be paired with cloth belts of different color. Animal designs can be worn on any casual wears. Common buckle styles are as follows

Buckles with a tongue means the belt slides through the loop of a metal and a metal tongue is slipped through the hole in the belt to pin it down.

Buckle with a hook is a flat metal plate is attached by slipping a hook on the back of the buckle through the front of the belt.

Buckles with a sliding latch is the belt slides through a metal latch, inside with a vertical peg pressing the belt in one place.

Source: http://universalfashions.in/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/esq-belts-2012-xlg.jpg

Braided belts uses a basic tongue buckle, but the belt is made of a woven leather braid rather than a flat piece of leather with punched holes


A watch can build an outfit or break it. As men don’t wear more jewelry a watch will express about their personality. Most men prefers two watches to match their outfit. So they can wear the appropriate time piece to complement their outfit. Matching the formality of the watch with the formality of your dress. Analog watches displayed with numbers or markers and are best suitable for business and formal events or when you are on a date.

Source: http://www.ablogtowatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Top-10-ten-watches-living-legends-reviews.jpg

Digital watches have a LCD display or led that shows light in a numeric form. These watches are usually considered as casual watches. A watch with plain face and no complications and a black leather band is as formal as it gets. The most formal dress watches are the ones that only show hours, minutes, and seconds and sometimes date also. Complications in the dress watches are simple but not sport watches. Watches are made for a specific purpose. Avoid common blunders by matching the watches with the formality of the occasion. A simple dress watch I a classic style and black leather band will actually suits a lot. For business a simple and classic styled gold or silver watch suits a lot. Meta banc d watches are generally less formal, so metal band watches are suitable for a casual wear while leather band are suitable for any purpose. Any of the watch type can be worn with jeans. Digital watches should be worn only with casual clothes. An heirloom watch will be an exception for all the rules. These watches are usually worn as a good luck charm. Black leather is best suited for almost all dresses.


There are two reasons for everyone to have a fragrance. It simplifies getting dressed in the night or in the morning. The right scent fragrance can attract women.

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Usually the fragrances are categorized as follows

  • Floral fragrances

    These are dominated by one or more flowers

  • Amber fragrances

    These are both sweet and as well as exotic

  • Woody fragrances

    These are usually sandalwood and cedar notes

Honey and tobacco will fall into the category of leather family. Chypre fragrances include bergamot and labdanum. Lavender, coumarone and oak moss fragrances are included in herbaceous fougere. Modern fragrance families include citrus based scents, aquatic scents and green scents are light like grass or cucumber. If you like natural fragrance then you can choose musky, amber based scents. People interested in travelling always can select woody fragrances.

Energetic and enthusiastic guys with a sporty type and those who seek out a fresh fragrance they can choose green or aquatic fragrances. Floral fragrances are for romantic side. Men who love to be in control can choose heady fougere cologne. Select cologne so that it should match your natural body odor. Your lifestyle, the surroundings you live in and the climatic conditions are to be taken into consideration while selecting your colognes. In humid places light scents are suitable. Try experimenting two kinds of scents. First try spraying a sexy scent followed by a sweeter scent.

Finally fragrance is an invisible part of your personal style and it has a powerful impact on how people see and remember you. Good cologne has numerous benefits to make you look attractive and making you feel relaxed and decreases your stress and makes you confident. Spray some scent on your wrist instead of the cards used in the departmental stores as they let you feel only the upper notes of the scent. Even spraying the scent on your hand will make you feel the odor how it feels when applied on your skin. Give some gap while testing two or three scent as you need to feel the difference between each type of fragrance. Spray the perfume on the dry skin especially after the shower. Keeping some distance while spraying will help in the dispersion of the scent evenly on the body. Apply the fragrances to the heat areas I your body like armpits. Chest, neck, lower jaw, for arm, inner elbow and shoulder can be treated as heat areas. If you feel like the fragrance is less then you can spray it on your body for the second time. Spraying the fragrances on the clothes doesn’t help in keeping you fresh all day. People around you should feel the fragrance but not the pain in breathing your pungent odor. So apply a little.


Moisturizing is necessary as you face is subjected to a lot of dust and dirt. Moisturizing is not only meant for face but also for the whole body. First we need to clean our skin with normal water to keep you body or face clear from the daily pollution. Cleaning your face twice a day helps in controlling oil and dirt. Usage of scrubs is not advisable as they can irritate the skin. A mild soap will be used as a moisturizer if you are planning for a daily usage. Firstly before using a moisturizer we need to know the type of skin what we have. Usually sensitive skin becomes red when any cream is applied. A dry skin has some matte look where as an oily skin has a greasy look. Dry skin can be treated with a rich moisturizer.

Source: http://www.skincareformenexplained.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/photodune-1717167-moisturizing-cream-after-shaving-m-e1393395137763.jpg

Usually oil based moisturizers are to be applied for dry skins. Applying these moisturizers will be suitable at night as you will be sleeping. For oily skins avoid using heavy oil based moisturizers. Apply light weight serum based moisturizers during night.

Sensitive skins

Alcohol free ingredients and dyes are to be avoided. Moisturize twice a day with mild products specifically designed for sensitive skin. Usually all the moisturizers are to be applied during night. Night time is the best time because applying the creams before bed give you a softer and hydrated skin for the next day. It also helps in sealing the moisture in the skin and repairing the skin when compared to day. Applying UV creams helps protect the skin from UV exposure if you are planning to go out for a long time. Avoid exposure to UV radiation by staying in the shade. People see your eyes first so care is to be taken for the eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes, take vitamin E rich products and take enough rest to avoid dark circles and redness.

Groom hair

Regular cut or trimming the hair makes you look good. Washing the hair often say three times a week will make you hair shine and look good. A good shampoo and a conditioner should be selected for this. A good shampoo and conditioner will make your hair silk and bouncy. Some hair products that are rich in multivitamins can be used for a healthy hair.

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Find a hair style that suits you take the advice from your hair styling expert. Comb your hair in one direction. If you are balding then you need to cut your hair to short. Once you feel some severe sweat in your hair wash it if you dint then you will lose more hair. Shave and trim your facial hair like mustache and beard. For a clean shave look save every morning before you leave for work. Make sure the edges are neat and uniform. Grooming also involves trimming your nails. Trim your nails every two or three days. Trimming you nails will clean the dirt beneath your fingers.

Sources: http://s.hswstatic.com/gif/how-often-cut-nails-1.jpg

Brush and floss you teeth properly. Try replacing your tooth brush every three months. Floss every night to remove any plaque and food out of your mouth. Flossing prevents the risk of heart diseases.


Hardcore workout or normal workout whatever it might be exercise is important for you to keep healthy all the day. Whatever we work you do you will be gaining lot of calories and fat and you will be stressed. So burning some calories by doing some exercise make you physically strong and look good. Exercises like running, body building, and yoga all these physical activities will make you look good.

Good posture

Standing and walking posture will make you look good. A bad posture leads to chronic disorders, bad circulation of blood. Sit straight walk straight keeping your spine straight. The best thing you can do for your body is to be active and avoid sitting or standing in one pose for too long. When you are walking the way you walk and the way you dress makes you look smart.

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And finally a healthy smile will always keep you happy and makes you look good

Eat and drink right

Stop eating all kinds of junk food as they take away your glow and your health. Eating a nutritious and a balanced diet will make you healthier.