10 Mistakes You Are Making While Training Abs

    10 Mistakes You Are Making While Training Abs

    Looking for a six pack or an eight pack? And so these are the mistakes that are to be avoided while doing your ab workout. Coming to abdominal muscles they are a group of muscular tissues which include the outer muscles rectus abdominis, the inner muscles named as transverse abdominis, the more downcast and the side abdominal muscles called external oblique and the inner muscles called internal oblique. Find the 10 Mistakes You Are Making While Training Abs here.

    10 Mistakes You Are Making While Training Abs



    Training abs is not an easy task until and unless you train all the sections of the abs. When you are developing your abs train your oblique muscles and your lower abs and even your lower back muscles training your lower spine is really important as it supports your front abs and keeps your abs tucked in. Training your lower back will tighten the love handles and tightening the lower abdominal muscles and skin. Neglecting the lower back will pull your saggy abs forward and loses support.

    Irregular training schedule will be bad for your abs, when you need ripped abs you need a proper schedule. Training abs alternative days or training abs daily depends in your schedule. You can schedule a few variations for one day and other variations for the next day. Or if you plan to do total abs in one day you need to schedule it in a proper way. Once you have a proper schedule it motivates you more
    General schedule should contain crunches leg raises mountain climbing cable crunches and other workouts. When you are preparing a schedule don’t just focus on single ab muscle .you need to focus on all the obliques lower abs and lower back along with the upper abs

    A good diet is good for your abs. people usually think they did a lot of training to their abs and they start eating whatever they want. Abs is also muscles that need proper nutrients. A diet containing higher amounts of protein and lesser amounts of carbohydrates and lesser amounts of fats will be best for good abs. you should never eat bigger meals in a day.


    Taking smaller meals with a frequency of five or six will be suggestible. Don’t wait till you feel hungry, instead you can eat at a particular time even you don’t feel hungry. You need to focus on taking protein rich food at the same time food with little fat and carbohydrates are also important. So healthy diet and healthy workout will definitely make you reach your goal.


    People usually think training abs is only doing abdominal workouts. But when you are training your abs you need to focus on the cardio also. The fat you choose through your food will become deposited in all portions of your body especially in your ab region. To gain perfect abs you need to first burn that fat. Doing abs will not avail in the reduction of that fat.


    You need to focus on burning that deposited fat by doing cardio. You can run on a treadmill or cycle or cross trainer for burning some calories. Try doing cardio for 30 to 60 minutes a day before you go for ab training. You can even do some high intensity interval training workouts to burn large amounts of fat. Performing cardio workouts with an empty stomach in the morning will help you in reducing the body fat. Performing ab workouts in the first will show affect on your other workouts. So after cardio you need to go for abs

    Harder the routine

    While training your abdominal muscle you train a few exercises and do the same repetitions and same sets with the same weights. This will help in sculpting your abs, but only to a little extent. Once you are habituated in doing the same no result will be seen, so increase the number of repetitions, weights and hit your abs harder. And change your routine by adding a few more variations thus you can train your abs harder. You need to change the intensity and also the variations after a few weeks of training your abs. This will help in affecting your ab muscle more deep.

    Fat burners

    Fat burners are more in the markets now. People are using these for quick results. Fat burners contain a lot of ingredients that are hazardous to health. Fat burners are made with caffeine and other ingredients that increase your rate of metabolism and promote fat burning process. Fat burners have more side effects. The purpose of fat burners is to increase the body heat and thus increasing the rate of metabolism and thus promoting the weight loss. With this there is an increase in the heart rate and increase in the blood pressure.


    An increase in the blood pressure shows an adverse effect on your health. Because of the heat produced in your body more amounts of water be retained and causes dehydration and thus leading to many other health issues. In worst cases, intake of fat burners will cause damage to the liver and then jaundice and then it leads to death.

    AB machines

    Today we see a lot of TV commercials showing machines that trim your abs, machines that bur your fat with only little efforts or even while sitting. With the change in the lifestyle and food habits you won’t find time to do any work out and this will lead to increase your tummy. So these commercials will show you to burn the fat decrease the tummy just by sitting at your home or at your office. Burning the fat is not one hour task; it should be done continuously to remove the fat from your body. For this you need to increase the rate of metabolism and your physical activity levels.


    When you are using an ab machine you will be working with the abs muscles, but only the front muscles will be affected, then what happens to the other ab muscles like the oblique and the lower abs. if you are looking to train your oblique and lower abs you need to go for another machine. So instead of buying all those machines you can go for different variations on the floor. Using these ab machines will not help you in maintaining the stability of your abs.

    Single muscle

    Abdominal muscles are a group of muscles that include rectus abdominis, oblique muscles including both obliques in the interior and oblique’s on the exterior. People train abs in different forms, some train a particular part to burn the fat.


    This is usually known as spot reduction. This spot reduction won’t work; the theme of this spot reduction is to burn the fat in the whole body by training only the abs. fat is stored in every part of the body and when you train your abs only the fat in the abs will burn. With the change in the muscle the workout will also change. For upper abs you need to perform crunches on a flat surface. For the lower abs you will be doing leg raises, reverse crunches and for training the oblique muscles you will be doing side crunches, side plank

    Improper and irregular workout

    When you are training your abs you need to maintain proper balance and correct technique which will help in reaching your goal. Some workouts like plank are done without a proper form. When you can’t keep your position correctly the impact will be shifted from the core muscles to the shoulders muscles or to the legs and also affects the spine.


    Many people have a fire to burn the fat and gain ripped abs. but after a few weeks of training the interest will be gone and then they start skipping the workouts, and doing the workout without any interest. Every time you train your abs you need to have a good intensity and a burning goal to reduce the belly fat. If you failed to do so, then you will be ending with improper abs. so first you need to set a goal and then you need to work hard for that goal.

    Over training

    People train their abs as that is the only option to get rid of the fat. But over training the abs causes many problems. Your body will be dehydrated because of the heat generated at the core. If you keep on continuing the workouts then the muscles will be subjected to soreness. This muscle soreness will lead to the pain in the abs and lowers your workout intensity. When you train the muscle and if it is not working then you will be depressed ad loses your concentration on the other muscles. Studies found that over training abs will makes you depressed.

    Abs contraction

    The most common workout for abs is crunching. This actually needs contraction of the abdominal muscles. But when it is not properly trained you will be engaging your hip bones, serratus, shoulders and other muscles. On the other hand while you are training your abs many people will be holding their breath. This will lower the intensity as the stomach become tight and cannot bend properly. So when you are training your abs you need to breathe properly.


    When you are crunching you need to exhale completely so that the air will go out and gives more space for the ab muscles to crunch and when you are lowering your body you need to inhale so that your abdominal muscles get tight and they will be more affected. People try to contract their back muscles while training their abs. but you need to ben your upper back instead of bending your lower back. When you keep your lower back straight the abdominal muscles get more impact.


    Sleeping is very crucial for the improvement of the muscle and promotes the growth and recovery. A good sleep of 8 hours will help you in increasing the energy for the next day workout. Sleeping will help you in increasing the development of the abdominal muscles. When you are sleeping you fat will be burned as the body will be in rest and then the hormones are released. These hormones will help in the reduction of fat. So if you have a proper sleep the action of these hormones will be good and promotes the development of the abdominal muscles.


    When you perform abdominal workouts they will burn the fat around your belly and thus increases the synthesis of protein and thus produces energy and increase the muscles. People with busy schedule at the gym will spend very less time in sleeping, this result in the damage of the muscles rather than development of the muscles. You should never train you abs every day as this will show bad effects on the recovery of the abdominal muscles. You can train your abs two times a week. The stress levels in you will increase the production of the hormones and this will affect the growth of the perfect abs.

    Only Crunches

    Many people when training their abs they perform only crunches and sit ups. Doing these lower body workout will burn the fat is the assumption. So you need to change the style of your ab workout after every four weeks. Training the midsection is very important. When you are performing only crunches and sit ups you won’t be able to target the core. So when you include other variations in your ab training then you can get ripped abs. you can perform other workout like good mornings and dead lifts to focus the impact on your lower abs. you should maintain a proper form when you are doing these crunches and sit ups. Even these workouts have many disadvantages and risks if the form is not good. While performing these workouts you should be very careful with your neck muscles, shoulder muscles and sometimes the hip muscles will be affected. Sit ups will strain the body parts.